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Duromine Review – Is Duromine Safe for You?

Quashing of the appetite is an aspect of weight loss that many obese individuals struggle to achieve. When the hunger pangs call out at more than just the regular meal times of the day, this may result in weight gain of a significant level. Even the regular meals, such as breakfast, dinner or lunch may have extra portions added to them which contribute to the individual being overweight. Knowing this to be an issue, there are people who have looked out products that address this specifically, in the hope that they may have their overeating habits curbed down for the better.

Since Phentermine hit the market years ago, it has seen a significant amount of success in terms of its sales. Because of this, there are other countries around the world who have wished to have their own itineration of this substance.

Such is the case with Duromine, which is the Australian version of this weight loss product. So is it any better than the American itineration? Read on to find out.

What is it?

Duromine is a weight loss supplement that is known to be for sale in Australia. The active ingredient within it is phentermine. As such, this laboratory made substance is known to act as a quasher of appetites. Because phentermine is known to be present within this product, much like the product that is available in the United States, Duromine is only meant for use in the short term. This is because the product is known to have habit forming qualities that may be dangerous if used for a longer than recommended duration.

The audience that Duromine mainly targets are people who are obese and looking to subtract pounds from themselves due to health related complications. To make sure that the results that are witnessed are only of the most superb caliber, users are advised to make sure they include regular exercise into their daily regimens. Exercise is only one facet of weight loss, and to ensure a subtraction of pounds, users are also recommended to make sure they have a diet that is low on overall calories and that is devoid of excessive amounts of sugars and fats. Without including either of these factors, actual weight loss may not be experienced.

EDITOR'S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven fat burner such as Sletrokor for better results.

Duromine was meant for the obese in mind and as such, people that should use this product include athletic people looking to reach the apex of their abilities and individuals who are just looking to drop a few pounds for aesthetic reasons.

Who makes it?

iNova Pharmaceuticals is the Chatsworth, Australia based company that may be credited to bringing Duromine to the Australian market. While not well known in the United States, the company is known to have a presence in Australia, South Africa, India, New Zealand and Southeast Asia. When the company was first conceived it did not go by this name at all but another, 3M Pharmaceuticals, which worked in conjunction with Riker Laboratories. The company specializes in products that serve the eye health, generic brand, dermatology and neurology industries.

The way that iNova Pharmaceuticals work, is that they strive to acquire products through partnerships of a strategic nature and to expand with new products through acquisitions that may stem from company or product bases. iNova Pharmaceuticals is a company that is not shy in stating it is looking for employees, and has an entire section of their official website dedicated to convincing people to join their team and apply. Unlike other diet pill companies, this one in particular does not have a social media presence.

Does Duromine work?

As phentermine is known to be found in Duromine, it therefore acts as a quencher of hunger pangs. What gets effected in the body are the hypothalamus gland, as well as a group of select neurotransmitters. While addressing the appetite, there are other aspects of weight loss that are left unaddressed. These include magnifying energy levels, destroying fat deposits where they exist and heightening the metabolic rate, be it through thyroid support, thermogenesis or through any other means. These points are frequently addressed by efficient diet pills and to see it not addressed here makes me a bit skeptical on this product’s competency.

Also as stated in a previous section, results from use of Duromine may not become visible without the inclusion of consistent exercise and a diet that has a deficit of calories, sugars and fats. If the user chooses not to change their lifestyle as is necessary, they may not see any change in their weight. To users that were expecting something of a miracle in pill form, they will be sorely disappointed. This however is important for any weight loss supplement or program, and to think otherwise is purely niavety.

Lastly, I find it important again to reiterate that this product is known to have qualities about it that may make it addictive. This is because phentermine is known to be chemically similar to amphetamine, as just like the narcotic, it affects the central nervous system and reduces the urge to want to eat. As such, people with a history of addiction are ill advised to use this product, or in the very least, consult a healthcare professional before use.

EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved diet pills to make a right purchase decision!

Top Rated Products are not known to be addictive, and if they are, there is a clear warning on the label.

Duromine Ingredients and Dosage

The active ingredient in Duromine is known to be phentermine. As previously stated, this is known to quash appetites in the people who consume this substance. The dosages that Duromine comes in vary in amounts, and are additionally differentiated by use of different colors. 40 mg of Duromine come in orange and grey capsules, while 30 mg come in reddish brown and grey capsules. Lastly, 15 mg of Duromine is recognized to be delivered to users in green and grey capsules. A physician is the one that will prescribe the correct dosage of this product that will work most optimally with you. Generally speaking regardless of dosage amount, Duromine is to be taken with water either prior to or within 2 hours of consuming breakfast.


Are there potential side effects?

Because there is phentermine present, there exists the possibility to experience adverse reactions that are associated with it as well. These may include drowsiness, diarrhea, headaches, changes in sex drive, nausea and discomfort in the abdomen. These adverse reactions are on a more mild level, but there are more severe side effects that users may experience. These may include seizures, arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat), swelling of the lower extremities, shortness of breath and headaches of a more severe nature. Additionally because it is not quite the same as the American version there are other adverse reactions that may be experienced. These include feelings of depression, skin rashes, tremors, fainting, vomiting and facial swelling. If these adverse reactions are experienced, it is highly advised to immediately contact a doctor. Women who are breastfeeding or in stages of pregnancy are not recommended to use this product. People who are taking other forms of medications, people with pre-existing health conditions and individuals with a history of substance and/or alcohol abuse are advised to contact a physician before ingesting this product. Both the elderly and individuals under the 18 years of age are not advised to use Duromine.

Top Rated Products are not known to seriously adversely affect the users who buy them.


While there certainly is a group of people that may benefit from using this product, the adverse reactions that may be experienced from its use are enough to cause concern to those prospective users. There have been many lawsuits stemming from the effects of phentermine use in the past, and the number of cases is only expected to rise to higher levels. Since this substance is the primary component of Duromine, the same, if not incredibly similar results may result as well. While it is important to manage weight in a healthy and efficient fashion, putting your very own well being at risk is not worth a subtraction of pounds, especially where there are other, more natural, safer supplements that may be purchased as a replacement for this product.

Top Rated Products are known to have natural ingredients contained within them, that in some cases, may also benefit overall health in addition to weight loss.

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