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CholestOff Review – The Truth About This Product.

Cholesterol falls under both the bad and good versions, however a slight imbalance of either is often linked to a series of pitfalls including heart attack and even dreaded stroke. Working alongside a healthy eating window allows for easier control on the handling and controlled maintenance of cholesterol production. Of course with the added name CholestOff it breeds images of a supposed destruction of the overall presence of harmful and unnecessary high cholesterol levels.

It requires extra attention to note that cholesterol issues can overwhelm and cause issue in the body. Whether healthy HDL or the less favored LDL, they both work within the body at multifaceted degrees. So that explains why there has been sudden seeking of the likes of brands much like this. Obesity has now ranked as an issue at a constant elevation, it further created an even harder to secure healthy cholesterol.

So the belief is CholestOff works at a mighty level, to pinpoint reality here is the truth in advertising in its mass wide positioning.

What is it?

You can already tell just by looking at the name that this product is intended to help one stave off cholesterol. That’s exactly the intention behind this supplement which is widely available in almost all stores that sell supplements.  One still has to watch their saturated fat intake as well as their cholesterol intake though when supplementing.  Currently 3 different varietals of this one brand exist, one with added oils and medium chain triglycerides and the other with a patented ingredient named Pantesin which is a B vitamin. The basic intention is the same however.  The key active ingredients are are plant sterols in each of the 3 offshoot brands.

One can expect no added artificial ingredients, colors, or preservatives as well. So far though the main ingredient comes in as a source of cholesterol lowering additive. This is especially important with today’s diets and the less than active lifestyle most humans have. Overall heart health is improved when one lowers harmful LDL cholesterol. So with all this the product adds a fairly important ingredient in plant sterols. The real questions still remains and it’s whether or not the combination of ingredients is worth your investment of time and money.  Far too many brands claim to offer too many potentials but really either deliver too little or nothing at all.

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To help wipe out any hesitancy I’ve researched far and wide to ensure as much knowledge can be observed about the potential for Cholestoff’s abilities. With that out in the air, this is what I’ve managed to come up with.

Who makes it?

The giant Nature Made which is the proclaimed number one seller in the US of multivitamins, supplements, dietary supplements and even herbal supplements. They are owned by Pharmavite, LLC, a California based company that focuses its intentions on providing supplements of all strides.

This company ensures their products take part in USP practices which measure quality products.  This USP non profit is also known as the United States Pharmacopeia. Though they have no FDA backing and cannot enforce standards, their label is considered a positive reinforcement.

One Nature Made brand for prenatal care did show a level of lead the FDA deemed unsafe in 2023. It is unclear whether or not this problem was corrected and how this even came to occur.  What needs to be taken seriously however is the fact that children have been exposed to amounts of lead due to this product. This is a huge issue that luckily the FDA found out and a letter by the FDA can be seen in its entirety online.

Does CholestOff work?

Most of the reviews on are of a favorable light towards this particular brand. What’s worth noting however is that plant sterols(the main active ingredient) are good in any shape or form and they can be sourced from several natural foods that are cheap and easy to access. In fact many grains, nuts, vegetables, legumes and even fruits have it in certain quantities. So it is quite easy to see how any addition of the main ingredient of this product would produce results.

One customer who tracked their diet noticed how their cholesterol was lowered but in a negative light their triglycerides increased by a noticeable margin. It’s unclear if others experienced the same as many did not check their cholesterol levels before and after.  It is unknown if taking this specific product will produce any long term effects. This Nature Made brand does not offer any clinical trials to support its use. They instead cite a study which was performed on plant sterols. Much for information is needed of this particular brand before making a purchase.

EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved diet pills to make a right purchase decision!

Much more well rounded products can provide a well rounded host of positives.

CholestOff Ingredients and Dosage

Meant to be taken with food, 3 softgels are required twice a day in order to achieve the results offered by the company. Apparently only adults who aren’t pregnant should take this product and of particular nobody who’s taking statin drugs should supplement with this brand.

Also worth keeping in mind is the fact the company adds one should consult a healthcare professional before supplementing as to avoid any complications. This is an odd thing to add and it should not be taken lightly.

One can look at CholestOff’s “Complete” formula right here, keep in mind their basic formula only has plant sterols so not much difference can be found within brands.:


Are there possible side effects?

This is where things get particularly hairy. First off one has to talk to a medical professional before taking this product. So in part yes, this product does have some potential side effects. The company notes this fact but fails to provide the rationale as to what one can possibly expect in terms of the negative. Instead it throws all the responsibility of finding out of potential negatives on the customer. This is unfair and not a good way to do business. Smart customers should take this as a giant warning as to how this product may effect your overall well being. The multi faceted possible side effects can be widespread and it should be exposed. Also added to each capsule is a form of soy which is not deemed non GMO. Since most soy products are GMO it would be worth documenting whether or not these brands have that in their formula. The dangers of soy are widespread and a potential for increased hormones are one of the main culprits that should be avoided at all costs.

Some have added that this product gave them a raised triglyceride level which is linked to heart disease and stroke. Oddly enough this are the types of things the product intends to avoid, high cholesterol leads to an increase in heart related issues. This is really a strange contradiction as the brand mentions proudly that diets high in plant sterols have been shown to improve heart health.

Clearly a lot of exposure needs to be offered by this company in order for customers to safely purchase this product without fears of complications.  It’s not wise to take a stab in the dark and assume the product works just because the company is popular.

When searching for the right brand one should avoid the pitfalls of a product that doesn’t have enough research performed.


It’s hard to see how this product has jumbled up their marketing strategy. First off the company has for the most part had very little hiccups in the field of production. They are huge and this product is widely available. The company does offer some information the way this product is intended to work. They also add some interesting positives that can occur, overall LDL cholesterol lowering, improved heart health in the future and of course overall well being associated with these effects. This is all a definite positive and surely the studies on plant sterols are a good backing to these products claims.

However this particular brand needs to expose where they get their plant sterols extracted from. Also they need to add their own studies seeing as how they are so big that they can afford it. Anything meant to work this close to one’s overall health should not be left to just a good company history. One has to also make sure one isn’t taking a weak or inferior product. A customer has no way of knowing how this product will effect them directly.

Also since the product is meant to be taken under the watch of a medical professional it calls into action what type of effects may surface. Surely this was said due to the fact that one may experience an unwanted effect. So what are the possibilities? It would have been good to have this exposed instead of leaving customers to speculate. Other brands don’t require so much intrusion into one’s health. While the product does offer a good marketing pitch, what is lacking is the overall exposure and knowledge of what one can expect fully. Clearly there needs to be a lot more added to sweeten the deal. Too much mystery clouds this products use.

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