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Diethylpropion Review – Is Diethylpropion Safe?

Sometimes a quick jump start is needed to give off more results in difficult to achieve and sustained weight loss. This means taking a less natural approach by using the prescription drug route. Well this process demands close watch and in turn is easy to know the full documented extent of possible side effects. This is because of government FDA intervention, they demand a mandatory detailing on specifics, knowing the 360 profile available on drugs such as Diethylproprion.

Of course it is firmly accepted that weight loss is a strict and potential possibility, but still further concerns exist. Since labeling of a prescription requires a lot of study, taking the science and profiling the potentials is necessary.

This reading is dense, full of science jargon, and of course requires a toolbox of knowledge on key details.

So my job is here to extract the potentials and make it visible as to what is possible. It makes it much easier for you to make the decision on your own health demands.

What is it?

This chemical sounding prescription drug fits the bill as a weight loss pill needing a doctors recommendation. The reason why it is a prescription based drug is because it is essentially an amphetamine. One does still have to diet and exercise in order to reach weight loss, this drug however is made to work a bit stronger than most products on the market. Also very important to consider is that it requires strict doctor supervision and it is a short term option. It is not recommended by the makers themselves and it is known, amphetamines can cause a drug dependence that brings on even further complications.

Also one has to consult with a doctor and figure out one’s individual medical history. This is because those with heart related issues or even other complications may be automatically exempt from ever trying it.

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So while the product requires a lot of supervision and oversight, it still exists to stop people from bringing on the pounds. Just how effective is it actually? Well all the sorrounding details have been examined and this is what can be seen.

Who makes it?

Not the most catchiest name a drug could have, this is because the product is named after its chemical structure.  3 different brand names market this brand in the names of Tenuate, Tenuate Dospan and Tepanil.  While not much information can be examined on the manufacturing process, because it requires FDA approval the drug does have a laundry list of all the potential side effects and concerns about the product. Looking at the overwhelming information it becomes clear most of the emphasis is placed on examining how the product effects the body in a potentially unsatisfying way.

Despite who may make it since the formula features the same basic drug one can see a shocking amount of precautions.

Does Diethylpropion work?

There’s no doubt the drug will have some effects. However what needs to be considered first is whether or not one’s doctor can see a need for it. Not only is it meant only for obese people, but they must not have any underlining medical conditions. Also it must be tracked and taken only in the short term so customers really have no available diversity with this brand.

Some also may not like the idea of having to diet and exercise and still only seeing short term solutions. The fact diet and exercise are also a huge part of this heavy drugs regimen, leaves a lot to be desired. Customers have noted that the product is not helpful and instead only gives a short term boost at the expense of potential side effects.

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Diethylpropion Ingredients and Dosage

This is a really touchy subject that has to be addressed by a medical professional. Not only does a doctor have to first see a need, one has to couple their own experience with stimulants of this nature. The amphetamines could lead to a drug like dependence that a doctor must look out for. Then there is the uncomfortable nature of this product that can possibly seep in. Not only does the drug effect the central nervous system but it does so in a way that can only be sustained for short term results.

If a doctor were to even recommend this drug you’d have to make sure you were on the lookout for any possible changes in temperament or physical state. This type of self examining can be time consuming and potentially wasteful. Weight loss through Diethylpropion is simply a time consuming endeavor that requires a lot of monitoring for only a short lasting effect.

Though the product only features one ingredient a sample of what this looks like is presented here:


Are there possible side effects?

A tremendous amount of details are mentioned as to the potential side effects. Such is the nature of an amphetamine. A common costumer complaint is of rapid heart rate leading to feelings of anxiousness, increased sweat and blood pressure as well as a tremendous amount of fear. All these are common in amphetamines. Also some have reported a dependance issue with the drug. This is just the nature of amphetamine drugs and that is why it requires a lot of maintenance. Some less drastic changes that often pop up are dehydration, irritability, inability to sleep and nausea. Keep in mind that this is a constant recurring theme that many customers have reported on.  It’s actually strange to see much of the information provided by drug websites which document this drugs effects.

Another issue to watch out for is the 3rd party sites that sell this product. Not only is it illegal but you have no idea of the quality that you are going to receive. The side effects can be potentially more extreme considering no doctor recommended supervision is offered.

Amphetamine free ingredients are just one of the many positives up for viewing in the Well Established weight loss formulas.


Looking at the prescription type of weight loss products one would expect immediate results that do not require a lot of maintenance. This is simply not the case with this particular prescription drug. Not only does one need close inspection to lure out any potential issues, but one also has to make sure one does not get caught with a physical dependence. What really is upsetting is the fact one cannot expect a long term change in weight loss. It has to be taken gradually, for a short period, and it does not offer real solutions to functional weight loss for the future.

Therefore it becomes an unnecessary niche item that just does not have the long term firepower to work for a long time. It has to be taken in close watch and requires a full lifestyle change. All this and customers have often reported that the changes were subtle but the side effects were noticeable. Often this comes up and it needs to be addressed before one can expect to supplement with this brand. It’s just too extreme and not effective enough for the long haul. Much less invasive products exist that can be taken not just in short bursts but for a future reduction in weight loss.

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