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Dopamite Review – The Truth About This Product.

Brands intended to work deep in the brain are said to rewire the natural habits that one has in terms of eating and stress. The reported ability of these types of supplements is that it gets rid of all the bad habits that are put in place which are hard to get rid of. So calories being taken in are no longer the same concerning factor as they once were. You allow yourself the ability to accurately provide change without the potential struggles seen in caloric drops. This can include feelings of unrest and lacking energy.

So Dopamite gives call to the name of the hormone dopamine. Dopamine of course monitors a lot of things in the brain, allowing for proper mood and regulating hunger. Often brands like these are called neutropics for their ability to function on the brain.

Although it sounds heavy these brands are still available as supplements, without a prescription.

So to accurately judge Dopamite, provided here in full are all the best parts on this supplement.

What is it?

Working on the brain this product intends to be an all encompassing solution to real weight loss by reacting on dopamine receptors. The idea presented is to have you start the day off with an air of confidence and good feeling. You suddenly get the urge to eat right and taking in less calories while increasing the rate of exercise. So then all this change happens and you are to be validated by other people who notice and appreciate your results. This in turn leads to even more good feelings and leads you to want to continue with the same traditions.  This is essentially the process the company has explained that will lead to a change in weight. So to note the main points, this product is meant to create a sense of well being that turns into a work ethic in a person. This work ethic is necessary and supplemented with the brand.

By playing on dopamine it reduces the rate of stress and in turn activates the breakdown of fats as well. The company does do a good job of adding studies which suggest that dopamine is good for regulating hunger. This is assuredly so and the reworking of the brain would ideally provide change, assuming it is of a good value.

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The company does add a video of video testimonials as well to show how people had dramatic changes in weight.

Who makes it?

The creators go by the name of Maximum Human Performance, LLC and their intention is to provide supplements for athletes of all kinds.

Currently there are 3 lawsuits pending against the company for unknown reasons. 2 companies and one person have recently filed suit against the company however, it is unknown as to what the details are for the brand.

The company also intends to provide supplements that world class athletes use. However most of the featured athletes are not actually that well known.

Does Dopamite work?

Customer accounts on this brand are quite mixed, with some people adding they did not like the effects and some saying it did give some energy. As far as well rounded accounts for the supposed weight loss in the form the company suggests, there is far too much lacking. Assuming all that the company said is true about the potential for weight loss in this brand, it gains quite an underwhelming response from customers of the brand.

I’ll go over the potential side effects which seems to be the majority consensus on this brand.

EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved diet pills to make a right purchase decision!

Gaining results is entirely possible when you have the right brands to back you up.

Dopamite Ingredients and Dosage

Dosing of this brand is dependent on weight. If one is over 200 pounds 3 pills are recommended a day with an empty stomach and a cold glass of water. If under 150 pounds it is recommended at one pill a day and in between 2 is the recommended dose. Also if one were to supplement with the brand it is recommended to only take it early in the day due to the addition of caffeine.

Speaking of ingredients there is Mucuna pruriens here which is a bean that is said to be a precursor to dopamine. DL- Phenylethylamine is also present which is supposed to boost serotonin and dopamine, but it is broken down in the stomach before ever reaching the brain.

Found in many foods is N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine, although it is found in foods and in supplement form has not been seen as useful. 5-HTP is also here which is there to boost mood and increase dopamine. However it needs to be carefully taken as it can potentially overwhelm the body.

Theobromine a thermogenic is here which has some minor effects on increasing metabolism. Yerba mate and caffeine are also present, both of which add stimulant effects. Finally there is Vinpocetine is there to improve cognitive function and to aid in the prevention of aging.

Represented in full is the ingredient listing for Dopamite:


Are there possible side effects?

Yes and unfortunately some of the ingredients require strict supervision as to not over do any potential negatives. Taking caffeine as an ingredient should be closely monitored as to avoid side effects.  Also 5-HTP is something that requires a fine balance as taking too much can lead to an array of harmful balances in the body potentially.

Also added to the capsule which actually does not effect the positive quality of the product is food coloring.  It has been linked to potential rashes and allergic reactions, and in some cases can potentially cause hyperactivity.

Another of the noted potential issues here is what customers report often which is nausea. The rate of nausea for this brand has been documented by many customers who add there is an unease in taking it. This might be due to some of the ingredients or just one, however still since it cannot be extracted for sure it remains to be seen why this product has lead many to nausea. Some added they could not stomach it and discontinued use because of the lack of positive benefits as well. So as far as potential issues one of them seen in people is the complete lack of positive effects.

Some other noted potential issues include feeling anxious, paranoid, unable to sleep, tremors, elevated heart rate, and difficulty concentrating.

Avoiding any and all adverse risks is essential when picking a supplement that works for you.


Simply put there is a lot of interesting ideas presented here in the marketing. What it marketed as being an ultimately experience for weight loss is full of a lot of unsubstantiated ingredients. Many of the ingredients are either better supplemented with using medical supervision, or they are underwhelming in their research where most of the benefits are supposed and not proven. Unfortunately there is a lot of potential negatives which are available if you were to supplement blind. Many of the ingredients require strict examination to ensure one is getting the right amounts. Working inside the brain it rewires natural cycles which are hard to tamper with when one has a one size fits all tool. Another problem here is that when you take too much of it it can rewire the brain into a down feeling. This might lead to a depression or lack of sleep, increased anxiety or a difficulty concentrating. For example one big component of this brand is the addition of upper type of ingredients. Caffeine and 5-HTP for example.  Both of which need to be supplemented with care to ensure proper results.

Also the brand suffers from many complaining that they did not appreciate the side effects they felt. Many reported feeling extreme nausea where they could not take the product any longer. Also some just plainly added they felt nothing change in their bodies. Both equally frustrating and not explained as a possibility by the company. So while the brand has an impressive marketing strategy which is fine, there is too much lacking information to truly make a purchase decision.

Getting results should come from a trusted product, brands do exist that are highly touted by customers who continue to supplement.

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