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Force Factor Review – How Safe and Effective is it?

Brands catered towards athletic demands are in large abundance due to the rigorous breaks the body has to assert itself towards. Many brands claim themselves to rank in the top tier with the supposed capability to increase productivity to anyone, but with a unique focus in energy spent exercising with frequency. Of course supplements exist that can give change without needed changes to one’s schedule and workload. The real pieces needed however are to understand if it serves a purpose.

In reading labels it becomes vital to distinguish key proponents of a supplement. Sometimes the marketing simply fails to offer the proof to what is provided in the regulatory standards on the label. The FDA demands truth in dosing and ingredient strengths which when understood, reveal significant information more so than the marketing campaign.

So this simplifies comprehension, if one knows what to seek. Providing knowledge and breaking it down easy, I take the complexity and slim it down.  With research simplified, it gives the tools to really set vital expectations you now demand.

What is it?

Force Factor is a duo action supplement intended to support athletes in reaching a mix of achieving strength gains, an ability  to endure more exertion and even lose weight. One can expect what the manufacturers claim to be real changes daily. A lot of emphasis is brought on muscle bound athletes as their brand logos have shirtless men posing with large protruding veins.  This muscle bound image makes sense as one needs to take up to 4 capsules before an essential workout. Therefore it’s obvious exercise is a key factor in results, which in turn makes it hard to notice if results are coming from the supplement or from strenuous exercise.

This supplement is primed for exercise and their website even has a “Science” section that explains the process behind this product. Essentially nitric oxide is ramped up increasing blood flow which helps muscle gain and recovery.

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This in turn allows for even more strenuous and longer workouts which in turn help burn off fat. So essentially one has to do a lot of working out in order to notice improve results in weight loss.

Who makes it?

Created in 2023 by 2 Harvard University rowers, Force Factor has several brands intended to help athletic types reach new peaks. The promise on the company website is that these products can help a person become stronger, more explosive and even recover quickly. It does not seem to cater towards those who aren’t hardcore gym rats as the products are intended to work hand in hand with intense workouts. This theme of having to exercise often pops up often and no explanation is given as to how it would work without exercise. Those without the time or energy to commit to a daily regimen may possible not notice changes.

Consumer Affairs has currently 95 reviews from real customers who ranked it a 1 out of 5 star(1 star being the lowest). After reading the reviews the consensus as to why the company has not been helpful is because of their auto-billing program. Apparently a 7 day free trial is offered and many customers have reported being billed after the fact for months. Many have tried calling and canceling without success. This type of business practice is common and unfortunately many have fallen pray.  One customer even reported calling 16 times and eventually giving up. The company has not issued a statement and it is unclear if these issues have been resolved.

Adding to the problems is the fact the company does not have a voice mail system set up and apparently no email exists either.

Does Force Factor work?

There’s several reviews posted on a site that show this product works. Unfortunately most of these reviews are suspect. The Bodybuilding website it is featured on only has positive reviews from people who suspiciously created an account but have no other activity besides one positive review from this brand. Funny enough a few reviews exist that mention how they felt cheated out of money and that the positive reviews might be fraudulent. Adding insult to injury, many have left reviews of not being able to reach the company; representatives on the website typically leave a follow up comment to this review, stating that they should contact customer service. Clearly they’re trying to cover up their tracks without listening to important customer appeals.

Another point one cannot miss is the overwhelming repeat reviews left by disheartened customers. It cannot be overstated enough on several websites customers complain of auto billing that cannot be taken off. Many have had issue with this aspect of the company and before any question of its use, it has to be figured out so customers can confidently purchase this item. Without fail many people who tried the free sample were billed for nearly a hundred dollars a month(depending on geographical location) with no way to stop it.

EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved diet pills to make a right purchase decision!

Select great options from reputable businesses offer functional supplements.

Force Factor Ingredients and Dosage

As suspected the product does not have any real weight loss ingredients. Instead the focus is on helping one improve their workout, which is not what a good weight loss supplement should aim to do. So essentially the gains made are self inflicted, requiring tons of exercise and supplementation with this expensive brand.  Keep in mind a 7 and a half day supply(at full dosage) is $59.99 without shipping and handling. One of the priciest and less accessible brands we’ve ever reviewed.

Without any fat loss properties such as thermogenics, sources of filling ingredients or anything remotely associated with a weight loss product, it’s hard to see much benefit from this brand.  Overall one has to provide all the work for overpriced ingredients.

The full listing of ingredients is as follows:


Are there possible side effects?

Quite a few customers have reported the same difficult side effects. Some have experienced skin rashes, others even dizziness. One cannot discount these issues as the company is notorious for being very difficult to reach. Many in fact have called during business hours only to be either hounded by customer service representatives or completely avoided. Therefore resolving any issues with the brand are seemingly left in the dark.

Looking at the top rated products one will not find the associated risks found in Force Factor.


It’s odd this product would brag about being able to produce lean muscle mass, as technically it is the work out one commits to that leads to results. This product is intended to supplement workouts as opposed to being able to help one shed weight off. In fact the product spends all of its time explaining the effects of vein dilation and not much else. It may serve a very niche market of people who work out with frequency, but even those people have to contend with one key issue preventing this product from being considered useful.

Review after countless review of customers have echoed the same exact notion. They have tried repeatedly to cancel their orders only to be avoided or scolded by customer service. In fact many continue to be charged monthly on their credit cards and it seems they cannot find a way to stop the billing from continuing.  Many customers have even tried reporting their findings to the FTC in order to establish some sense of order. Clearly this issue is too widespread to be considered just a random glitch. Until this issue is fully resolved it’s hard to take this product at all seriously.

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