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Finaflex PX Review – Is Finaflex PX Safe for You?

Stimulants come in unique and different shades, often they are extracts taken from natural sources which have shown an increase of energy and calorie burning. The idea presented is to give off a series of effects at a noticeable rate. For coffee and tea crowds this must be fine tuned within your limitations for stimulants. Even those who do not indulge, there must be firm attention paid to examine your body for any and all side effects.

The easiest way of finding out what may occur is by taking into account the real story and details available. This can be seen right here, all the information you might need to ask is no longer full of constant research. You can see for yourself if the supposed gains stand as they are presented. Stimulants require extra information, not just to know if the product will work(most stimulants cause an effect) but if it can work for you.

Establishing the right information is no longer a chore with this Finaflex PX review.

What is it?

Bragging on the label of this weight reduction supplement reveals an allure of “exotic” stimulants added.  The belief is that this blend of stimulants are added to improve energy, attention span, reduction of hunger and of course weight loss.  A lot of buzz words rest on the label which claim it to be the ultimate and super thermogenic. Of course observing the name it appears to take its cue from a RX prescription, and of course the name of the brand rhymes to make it roll off the tongue. Allegedly this product contains the most powerful fat reduction ingredients available. They even add a bit of a scientific explanation to describe how this product is guaranteed to melt off fat.

The basic gist is that the adrenal gland is stimulated in the body which in turns stimulates lipid loss. Apparently our bodies naturally fight this process to keep a steady supply of fat in the body, but enzymes are intended to be activated in the body which allow for this process to be blocked off.  Also although this process relocates fat more than anything, that’s when other ingredients are meant to kick in and further get rid of fat.  It doesn’t end there though, there is also a stimulation of the good feeling hormones in the brain which also are intended to help stave off calories. Apparently this allows cells to also burn off glucose much quicker which of course is a method to burn off carbohydrates. So far this supplement is intended to work in all different parts of the body, allowing there to be a full range of fat loss with an improved mood.

EDITOR'S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven fat burner such as Sletrokor for better results.

Hormones in the body such as cortisol(the stress hormone) are effectively reduced which is also a big determining factor on whether or not a person will see results. Of course this also improves overall mood as well.  Inflammation is also intended to be reduced which of course also leads to less absorption of fat. So all this comes together to work in the brain, on certain cells in the body and in overall wellness to maximize the potential for weight loss, allegedly. Further research is needed to see if this scientific sounding process actually works.

Who makes it?

The creators Finaflex are very hushed and do not really describe their company at all. Their “About Us” page has an address to their Georgia location as well as an email, but that is about it. No other information is provided by them. Oddly enough they mention their website is operated by Yahoo, so any and all business transactions are filtered through Yahoo’s own business servers.

There is a mention that the company also goes by the name of Redefine Nutrition, however no information exists for either company name. Apparently the company Redefine is being sued for alleged patent infringement however no information exists beyond this pending lawsuit.

Looking at the website there is a focus on athletic supplements such as muscle and mass builders, pre workouts, and other products. However without knowing the manufacturing practice and without a notice of a money back guarantee it really leaves a lot of doubt as to this company and the way they treat customers.

Since there are so many stimulants added in this product it becomes very important to know they are sourced and manufactured in a proper facility. They do not offer a GMP certification nor is there any explanation of any kind as to how they extract items. Therefore exercising caution is important as there should be some sort of a reveal to ensure customers are safely consuming supplements from a good source.

Does Finaflex PX work?

It really would have been helpful if the company added some sort of customer proof that Finaflex PX works. So I did a search to see if there were customer accounts of which there were a handful.

Reports for this product were much like other brands that feature a lot of stimulants, completely mixed and hard to determine a standard opinion. Of course there are those who claimed they felt some results though with side effects. Others have added they felt nothing at all. Apparently there was a previous formula that is no longer made which had a lot more fans, but this specific blend is incredibly mixed. It’s impossible to really track what one can expect seeing as how there is a clear diverse opinion on the product.

Since the company did not reveal their own explanation as to which ingredient does what it is hard to know if there is a lot of studies performed on the effects. The company has a lengthy scientific sounding explanation as to how it works, but since there were no studies revealed it appears to be more of a marketing scheme.

EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved diet pills to make a right purchase decision!

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Finaflex PX Ingredients and Dosage

As expected much like other proprietary blends containing stimulants a lot of the common suspects are here. There’s a full host of extracts for a stimulant entitled bitter orange. Now bitter orange is not intended to be consumed with caffeine as it has the possibility of increasing the rate of side effects. Also added here are theobromine which is a stimulant added which is extracted from chocolate. Their so called thyroid stimulus compound 3,5 diiodo-L-thyronine has not been proven to have an effect on the thyroid.

Green tea extract has shown a possibility for increasing antioxidants in the body, and of course it has a thermogenic effect.  Sulbutiamine is essentially two versions of thiamine added which is vitamin b1, it has shown an effect on decreasing fatigue. Hordenine and Yohimbine are also added here to increase stimulant function. Hordenine is high under researched and Yohimbine has shown a decrease in fat during fasting, but still more research is needed.

Overall there are a lot of stimulants found here which is what was expected. However the rate of effectiveness has been seriously lacking while dosing of it is very limited. One can only supplement for a periood of 45 days before a major break from supplementing is required. It is also not be consumed within 5 hours of sleep and there is a warning to consult a doctor’s recommendation. This needs to be established as there is plenty of stimulants here.

Here is a clear representation of the ingredient strength and names.:


Are there possible side effects?

There is a huge possibility for side effects and of course there needs to be a precaution as taking just one of these ingredients has a full host of potential issues.

Some of the commonly seen issues include rapid heart rate, anxiety, paranoia, insomnia, sweating, tremors, and lack of coordination. In fact these symptoms all can potentially manifest in just one additive. Therefore it requires extra caution to take in. One cannot forget it should not be taken for longer than 45 days according to the label. It’s assumed there could be issues if taken for this long.

Reducing the risk of side effects is easy with the right supplements.


Taking this mixture of stimulants is certainly going to cause an effect, however it is not one that is seen as overly positive. The idea behind this product is to increase the rate of metabolism and to increase the amount of fat loss overall. Certainly taking stimulants of this caliber can produce a bit of weight loss, but it is not long term. Not only is it recommended for only short periods but it quickly gets worn off in the body.

So while some may experience a change in weight it comes at a cost of a full host of side effects. The combination of these stimulants has a high risk for potential damage to one’s body. It just isn’t a real long term solution, instead it rests as a potentially devastating mixture of ingredients. There’s a reason why it requires medical supervision. The amount of warnings given to just one of the many ingredients stimulant effects has been reported by customers and by medical groups.

There isn’t enough of a long term or even pleasant short term effect.

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