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De-Carb GCX Review – All You Need to Know About This Product.

Drinking your supplement is often seen as an easy route that if not loaded with preservatives, is typically made to be drank quickly. The intended benefit is to give you something that is intended to be fresh. Though supplements in capsule or pill form usually house the same benefits no matter how fresh, for some the liquid option is seen as preferable. Well De-Carb GCX is meant to appeal to that market, giving a liquid solution to intended weight loss.

This requires a full examination that is present here. You need to fully realize what can be expected and if it truly has enough going to make you want to supplement with it. If taking it means either no results, negative effects, or not enough, then clearly its a dud. So what lies here is the information you need to decide for yourself.

Discussed here is the marketing pitch vs the actual reality, the most likely outcome instead of the supposed appeal. Armed with these details you can judge accurately if its worth your investment.

What is it?

The bottle of De-Carb GCX simply states, it is for slimming and fitness.  All this is meant to happen with a decrease in appetite, a ramped up and steady metabolism, and overall increase of antioxidants. This drinkable solution only features 2 ingredients but it is intended to work for those who do not have a sensitivity to caffeine. There is also a declaration to add some form of exercise whether it be light, in order for the weight loss benefits to commence. Also added to the is that this product has noticeable effects. Usually the longest it takes for this product to kick in is somewhere between 7 to 21 days of repeat use.

The intended benefit one sees from this product is a breakdown of the absorption of carbohydrates and fats. So if one gets a meal laden with these additives it reduces the amount absorbed, not eliminating all of it but making it harder for it to be absorbed. This also leads to a reduced rate of calories as it does not remain active within the body. Two bold claims are asserted by this brand. The first being that one can find between 2 to 4 pounds lost a week. Also there is claims of there being no side effects at all. If either of these claims are true then it makes for a quality product. It would have been nice if the company added proof to back it up but I’ll go further into that topic later on. Unfortunately it is far too easy for a marketing campaign to make giant bold claims without ever providing the necessary evidence.

EDITOR'S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven fat burner such as Sletrokor for better results.

What is recommended is to have open discussions with a healthcare provider to ensure a quality return on the product.  Also it is an all natural product that must be drank. So by taking all this information it appears one has a lot to experience here. If all the claims are true. More information is needed and the following tracks down what is possible

Who makes it?

Creation’s Garden Natural Products, Inc is behind this product and they’ve been operational in California since 1993. They offer many different products from supplements to women cosmetics. Their products are available in many retailers and the company is a multimillion dollar business.  They claim to have all their products produced in a GMP certified facility which ensures proper handling and creation of products.

In 2023 the CEO of the company was forced to bankruptcy amid claims of his hiring of a hit man to murder his wife.

The FDA also had issue with the company for their lacking amount of care leading to a violation of the GMP practices the company gladly boasts about. This GMP practice is on all the company’s products labels and since they violated the certification value, the FDA demanded an overhaul or at least to not feature the GMP stamp.

Another FDA letter was sent for 6 of the company’s products for false claims of benefits. They added the company could not make health claims without providing proof.

Does De-Carb GCX work?

Some have claimed they had an increase in mental focus as well as energy. Both of which are said to occur and are common benefits of taking in caffeine. So no surprise there.  Some however have mentioned they did not experience a lick of change. Also this may be due in part to the caffeine which some people react to differently. Since the company has a lot of claims added without proof it remains hard to see how one can benefit beyond just some of the effects that can be gained from caffeine.

What is hard to accept is the many exact figures and numbers that this company habitually throws out. Since these numbers are meant to be realistic there has to have been a study done to show how the reached these findings. It either means the product does not produce the effects listed, or that the manufacturers prefer not to release what could be proof the product works. With a history of documented proven lies it becomes important to fact check the supposed benefits found here.

EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved diet pills to make a right purchase decision!

Much more established products are now here to help you drop pounds.

De-Carb GCX Ingredients and Dosage

2 main ingredients are added to do the trick. Simple put there is green coffee bean which is a immature unroasted young coffee bean. It has been touted as providing plenty of antioxidants and fat burning properties. So far however the studies have been limited. Also added to the mix is green tea extract which also has antioxidants and thermogenic fat burning properties. This mostly comes through because of the caffeine found in good tea. Also there is antioxidants intended to improve immune function.

However while these 2 ingredients do have some sort of an effect it does not justify the high price tag. One could easily supplement from other far cheaper sources. There is no real reason given why these extracts are any more superior than any other cheap brand.

Since it does have stimulants it is recommended to dose with this product under the watchful eye of a medical professional. So the claims of this product not having side effects is clearly an overstatement since one wouldn’t need medical supervision had it been free of detriments.

Here is a label for De-Carb GCX:


Are there possible side effects?

According to the makers no, according to the customer’s yes. It really makes sense there would be since the formula relies on caffeine in order to produce its results. There’s no escaping possible side effects when supplementing with a caffeine source. It remains a mystery why the company would claim otherwise.

Some of the common symptoms that may be felt include insomnia, headaches, tremors, dehydration, restlessness, anxiety, mood swings, and difficulty concentrating. Of course since there is a recommendation of seeking medical advice it might reduce these symptoms.

Though because it is a liquid there needs to be a lot of care taken as to not over consume. It’s easy to be on the run and accidentally take more than is recommended. Therefore making sure one gets the right amount can be tricky. So in order to satisfy the body and not risk potential side effects it becomes important to closely observe the contents.

Far more researched and favored products are now available to make a change.


There is a lot of attention promoted here on the ability of this product. The manufactures add figures, scientific numbers, and a lot of promises that don’t hold up in the slightest. There is the potential for side effects despite them claiming otherwise. Weight loss may come about from any form of stimulants but their numbers have yet to be proven. It would have certainly helped their cause if they actually added how they reached their very specific numbers. So without knowing this information one cannot take this product’s supposed benefits as the truth.

This reality becomes more grounded when you realize there is a lot of history with this manufacturer and the FDA. Many violations have been documented and proven by the FDA to have been committed. They have lied about their positive health benefits for many of their products. They have also lied about being a safe and wholesome GMP certified company. Their violations stretch beyond what should be deemed acceptable. Without having this trust intact it calls into account all the claims the make for De-Carb GCX. Since it sounds too good to be real it should be treated as such with the numerous issues in the past.

While this product does offer a liquid solution it still does not provide a shred of evidence to suggest it will produce beneficial effects. There’s too much uncertainty found here and the past dealings of the company also add a layer of mystery. Without knowing how this product is any better than its cheaper counterpart(since it has 2 main ingredients) there is far too many unanswered important questions.

Seeking the right products takes a ton of research, so take a peek at the findings here to help guide you towards a fine product.

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