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Fiber Choice Review – Is Fiber Choice Safe?

With the vast array of food options available that are either processed or overloaded with fats and sugars, it may be difficult to find healthy options of things to eat. With such unhealthy options being constantly readily available, a problem that our society faces is that, we are deficient on the minerals, nutrients and vitamins that we need to have our bodies running at their most optimal state.

Another substance that we are sadly deficient on, is fiber. Fiber is a substance that does not get digested after it is ingested, however it is important, as it is used to support the excretion process. Without consuming enough fiber in a diet, individuals may suffer from constipation, and various other maladies that may pertain the intestines and/or colon. That is why products under the banner of Fiber Choice came into being. These kinds of products are used to supplement a diet and are used to improve overall health.

It is even alleged to support weight subduction. So is it really the most superb weight management product available? Read on to find out.

What is it?

While there are many different concoctions under the Fiber Choice banner, today we will be talking about Fiber Choice Weight Management. This product declares that it has the ability to accelerate the metabolic rate, as well as quell cravings that the user may have. In addition to this, the product is also boasted to contain chromium, which at least as far as the product description is concerned, is a superb ingredient in regards to weight loss. This however, may not be the whole truth of the ingredient (this is explained below.)

Past this information however, the company does not provide much else. There is a disclaimer, stating that while this concoction does aid weight management efforts, this is only true when regular exercise and diet are implemented as well. Although stating this, I could not help but notice that the text stating this was small, and not very noticeable. It is because of this I fear that many people may overlook this point entirely, and instead fall into a falsehood of belief that this product on it’s own is all that is needed to see a substantial reduction in overall weight on a person’s body.

EDITOR'S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven fat burner such as Sletrokor for better results.

I have seen this on repeated occasions with other weight management products, and if this were to manifest with this product, I would lack suprise.

Who makes it?

Fiber Choice is the Tarrytown, New York based company that is responsible for manufacturing Fiber Choice Weight Management, as well as other products under the same brand name. The official website for the company errs on the side of showcasing the products that they produce, rather than go into detail about the company itself. The website provides a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section which features many different questions that individuals may have about fiber, as well as the products that may be purchased. The company understands the importance of social media the in the contemporary world and as such, they are recognized to have a presence on Pinterest, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

Does Fiber Choice Weight Management work?

Despite coming off as confident in it’s abilities, there are no clinical studies provided, neither on the product as a whole or the ingredients that this is constituted of. This is a major drawback, as all we really have to go on, are the few words that the company has dictated in the product description. Another factor that confuses me, is why they mention that chromium picolinate is an ingredient in this, while when looking at the label,  on both the official webpage and on third party retailers, this ingredient is not mentioned on the label. However it is stated that there is chromium in each tablet, so my guess is, we just are meant to believe what the company says without questioning this. The issue however that I have with chromium picolinate is that, in spite of research has shown that this may positively affect weight management, this is only if the user exercises on a regular basis. If this is not done, studies have shown that this substance may actually increase the amount of weight that an individual carries around on their frame. I do not think this point is stressed enough, just as exercise and diet contributing to weight management aren’t mentioned as much as they should either. It is because of this that I feel that people may not be able to witness the results that they are striving to attain. When I looked over independent reviews that were done on this blend, I saw a lot of users who derogated this product for the negative adverse reactions that they experienced (more on this below.)

EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved diet pills to make a right purchase decision!

Top Rated Products may include chromium in their ingredient lineups because of the possible weight management benefits that it has.

Fiber Choice Weight Management Ingredients and Dosage

There are 12 different ingredients of which Fiber Choice Weight Management is comprised of. Although none of these ingredients is concocted within a proprietary blend, we are not given any information as to the amounts of the individual ingredients themselves. Because of this, we have no idea which ingredients come in infinitesimally small amounts that would render them pointless, and which ones may possibly be overloaded to the extreme. The only weight amounts that we are provided with, are the amount of carbohydrates that are found within this being 7 grams, that there are 3 grams of dietary fiber and 3 grams of soluble fiber. The total amount of calories in a serving of Fiber Choice Weight Management is 15. The ingredients that comprise this concoction are sorbitol, inulin, citric acid, microcrystalline cellulose, FD&C yellow no. 5 lake, FD&C blue no. 1 lake, magnesium stearate, dextrose, FD&C blue no. 2 lake, corn starch, FD&C red no. 40 lake and natural/artificial flavors.

Users are instructed to take 2 tablets twice daily. This is to be gradually increased until the dosing is at 5 tablets. It is recommended that users consume these tablets with meals, so as to minimize the potential for abdominal discomfort. What I can’t help but notice though, is that a bottle of Fiber Choice Weight Management contains 90 tablets. If this is taken regularly enough, that means that people will be consuming 5 tablets a day, so the bottle would run out in only 2 and a half weeks! While the price tag of this is $34.95, if taken at the maximum recommended amount, a month’s supply would be at $69.90!


Are there potential side effects?

In spite of the official website not mentioning much in terms of adverse reactions that are associated with use of this product, that still hasn’t halted users from decrying the negative side effects that they have experienced. These adverse effects include gas, constipation and abdominal pains. Moreover, there are substances within this concoction that may not be as healthy as the product as a whole may try to come off as. These substances include all the various kinds of artificial flavorings and colorings, as well as dextrose, which may upset the bacteria that reside in the intestines.

The makers of Top Rated Products steer clear of adding artificial flavorings in their creations.


What this product attempts to ride on, is how necessary fiber is to a diet, and with people not consuming enough on their own, it only seems but natural to use this supplement as an assistant in the support of overall health. However despite this, the company has contributed no clinical studies on either the ingredients nor the product as a whole that would establish that this product really is as superb as it is alleged to be. In fact, the product description on the official web page is lacking in general information. Furthermore, there are adverse reactions that people have experienced that have not been fully explained by the company prior. While fiber is a vital part of diet, there are better supplements available that provide superior results, as opposed to what this blend is able to muster up.

Top Rated Products may include fibers within them, so as to aid in the digestive process.

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One Response to Fiber Choice Review – Is Fiber Choice Safe?

  1. Pat Mojarro says:

    I love the product. I’ve tried everything else and nothing worked. My doctor told me to add more fiber to my diet, so along with eating more I chose these tablets. I hate the grit added to water, it never dissolves. I hate gummies, it is like chewing rubber bands. Fiber Choice works overnight, within 8 hours. I wouldn’t use anything else.

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