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Fedramine Review – Is Fedramine Safe for You?

With ephedra becoming illegal to put into diet pills, companies have been scrambling to find substances that may act as a replacements for this incredibly powerful, and likely dangerous diet pill ingredient. There are many different stimulants that have been used, to meet this end, but the closest is citrus aurantium, which is the chemical twin of ephedra. It is also a substance that is include in the product known as Fedramine.

What is it?

According to the official website, Fedramine was created to act as an alternative to not only ephedra, but also another controversial substance known as phentermine. The makers of this product had in mind the notorious, yet well known reputation both of these substances have and decided to combine both names together, in the hopes of attracting people’s attention and thereby increasing the sales that they may make. With the ability to be obtained without a prescription, this product asserts that it will step up energy levels, quash pangs of hunger and work to reduce weight in the short term.

Besides listing the different ingredients that may be found in this concoction, there is not much other information that the product gives away about itself. In a sense, it feels that the makers didn’t really even know what else to say about their product, as there is even a phonetic breakdown of how to say Fedramine, which isn’t that hard of a word to say anyway! Furthermore there are spelling and formatting errors that may be found throughout the offical website, which does harm to the legitimacy that this products tries to exude.

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So what’s the deal with this product that has so little information available about it? Read on to find out what the full story is.

Who makes it?

The Internet Marketing Solutions Group (IMSG) is the company responsible for bringing Fedramine into the light of day. The company is based out of Atlanta, Georgia, and it asserts itself as a company that is able to provide quality service and products to the consumers who purchase their products over the course of the decade that they have been operating. Unlike other companies that love to gasconade the nutritional and health experts that they employ, IMSG makes no mention of any of this. The company’s website for Fedramine is pretty bare, and has no section that is made for a community of users to come together to, nor does it make any mention of it’s presence on social media. Personally for me, I find it peculiar that a company that labels itself as being for “Internet marketing” would be a leader at all in the nutritional supplement world. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has not accredited this company, yet has given it an A+ rating. I think this though can be attributed to the fact that, there has not been a single review of this company. There is a link provided on the BBB’s website as to IMSG’s website, however the link to it is dead.

Does Fedramine work?

While this byproduct of substances may allege that it may positively affect the metabolic rate as well as quash appetite, the official website features no testimonials that would be able to back this up. I was unable to find any independent reviews from anyone else who has tried this product as well. In addition to this, the makers of this brew feature no clinical trials on either the ingredients in this blend, nor the concoction as a whole that would back up any allegations that this does indeed work as it is advertised to. I also find it important to mention that, Fedramine specifies that the weight loss that may be associated with it only works in the short term. This is an important statement to note, as people may buy this product, assuming it is like every other concoction out there that is used for an extended amount of time. It’s in this regard that Fedramine is like phentermine, the appetite quencher that is also to only be used in the short term. Even so, I find this aspect of the concoction to make it extremely limiting to the people who may want to use it. Without any independent reviews, I can’t really say that even short term use will result in much of anything.

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Fedramine Ingredients and Dosage

While the creators of this product do mention the different ingredients that comprise Fedramine, they make no mention as to the individual amounts of these ingredients. All they reveal to potential users, is that there is a combined total of 400 mg in a single serving of this product. It is not mentioned if this is because the ingredients are in a proprietary blend or not. The ingredient lineup of this concoction consist of citrus aurantium, guarana, green tea, metabromine, white willow bark and chromium. Of these ingredients, only chromium and white willow bark are not stimulants. White willow bark is used as a pain reliever, and on Fedramine’s website it is mentioned that this will therefore put people into a more positive state of mind, which will cause them to adhere to their diets with much more ease. Chromium is widely used in diet pills, yet not only is it really only needed in miniscule amounts, but there haven’t been enough clinical studies performed on it that showcase that this is indeed an ingredient that will be beneficial for people to lose weight.

Users are advised take this product 30 minutes prior to breakfast with water and to repeat this process before lunch as well. The makers of this concoction also recommend that these capsules be taken at a minimum 10-12 hours before sleeping. The capsules that contain Fedramine are not to be chewed, broken or crushed, but swallowed whole. After these instructions are stated, they are again repeated right under the original instructions within the same paragraph. This clearly shows that the website was not well edited. To attest to this even further, I was unable to find a label to this blend.

Are there potential side effects?

Because two thirds of the substances that make up Fedramine are stimulants, there is a high likelihood that people may experience adverse reactions. The official website however makes no mention to any of this, which I find a bit concerning. The stimulants that are found within vary in strength, from the much tamer green tea to the astonishingly powerful citrus aurantium. Side effects from stimulants may include trouble sleeping (insomnia), anxiety, high blood pressure (hypertension), nervousness, palpitations (rapid heart rate), nausea, nervousness and headaches. Citrus aurantium, also known as synephrine or bitter orange is known to be incredibly powerful, and is chemically identical to ephedra. Ephedra was known to cause severe adverse reactions, even in users who are otherwise healthy and young. These adverse reactions include both cerebrovascular accident (stroke), myocardial infarction (heart attack), even death. Being so similar to this illegal substance, there is a high possibility that these adverse effects may also be experienced. With so many different stimulants, I would advise people who have pre-existing health conditions, people who are on other forms of medication and individuals who have a frail relation to stimulants to avoiding using this product. Additionally, women who are in stages of pregnancy or who are nursing and individuals who are below the age of 18 are not recommended to use this product either.

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What this product reminds me of, is exactly the kind of diet pill that you should stay a good distance from. The errors in format and spelling that litter the website do much to show that the makers of this product clearly didn’t spend enough time trying to proof read what the were saying. And if they can’t make their presentation look good, who is to say that the product itself would be any different? There are no clinical trials supplied by the makers, nor are there any testimonials of people that have used this product and can assert that this diet pill does indeed work.

Coming from a company that doesn’t even sound like any kind of authority in the nutritional supplement world, everything about this product is off from the very start. The only thing that they get right, is that they make sure to mentioned that exercising regularly and having a healthy diet that is low on fats and sugars is essential to losing weight. If you stuck to just those two alone, you may do even better than if you included this product with those two facets, as the ingredients within this are known to cause adverse reactions due to the high amount of stimulants in this concoction. There are many other diet pills that are available for purchase that are much safer and actually proven to work, unlike the example that this product sets out for people to see.

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