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Fentermina Review – All You Need to Know About This Product.

While there are different aspects of weight management that need to be addressed in order for people to reach the physique that they yearn to achieve, one of the easiest (yet incredibly difficult) aspects is that of appetite quashing. Unlike metabolic enhancement or fat absorption prohibition, quelling hunger pangs is something that can be done even without a diet pill. The problem that arises from this however, is that many people find it incredibly difficult to do on their own. It may work on a short-term basis, but with food being a necessity for survival, it may be hard to halt habits of overeating. It is because of this that scientists invented the diet pill known as Fentermina to assist in solving this issue. As some of you who are familiar with diet pills may know, this is the Mexican version of the American drug known as phentermine. So is it any different for people who live across the border?

Does it actually get people to stop eating as much as may be their natural habit? Are there any serious adverse reactions that are associated with it’s use? Find out below.

What is it?

Fentermina is weight management product that is declared to quell any pangs of hunger that may be experienced by users. Unlike other weight subduction products that may be purchased over-the-counter, this one is only available after a doctor has prescribed it. Acting in the same manner that it’s American counterpart, this laboratory made ersatz is not meant to be used by people who are athletic and looking to get to the peak of their physical abilities, nor people who want to drop a few pounds on a casual basis. Fentermina is meant to be used by overweight individuals who need to lose weight due to health related complications.

It is essential however to know that results in weight loss will not be possible without consistent exercise and a calorie deficient diet. Being that these are vital aspects of any weight loss program that people may put themselves into, I am happy that this has been mentioned, as there are too many weight subduction products on the market that gloss over this, acting as if, they are something of a messiah of diet pills that creates miracles for it’s users. I do however find it important to mention, that Fentermina is a relative of the narcotic known as amphetamine. It is because of this relation that there may be a risk of addiction if use of this product is used in the long-term.

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Knowing that this is the problem, it is only prescribed for a short duration of time, generally being 8-12 weeks.

Who makes it?

The company that is responsible for manufacturing Fentermina is the German based Chemische Fabrik Berg. Established in the year 1953, the company was originally derived from another company that was owned by a rich German family with a background in industry known as Wilhelm Berg KG. I give credit to this company as they practice transparency, and they make it clearly visible as to how the organization of the leadership has been formed. Chemische Fabrik Berg is not only recognized for creating Fentermina, but it has many other goods in its catalog, which include medical devices, research and development products, fine chemicals, quaternary ammonium compounds and pharmaceutical goods.This company is easy to contact, as they list not only their phone number, but their physical address as well. What this company lacks however, is a presence on social media. I find this rather puzzling, as it is becoming ever more important for the marketing campaigns of companies to include this.

Does Fentermina work?

As mentioned previously, the way that Fentermina operates is through subduing hunger pangs. This is done through the stimulation of a select group of neurotransmitters in the brain, as well as the hypothalamus gland. Once these parts of human biology have been impassioned, the user will no longer feel the urge to consume food as they usually do, as they will be overcome with feelings of satiation. While this is undeniably beneficial, there are other aspects of weight subduction that are not addressed, such as creating a blockade against fat absorption, intensifying energy levels, or enhancing the metabolic rate, through support of the thyroid, triggering thermogenesis or otherwise.

Because this is only available through a prescription, individuals may falsely think that doctors will take care of everything for them, when sadly this is not the case. Exercise and diet are essential to make this product work as well as it is advertised to. A warning though that comes with Fentermina, is that people may be susceptible to addiction if they use this too long. This may be all the easier to fall into, as there have been reports that once some users have stopped using the product, the weight that they previously discarded had returned as if nothing had ever happened in the first place. Individuals who have a history of alcohol and/or drug abuse would be more highly susceptible to falling into this pattern, and because of this, it is not ideal to be used by everybody.

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Fentermina Ingredients and Dosage

Phentermine is the sole substance that is known to be comprised in Fentermina. As stated in an earlier section, this substance is known to have a relation with amphetamine. Pills of Fentermina are recognized to come in increments of either 30 mg or 15 mg. While used for obese individuals, there is a specificity in the kind of user that is meant for this product, as it is really only for people that have a BMI (Body Mass Index) that is 30 or higher. Moreover, Fentermina does not limit itself to adult use alone, as children of 12 years of age or older may also use this laboratory made ersatz as well. Instructions on how to take this diet pill are that users are to consume one capsule in the morning, 30-60 minutes before consuming breakfast. It is not advised to take this after 7pm, as this may result in the user experiencing insomnia. Other vital information that is entailed is that it is possible for overdoses to happen when more than 30 mg of Fentermina is consumed in a day.

Are there potential side effects?

Since it is a version of phentermine, the adverse reactions that may be experienced from that drug are also possible to be experienced with Fentermina. The side effects that may entail from use of this product include problems sleeping (insomnia), irritability, xerostomia (dry mouth) hypertension (high blood pressure), fatigue, palpitations (rapid heartbeat), depression and nervousness. However, what was just listed are only the more mild of side effects that may be experienced. There are more serious adverse reactions that are related to Fentermina use. This includes, arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat), seizures, tremors, swelling of the lower extremities (feet, legs), hallucinations, panic, shortness of breath and severe headaches. If these happened to be experienced, it is vital to contact a doctor immediately.

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While it is true that Fentermina may be available for a wide audience, that doesn’t exclude it from having drawbacks. The side effects that entail use of this product are some cause for concern, and that’s not even mentioning the possibility of withdrawal or overdose symptoms that may be experienced if this is taking in too heavy a dosage or for a prolonged amount of time. There have been rising amounts of lawsuits against phentermine in the United States because of these adverse reactions, and I feel that the same may ring true with Fentermina at some future point. The doctor’s prescription may lull people into thinking that bad reactions may be avoided with professional supervision, but there is always a possibility of these instances arising. It is for these reasons that I cannot recommend Fentermina use. Naturally based diet pills are an alternative to use of this concoction.

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