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CTS360 Maximum Review – Does it Really Work?

For people who are in some form of sports or physical competition, reaching the apex of their abilities is the constant goal that they strive for. Days begin and end with these athletes striving to reach the next level, sometimes getting closer than other days. There are times however, when the natural abilities that the individual has may not be enough to get to the goal that they wish to attain. In some cases, a weight loss aid may be beneficial to use. There may however, some consequences with use, especially if the results are meant for competitive purposes. CTS360 Maximum is such a product that while it may get people the results they have been looking for, it is also known to contain sibutramine, which may come up positive on a drug test. If the individual who is using the product is not in competition, well then there is no need to worry, unless they worry about adverse reactions that they may experience.

The following article will break this blend down, so you may better decide if it’s use is appropriate for you.

What is it?

CTS360 Maximum is one of 3 different products that are comprised of the CTS360 product line. This concoction is alleged to annihilate fat deposits, quash hunger pangs and heighten energy levels, all to the maximum extent that is possible, or so the product description would lead us to believe. The going price on the official website for one bottle costs $69.99, so this is by no means a diet pill that is cheap. If anything, it’ll take a pretty sizable chunk out of your wallet after you purchase this weight subduction pill.

Other than this information, the company generally doesn’t have much else to say about this product, other than what ingredients may be found in it and warnings and directions that pertain to its use.

EDITOR'S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven fat burner such as Sletrokor for better results.

I don’t understand why the company would opt to not feature that much information about the blend, as adding more would only be in the company’s favor, as more people would make the assumption that the product is actually legitimate.

Who makes it?

Complete Nutrition is the Omaha, Nebraska based company that is chargeable for bringing CTS360 Maximum into existence. Established in 2004, the company gasconades that it is a franchise that is known for its accelerated growth. The company boasts that it works with nutritionists,health care providers and chemists to ensure that its products are only of the highest quality possible. Complete Nutrition is also aware of the importance of social media and the impact it has on marketing. As such, the company has a presence on YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram.

Does CTS360 Maximum work?

While the label on the bottle of CTS360 Maximum is eye-catching, this may be acting as a distraction to the reality of the situation. Nowhere on the official webpage were there any clinical studies contributed, neither of the product as a whole or of the individual ingredients that this is constituted of. Because of the stimulants that are within this concoction, such as synephrine and green tea that are only enhanced by yohimbine, users will definitely feel a surge of energy after using this blend. However that doesn’t necessarily correlate with weight loss. Also vacant, are any mentions as to how consistent exercise and a diet that is deficient of excessive calories play into the situation. Both of these facets of weight loss are incredibly important, and by not even so much as mentioning them, there may be people that assume all they have to do is take the product to witness results take place. This may be because the product seems to be geared more toward the athletically minded people, but if there are users who are not as immersed in the fitness world, they may overlook these vital aspects of weight management. While there are customer reviews that are featured on the official webpage of CTS360 Maximum, not all of them are positive. Some users reported no change in the overall amount of mass that they carried around on their bodies, while others derogated this concoction for the adverse reactions that they experienced.

EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved diet pills to make a right purchase decision!

Top Rated Products are not known for combining dangerous amounts of stimulants within their concoctions that may result in adverse reactions being experienced.

CTS360 Maximum Ingredients and Dosage

There are 16 different ingredients of which CTS360 Maximum is comprised of. Of these ingredients, only niacin is excluded from the proprietary blend. This ingredient comes in an amount of 10 mg, which is 50% of the daily recommended value. The rest of the ingredients are found within the proprietary blend, which weighs out to be 650 mg. The individual amounts are not listed for any of these substances, so we have no way of knowing which ones are possibly overloaded to extreme amounts and which ones are in pointlessly diminutive amounts. These ingredients include sibutramine, green tea leaf extract, dandelion root, beta-phenylethylamine, bacopa monnieri, caffeine anhydrous, gingko biloba, raspberry ketones, hordenine HCl, synephrine HCl, siberian ginseng root,  L-alpha-glycerylphosphorylcholine, L-tyrosine, yohimbe bark extract and theobromine. These ingredients are known to be a mixture of stimulants, state of mind magnifiers, digestive aids, metabolism intensifiers and antioxidant carriers. Not all of the ingredients are known to be as compelling as they are advertised to be, such as raspberry ketones and gingko biloba, both of which lack clinical studies that show that they are truly robust. Sibutramine is substance that has been used for weight management, but has also been banned because of the dangerous adverse reactions that may be experienced from it’s use (more on this below.)

Users are instructed to take a single capsule in the morning with 6-8 ounces of water and food, and to repeat the process in the afternoon. Users are also advised not to take more than the amount that is recommended. Individuals who are in athletic competitions are not advised to use this product, as they may turn up with a positive result in a doping test.


Are there potential side effects?

Because there are no amounts listed for a vast majority of the ingredients, we have no way of knowing which ingredients will react adversely with users. We do know however, what the ingredients are. Sibutramine is a substance that was banned from use, but in some cases (such as this current one) it has found it’s way into products anyway. Adverse effects from this include dizziness, headaches, trouble sleeping (insomnia), runny nose, abdominal pain, anxiety and xerostomia (dry mouth). In more severe cases arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat), painful swelling in the lower extremities as well as the body, severe headaches, rashes, chills and seizures may be experienced, in which case, a medical professional should be contacted on an immediate basis. Also present in CTS360 Maximum is synephrine, the identical chemical twin the ephedra, which has also gain notoriety for being banned as well. Although legal, synephrine may cause some of the same adverse reactions that are associated with ephedra use. This includes hypertension, palpitations (rapid heart beat), arrhythmia, and in more extreme cases, cerebrovascular accident (stroke) and myocardial infarction (heart attack). Individuals under 18 years of age and women who are either breastfeeding or in stages of pregnancy are not advised to use this concoction.

Top Rated Products have achieved their high status by not including illegal substances within their ingredient lineups.


Because there are so many supplements available on the market, it may become difficult to ascertain which are the best products to take. This concoction however, is not the best supplement to take, as the company provides no clinical studies provided on it, neither on the individual ingredients, nor the product as a whole. Furthermore, there have been users who have decried the negative adverse reactions that they have experienced. Costing just about $70, that’s a lot of money for a product that has not only been negatively reviewed, but also is associated with side effects as well as having a lack of scientific data performed on it. There are better supplements available on the market that have a void in existence where all these subpar qualities exist with this concoction.

Top Rated Products are beloved because they support a loss of weight, and not a loss of money from your wallet.

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