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CLA 500 Review – Is CLA 500 Safe?

With the current advancements in technology, there are many companies that turn to laboratory made ersatzes as the answer to weight management. While it is true that scientists are able to create substances that may assist in alleviating obesity, that does not mean that all answers lie here. Sometimes it’s important to take a step back, and see where there may be natural remedies that may be found. Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) has been recognized for its use in the supplement world for its application to bodybuilding assistance. Having its origins in beef and other dietary sources that are known to be primary, it’s not as if obtaining this substance is the most difficult thing. Yet there are companies that have decided to attempt to sell this on it’s own. Such is the case with CLA 500, which is one of many different supplements that offers itself out. So will this really be getting people to be subtracting weight from themselves?

Or are the abilities of this substance overblown, and have people yearning for more after they have consumed this on a consistent basis? The questions that have been posed here will be addressed in the following article.

What is it?

CLA 500 is a weight loss supplement that it may get people to subtract excessive pounds from themselves, as well as have the ability to allow muscle that has lean qualities to be retained. Because of the emphasis on this second point, it leads me to believe that this is best used by people who are of an athletic mindset. Individuals who are looking to subduct weight from themselves due to health related reasons pertaining to obesity, as well as people who are looking to look slimmer in time for swimsuit season may not be the most ideal candidates to use this product. That is unless of course, the understand how vital exercise and a healthy diet are in regards to weight management.

The concoction also mentions how it has the ability to have the amount of body fat that is present dwindle, but past this there is not much other information provided about the product. It seems that what we are given is just the simplest explanation as to what CLA 500, but we are not provided any supporting details about the product, as other weight management products may offer.

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It is because of this that I feel less confident that CLA 500 will operate as successfully as it is retailed to.

Who makes it?

Nutrilite is the company that may be given credit for bringing CLA 500 to the market. Established in 1934, Nutrilite has been acknowledged for manufacturing health supplements. This all started when the founder, Carl F. Rehnborg used to live in China and he witnessed the devastating effects that disease and malnutrition may have on people. The company may have a market in the United States, but it is also recognized to have farms in both Brazil and Mexico as well. The company acknowledges that taking products are not the only thing that is needed to ensure optimal health, and also includes a section on lifestyle on their official website. Although there is immense importance on social media marketing, especially in the contemporary world, the company has a void in the place where their presence on these channels would exist.

Does CLA 500 work?

While some people may attest to the robustness of diet pills that come from a natural source, that does not therefore guarantee that the product will actually get people to subtract pounds from themselves. There are no clinical studies provided by the makers of CLA 500 that would show that it does indeed operate as it is advertised to. It is true that CLA may have some positive effects in governing blood pressure, but that is not the same as weight subduction. It is related however, and it may be this relation that may confuse people into thinking that weight loss and blood pressure regulation are one in the same when really they are not. Nowhere on the official webpage are there any mentions of how regular exercise and a calorie deficient diet that is free of excessive amounts of sugars and fats play a role in weight management. These aspects of successful weight subduction are essential, and without so much as mentioning them, I fear that the results that people want may not come to fruition. This is notwithstanding that besides incinerating fat, CLA 500 does not address other important facets of weight management, such as quelling hunger pangs, uplifting the metabolic rate, through thermogenesis, thyroid support or otherwise or carbohydrate absorption prohibition. This product has also had numerous derogations from users, who assert that this product did nothing to assist them in losing any significant amount of weight.

EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved diet pills to make a right purchase decision!

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CLA 500 Ingredients and Dosage

The primary ingredient that is found within CLA 500 is of course, conjugated linoleic acid. This acid is found most frequently within animals, such as cows. It is believed that CLA may have some effectiveness in crusading against obesity, although results of this are mixed. It is recommended that users consume CLA 500 3 times a day, although the times of the day are not specified. Furthermore, it is not specified if these should be taken with food, water or both, if there is a daily maximum that should not be exceeded, and if there is any optimal point of the day of which to consume this product. In general it is asserted that individuals should consume 15-174 mg of conjugated linoleic acid a day when consuming as a supplement.


Are there potential side effects?

In spite of it originating from a natural source, conjugated linoleic acid may have adverse reactions after being consumed. These side effects may include indigestion, diarrhea, abdominal discomfort, fatigue and other issues related to the stomach. There is the possibility that this substance may worsen diabetes, so people who are afflicted with the condition should avoid use of this product. There is not enough evidence that would show that there are any serious health concerns associated with women who are in stages of pregnancy or who are nursing consuming this substance orally, yet to err on the safe side of things, it is advised to not ingest CLA 500. Individuals who have pre-existing health conditions are advised to consult a healthcare professional before using this product.

Top Rated Products warn individuals who are afflicted with pre-existing health condition to exercise caution when using, and to consult a doctor before consumption.


Despite it being acknowledged for assisting individuals who are immersed in the fitness and bodybuilding world, there is very little evidence that this substance will get people to lose significant amounts of weight. This is shown not only from the negative customer reviews that have been written on CLA 500, but also from the lack of scientifically driven clinical studies that the company failed to provide along with the product description. While there may be confidence in the marketing copy that was written on this product, they don’t reflect the reality of what this substance actually offers.

Because this is a natural substance and not one that was synthetically concocted, it is bound to draw people to purchase it. When these people fail to get the results that they crave, they will undoubtedly be surprised and upset that things didn’t turn out as they had envisioned in their mind’s eye. This is not an uncommon occurrence in the diet pill galaxy. Too many people think that just taking a product is all that is necessary to see pounds exfoliate from their frames. Unfortunately for them, that is not how weight management works. However after reading this article, I know that I have at least informed you, the readers, of what to expect, should you happen to come across this product. There are better supplements out there than this one. You should be spending your time researching them instead.

Top Rated Products may contain natural ingredients, but they have been proven to be dynamic enough to assist weight loss, unlike the example in this article.

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