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Cinsulin Review – Does it Really Work?

Unique products with the strict intention of helping aid many different demands are now developed and in supply. A perfect example of this can be viewed by looking at the product Cinsulin, one immediately envisions insulin within the body. Blood sugar and many other ideas of feeling properly nourished and in healthy spirits. Understanding the truth behind this products results vs what it is claimed to do, you allow yourself to become a savvy customer. Not swayed by marketing tactics and instead knowing the full dependable outcome that many customers have felt, and that which can be expected in the ingredient list.

To come to the right conclusions right here in this Cinsulin review you are given a peak to the full reality. All the details have been mapped, the research has been condensed and simplified, with the support for and against this supplement now available here.

I’ve placed Cinsulin under a fine microscope to identify what there is to be gained. More importantly, you are able to understand if it satisfies your unique demands.

What is it?

This supplement was created to improve overall health, with an emphasis on controlling blood sugar levels all with one patented form of cinnamon. In fact the makers claim all that is added to the making of this product is water, heat and cinnamon.  However this isn’t entirely true as the product does have some added ingredients which vary depending on the particular brand. Surely enough there is also a disclaimer that states that when taking this product to also include diet and exercise. They caution on the website to add the consultation of a health care provider, this is mainly due in part to the blood sugar effect which may prove too extreme for some. So it then raises the question, why not just take cinnamon instead of paying for this? Well what is added to the mix is a special procedure of extraction on cinnamon bark. It is processed in a way that is meant to make it extra concentrated to reap even more benefits.  This leads to what the makers intend to be a more potent water and fat soluble product. 7 different studies are offered as support for the use of cinnamon. Unfortunately none of them are actually done on this specific extract, so it really takes away from the claims added here.  Instead the 7 studies are actually performed on cinnamon itself. Certainly an increased dose of something would provide more effects, but it really still needs to be seen to ensure what the negatives and positives truly are in this specific formula. As I’ll go through later, the results for cinnamon are known and they can be beneficial.

2 different products feature this patented ingredient, one of which is called “Advanced Strength” and the other “Healthy Weight” which has extra ingredients added for weight handling of course.  The formula added to lose weight is fortified with antioxidants and of course fat stabilizing agents.  One important thing to notice about this specific brand is that it claims to provide weight control as opposed to weight loss. A big different that must be noted as it only helps stabilize weight.

EDITOR'S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven fat burner such as Sletrokor for better results.

In either case it still remains to be seen what can be achieved when supplementing with Cinsulin. The name makes it sound like insulin which is of course meant to regulate healthy blood sugar. The overall emphasis is of course blood sugar management which I’ll uncover more details about later. All put together, let’s see what this product can do.

Who makes it?

The company TruNature also makes many different supplements typically based off one natural ingredient. Their products are available from places like Costco and other online retailers.

Strangely the manufacturers do not have much information as to how they manufacture their products. Each product has their own website but the company just links to these websites without discussing much of their operations. They do add that Cinsulin is under trademark by the BJTA Nutrition & Healthcare Prods. Co. but no other information exists about this company.  It’s odd that they add 2 company names of which no information exists about either. While searching for these both brands it rerouted me right back to the same page. It is not often a company will have this wide of a distribution without giving much information as to how the manufacture their brands.

Until further information is given by the makers it makes it really hard to know what type of practices are set forth to ensure a quality product.

Does Cinsulin work?

Here’s the thing one must consider, cinnamon itself has the potential for being a source of blood sugar leveling. So with that said it makes it hard to know if the customer support is because of the natural effects and how much of it extra is based off the extract itself. Well the makers of this product don’t even know as the clinical studies they cited are all based off regular cinnamon. This specific form of cinnamon as yet to be tested clinically to show what effect it may have on the body. So it sits in a state of limbo as one cannot take the customer reviews as a noticeable difference makers, as one can expect the same results with any form of regular cinnamon.

Looking at their weight loss formula becomes another issue as the proprietary blend does not allow one to know exactly how much of each ingredient is added.  Also worth mentioning is the lack of a money back guarantee to ensure customers are secure in case they do not experience the results listed.

EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved diet pills to make a right purchase decision!

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Cinsulin Ingredients and Dosage

The directions are pretty simple and it depends on the specific formula is being observed as their weight loss has a bit of stimulants added. With any stimulants it becomes important to track individual progress to help know how much is needed per person. Since there have been no studies on the extract one must ensure they carefully watch for their own bodies reaction. Particularly the high stimulant rate of guarana.

Once again it becomes important to emphasize how there are no studies done on the effects on this specialty treated cinnamon bark extract. With no way of knowing of what it can do in the body in this much more potent extract one cannot take it for granted. Further knowledge is needed to meet individual customers demands.

Also the manufacturers do not shy away from what this product can potentially do. They add in a clear tone to take the advice of a professional to ensure you can control your own intake and help know your own limitations with this formula.

Here is a detailed description of Cinsulin’s weight loss formula.


Are there possible side effects?

One must watch out for a sudden drop in blood sugar levels, this has already been established by the makers themselves. Of course the meddling of medication is also not recommended as there could be a serious effect on your health.

Since each brand has their own unique ingredients what has been discovered about the weight loss formula is that it contains caffeine. Just like any additional caffeine found in a product this one can potentially cause a series of issues such as headaches, dehydration, insomnia, and tremors. So intake of it should be reserved for those who can handle their caffeine. Also it is best used early in the day as to avoid the issue of sleeplessness.

Much more information is still required as the makers do not even test their own product to ensure quality. Cinnamon itself is a healthy addition but this specially formulated extract may prove to be too much for some.

Far more researched brands that offer a lot of support are now available to meet your demands.


There’s no doubt that introducing cinnamon to your diet is a good thing, it has been proven to provide some digestive help as well as being able to reduce the rate of blood sugar. However since Cinsulin has not been tested one cannot know for sure if it really is better or just as safe as regular cinnamon. It might be a waste of money until further proof is provided.

Provided that the results are meant to be minimal one cannot still know if extra cash should be thrown on a product that does not have much details on its long or even short term use. A much cheaper solution that is of known safety is plain regular cinnamon. Until much more is published about Cinsulin regular plain cinnamon might do the exact same thing. It begs repeating that no one including the company knows what to expect will occur with this brand.

So until the price is justified and until much more effects are seen, one cannot know if Cinsulin is really worth the effort. What is known however is that other supplements are far more studied and they do not have the same questions hanging as this cinnamon extract.  Too many unanswered questions and too many fears of potential lacking results weight this product down significantly.

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