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Estrin D Review – Does it Really Work?

Menopause is a major event in the lives of women. It’s around this time that women start realizing changes about themselves, and they try to adjust to it. It’s also around this time that women start to realize that losing weight is not as simplistic as it once was, and that in fact, they may need an aid to reach the goals that they strive to achieve. There is a plethora of different products that say that they are the ones that will support women in reaching their goals.  Estrin D is one of those products.

What is it?

 Estrin D is a diet pill that markets itself toward women who are experiencing menopause. Unlike other diet pills that market themselves toward athletic people or others that make sure that people who are overweight and attempting to lose weight due to health related issues, there is a firm understanding of who is meant to use  Estrin D. This diet pill is meant for women that have been exercising and dieting right, but for one reason or another, the pounds don’t shed off like they should. The product is not meant for women in general, but women who are experiencing menopause or who will so in the near future.

With use of  Estrin D, users are alleged to experience an alteration toward positivity in their states of mind, as well as their metabolic rate experiencing intensification. In addition to this, women who take Estrin D may experience their energy levels become uplifted, as well as their appetite being quenched. Addressing so many different facets of weight loss, it may seem to the layperson that this diet pill has everything that you would need wrapped up into a single pill, being exactly what you would need to lose weight.

Yet there are a lot of products out there that promise more than the world itself and yet the only thing that people end up losing is money from their wallets. It’s a sad fact, but there is a sizable amount of people who end up falling into the trap of purchasing diet pills that are no better than placebos. With so many options being so readily available, it may become frustrating to decipher which diet pills is good and which one is actually just a scam.

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So what is the case with  Estrin D? Does it live up to the standards that it endeavours to achieve? Or does it fall short? Find out in the article below.

Who makes it?

Covaxil Laboratories is the company responsible for creating  Estrin D. Contra to other companies that are incredibly liberal in the use of information about themselves, Covaxil does not have a website that is centered around itself. The most that I was able to find out about this product, was it being mentioned on the label. From my experience, it is usually a bad sign when diet pill companies fail to provide this kind of information. A well recognized brand always helps in overall sales, and if the product, for one reason or another, fails to deliver this information, I can’t help but wonder if there is a problem with the concoction itself. In today’s world the inclusion of things such as a community center, a social media presence and a blog go a long way to making people feel comfortable with a product. These things make people feel part of something bigger, and make them feel less that they got duped into purchasing something that may not even work. If these points are not addressed, people may begin to assume (in some cases rightly) that there money is going toward a product that is a scam. While I am not saying that this is what is the case with Estrin D, lacking these different aspects does nothing to help its argument.

Does Estrin D work?

While a product may become beloved for its enticing advertising copy, that doesn’t necessarily translate completely into  Estrin D being known factually as a diet pill that will get people to lose weight. The makers of this product have provided no clinical studies that would assist in the assertion that this diet pill will indeed work as it is retailed to. There is a void of clinical evidence provided in not only the individual ingredients themselves, but with the product as a whole. Without either of these points being addressed, it is as if what we are seeing is nothing better than a commercial of a product; nice words without substance. What  Estrin D instead tries to accomplish, is juxtaposing an array of stimulants together, which is thought that will get people to be more active, and therefore allow people to shed weight from their bodies. There are women who have used this product and who have experienced no change in their physical state, be it from an increase in energy or witnessing excessive weight being subtracted from their frames.

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Top Rated Products don’t rely specifically on stimulants to guarantee that their users experience the loss in weight that marketing copy promises them.

Estrin D Ingredients and Dosage

There are 17 different ingredients that comprise Estrin D. The product fails to provide a daily recommended dosage for any of the substances that it is made up of. Estrin D contains 1323 mg of a proprietary blend, yet at the same time there is no mention as to the specific amounts of any of the particular ingredients. Companies usually hide the exact amounts so that competitors won’t steal their formulas, but there is a downside that is experienced by us users.  Without any known amounts, we have no way of knowing which ingredients are actually beneficial and which ones are closer to being superfluous. Estrin D incorporates the use of yerba mate leaf extract, vitamin D, guarana seed, magnesium, damiana leaf, vitamin B6, black tea leaf, caffeine, green tea leaf, DHEA, ginger, Chinese skullcap, schisandra fruit powder, kola nut seed extract, jujube fruit powder, cocoa seed extract and rhodiola crenulata root extract. The substances within Estrin D are known to be stimulants, as well as digestive aids and sources of antioxidants that assist in ensuring that overall health is maintained at it’s optimal state.


Are there potential side effects?

While there are products available advertise themselves to be void of adverse reactions,  Estrin D is a byproduct of substances that instead may had its users experiencing things they may wish they didn’t. With the stimulants present, such as caffeine, black tea leaf, kola nut, guarana and green tea there is a likelihood that adverse reactions may be experienced. These side effects include nervousness, hypertension (high blood pressure), anxiety, jitteriness, nausea, palpitations (rapid heartbeat), headaches and problems sleeping (insomnia). Some of these adverse reactions may be exacerbated from menopause being experienced. Green tea may cause constipation or diarrhea in some users. Yerba mate may have a relation to certain kinds of respiratory illnesses, as well as digestive ones. If you are in stages of pregnancy or nursing it is advised that you not use this product. Persons who are below the age that menopause is experienced are not meant to use this product.

People may experience adverse reactions from Top Rated Products, however if there are any, they are clearly labeled in the event that they are experienced..


As I have seen with many other diet pills, this one fails to deliver any clinical data that would back up any declarations that have been made about it. Coming from a company that doesn’t have it’s own website only makes the product seem less legitimate. What the makers of this product instead try to conceal themselves behind, is through the use of various stimulants. With stimulant use there is the assertion that there will be some kind of effect that will be experienced. Yet this doesn’t necessarily translate to people losing weight as an end result. Menopause is a difficult time that women must endeavour. Finding the right product to assist them in maintaining a healthy weight is no easy feat. With this concoction however, there is a greater likelihood that nothing more than a loss in monetary funds will be experienced, if anything.

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