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EpiBURN Pro Review – All You Need to Know About This Product.

Caffeine is included often to the ingredients in thermogenic supplements for burning through weight. One of the inherent values of caffeine is that yes, it creates changes within the body. Shielding oneself from this reality has often been necessary with people sensitive to caffeine. Also caffeine is inexpensive, it can be found in cheap coffee and tea. It is a stimulant, forcing a increased heart rate and giving a boost in energy. However there is a distinct path that is formed with this stimulant.

High amounts of it and instantly you might feel terrible. Bouncing from the walls, unable to calm oneself until your metabolism softens it. Tolerance also requires observation. Caffeine laden weight loss products add a cycling portion quite often. Cycling is essentially taking a product for a short time frame, then reintroducing it as the effects no longer fulfill a safe impact.

Often it is split into month long periods. EpiBURN Pro does provide a change, the question is where does it fit in the large environment of caffeine supplementation?

What is it?

This product intends to be this particular companies most advanced product ever produced, and what they produce is weight loss through caffeine pills. The product is said to be scientifically reviewed, which apparently means that there has been research done on the product but not necessarily anything to show that it is proven to work. However the product does seem to want to market towards athletic types and in fact all their marketing images are of men and women in exercise gear doing some sort of physical exertion.

They claim that many fitness goals can be achieved through this brand which intends to give a surge of energy. So it appears the product is meant to work alongside a workout regimen in order to achieve these goals.  The product does have some specific warnings to not be taken without a physicians recommendation. Also the product places an upper case warning to watch out for intake of this brand.

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While caffeine pills have received a bad rap for their short lived effects it’s important to take every product as it comes. So further knowledge is needed in order to figure out just how effective this product is. With that out the way, now we can see what this product has to offer customers.

Who makes it?

The company USPlabs LLC offers several brands marketed towards the more workout centered people who need an extra push. They have one very famous pre workout blend as well that customers take for an extra surge of energy in the gym. USPlabs website has a self described fleet of legendary products out on the market.

Quite a few moments of FDA intervention and claims of harmful products has effected this brand. There is a reoccurring theme of the company reportedly having products that can cause potential liver injury. In fact about 50 reported cases have been linked to the brand. A voluntary recall by the company took products off the shelves for these repeated claims of liver damage.  The FDA has offered resources to ensure customers do not suffer anymore problems with the product. So far the company has not issued a statement as to how this occurred or what if any steps were taken to assure this issue would not recur. It’s important to understand the severity of these reports and to hold the company accountable for any future dealings.

Does EpiBURN Pro work?

Here’s the good and bad associated with supplements like these which are ripe in caffeine. The good is that there are natural and cheaper substances such as tea and coffee which have caffeine and can cause a thermogenic effect. The bad being that the product is only a short lived effect not intended for long term use. There’s a reason why the product has a strict label on it for customers to watch their intake of this product.  It is therefore only a short term weight loss product that may not even work to serve weight loss in certain people. Some reviews left on websites mention the product is either a bit too harsh or that they did not experience any changes in health.

EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved diet pills to make a right purchase decision!

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EpiBURN Pro Ingredients and Dosage

It’s not often an over the counter will recommend seeing a physician before taking their products. A lot of clear warnings are offered that mention exactly how one needs to take this brand.  It is meant to be cycled and not consumed for longer than 8 weeks. This is typically a topic of concern for caffeine laden products such as this one. Every person has a certain caffeine threshold and others may be more sensitive to these changes. It’s vital to watch out for ones health and consult a physician before even considering this product. Luckily this brand has this mentioned as one of the first things on their brand labeling.

The labeling for this products ingredients can be summarized in the following:


Are there possible side effects?

No doubt that there are potential side effects. One of the things that may occur is hyperactivity. This can be found because of the addition of food coloring which has shown a potential to increase jitteriness and of course caffeine. This company happily brags that they have a formula with caffeine inside. One of the issues is that one cannot take this product too late in the day or one may experience sleeplessness and anxiety. This has been shown in customer accounts as being a reoccurring issue. Another stimulant added is the yohimbe which is intended to increase blood flow. However when considering that the ingredients may heighten each others effects, one has to be careful about using this brand.

The potential adverse problems associated this brand are not found in the Very Best rated products on the market.


It’s clear from the jump that this product has a very select few people who should take this product. The warning label on the bottle has a list of who shouldn’t take it, as well as a warning for even healthy people to watch out for certain symptoms. The fact remains that this product needs a physicians recommendation before taking. This is typically reserved only for prescription drugs and not over the counters. The company history also leaves a huge mark that should be addressed. Countless FDA concerns over quality have been raised and so far it is unclear as to how these issues will be addressed.

In the hard fought quest to find a product that leads to weight loss and we cannot expect too much from this particular brand. The issue remains that it relies heavily on caffeine to produce results. No real reason is given as to how this version of caffeine is superior to already caffeinated beverages like coffee. One can’t help but feel a bit cheated off of this brand. The warning labels drag this products ease of use down. Usually supplements are created to make an ease into weight loss easy, not this brand. One has to take it in particular moments of the day and there is no guarantee for long term functional weight loss.

Assuring you get the right product should not be left to chance, affirm your goals for weight loss by sampling the best ones out there.

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