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Citrimax Review – All You Need to Know About This Product.

With so many diet and nutritional supplements available, it may become difficult to ascertain which ones are known to be actually beneficial for health, and which ones are as necessary to take as placebos. There are also substances that are known to be detrimental to overall well being. The average layperson may become confused from all the options and think that all of them are the same! Yet despite the negatives, not every product out there is an attempt by companies to scam their prospective buyers. Citrimax is such a supplement that is known to contain ingredients that are known to positively affect weight loss. It is because of this that it has gained much attention. One of the key ingredients that is found within this, is hydroxycitric acid, which is derived from the garcinia cambogia fruit. This fruit in particular has become much beloved after Dr. Oz mentioned it on his television program. Since then, numerous companies have inserted this substance into their products.

Although some of these products may have turned out to be unsuccessful, there are others that are praised for the health benefits they give unto their users. So is that the case with Citrimax? Find out in the following article.

What is it?

Citrimax is an ingredient that may be found in dietary supplements, especially those pertaining to weight loss. As mentioned in the previous section, it is known to contain hydroxycitric acid (HCA), which has been known to constrain the changing of carbohydrates into fat within the body. This is an essential aspect of weight management to pay attention to, as without halting this conversion, it is very likely that weight gain may happen. This substance is also known to no if not minimal effect upon the body’s central nervous system, which is unlike other weight management supplements, especially those that have stimulants used as a basis in their products.

This substance is also well recognized to come in another version, known as Super Citrimax, which works in much the same way and contains essentially the same basic substances within it. In fact, it is the Super Citrimax that is more well known to be used by companies to sell as a stand alone product.

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In this sense, the substance is known to be astonishingly dynamic, especially in comparison with other substances that are not able to do this.

Who makes it?

There are many different companies that are known to produce Citrimax and Super Citrimax. There is no single company that holds a monopoly over these substances. Some of these companies include NOW Foods, Swanson’s, Nature’s Plus, TwinLab, Source Naturals, Natrol, Life Extension, Pure Encapsulations and Vitabase. It is important to take note though, that the quality that this substance may be found in is not uniform across the different companies that provide this. Some may be of higher quality than others.

Does Citrimax work?

Because it contains, Hydroxycitric acid, which comes from the incredibly beneficial garcinia cambogia fruit, Citrimax is known to be a sufficient weight loss aid. In addition to prohibiting carbohydrates from transforming into fat, this substance is also known to quell hunger pangs. However, it should be noted that this substance may become diluted when added into other products, and the positive benefits that may be experienced may dwindle as a result. There are also products available on the market that may have other ingredients that may not react well with Citrimax and as such, negative results may follow. It is important to do your own research on the ingredients that may be included with this substance, as it will only save you time, energy and money in the future. Moreover, there are versions of Citrimax that may be of a lower quality than is beneficial, which may in turn, lead to undesired results. Lastly, I cannot stress enough the importance of regular exercise and a calorie deficient diet. These are two enormously important facets of weight loss, and there are too many people that have taken Citrimax or other weight management products and not taken either one or both of these factors into consideration. Exercise and diet are the base of any plan to see a subtraction in pounds, and even with such a beneficial substance as Citrimax, that doesn’t guarantee that weight loss is the inevitable outcome after use.

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Citrimax Ingredients and Dosage

The primary ingredient in Citrimax supplements is hydroxycitric acid. It originates from the garcinia cambogia fruit, which is known to be native to parts of India, parts of Central and Western Africa and Southeast Asia. The amount of hydroxycitric acid that comes in these supplements is known to be at 60%. As is the case with the label example below, it may come in amounts of 700 mg. It may also be concocted with other substances, such as chromium, coming in the form of chromium picolinate, and again in the case of the example, it may come in an amount of 100 mcg. Chromium has been used in regards to weight loss to govern glucose within the body, as well as sink high cholesterol levels. When coming in the Super Citrimax form, it may also be included with another substance known as gymnema sylvestre, which has been known for use in the metabolizing of glucose.


Are there potential side effects?

Hydroxycitric acid which is present in Citrimax has been known to cause some adverse reactions in people, although this is more on the mild side and not the more serious one. These side effects have included diarrhea, xerostomia (dry mouth), dizziness, nausea, gastrointestinal issues and headaches. While generally safe, everyone is known to act differently to health supplements. While needed in the body in miniscule amounts, there is the possibility of people experiencing adverse reactions from chromium. This may include supper stomach pain, dark urine, jaundice, stool with a clay color, which may be signs of liver problems. Additionally, this mineral may cause issues with mental dexterity and may hamper the coordination or balance. Some may experience no negative effects, while some may, and of those that do, they may be serious. If you are someone with a pre-existing health condition pertaining to the heart or other vital organ, if you are currently on a form of medication or if you are a woman who is breastfeedings or in the stages of pregnancy, it is advised to consult a doctor before ingesting this substance. It may be entirely safe to use, but it is always good to err on the safe side, lest an unknown reaction should occur.

Top Rated Products always recommend people to consult healthcare professionals, should any complications arise from use.


What makes this substance so incredible, as compared to other substances, is that it is naturally derived and is known to reduce the amount of overall fat that resides on the body. There are synthetic substances that tend to overshadow natural ones, and I am glad to see that this one hasn’t been. That being said, there are versions of Citrimax that may not be of exceptional quality. As a result, the results that you may expect may not materialize. There is also the possibility that products that contain this substance may dilute it in their proprietary blends, thereby making it essentially useless to consume. It is always vital to do independent research on the products that you are going to consume, to ensure that these two scenarios don’t happen when you happen to ingest Citrimax, for that would make all efforts in vain. Lastly it is important to routinely exercise and keep your diet healthy and free of excessive amounts of sugars and fats. It is true that this substance may help you with weight loss, but only if you make sure other aspects of your weight management regimen are intact as they should be. There are too many people out there who don’t pay attention to these factors and as such, negate any potential that this substance has. Remember, this is not an elixir, and as such, it has limitations on what it can do, just like everything else that is present on this Earth. Everyone wants a miracle, but no one wants to accept reality.

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