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Cho-Wa Review – Does it Really Work?

The weight loss community is growing increasingly distrusting of diet pills, after products lacking in legitimacy have resulted in people similar to yourself giving products that are fake their money. Quickly taking the place of diet pills as the most popular form of health supplement is the diet shake. These (hopefully) tasty and nutritious shakes are frequently designed to serve as meal replacements, delivering you with energetic means that provide possibilities for your energy to persist all day as well as things comprised in their formulas that will result in your superior body shape. I imagine that anyone would rather drink a tasty chocolate shake than take a diet pill, so it makes sense that shakes of the variety of meal replacements more popular than ever.

When the fact is considered that the existence of so many items are present, consideration must be possessed for how to select the correct item for your desires. I possess the potential to be your assistant in aiding you to make this selection; join my inspection of this popular item to widen your knowledge about food stand-in drinks.

What is It?

In regards to fat elimination items you’ll locate many that look exactly the same. The reason for this is because the majority of items like this, be they pills, drops or powders, are all in reliance of the same ingredients. Many contain trendy super fruits like raspberry ketones or herbal ingredients, allegations of which are the possibility to do things like block your metabolism and curb your hunger, so that you consume less and stop putting on weight. While these sound like good ways to destroy some weight, a lot of people in the fat reduction community believe conflicting things about even the most popular ingredients. Because so many ingredients like these go untested, not a single one of them are really 100% proven or even believed to have significant impacts on how your body manages fat or how you lose weight.

However, one weight loss ingredient that is appeared to be universally agreed upon is green tea. Whether included in pills as an extract or just sold by itself, green tea is perhaps the single most popular ingredient on the weight loss market today. Pretty much everybody in the pound reduction community agrees that this ingredient is capable of helping you actually destroy pounds.

EDITOR'S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven fat burner such as Sletrokor for better results.

Green tea does this by supposedly boosting your metabolism, which can have beneficial consequences on the way your body manages the calories you get from the food you eat.

Instead of putting green tea into pills as just one ingredient, a lot of companies just choose to sell green tea bags by themselves, probably to appeal to dieters who aren’t fond of the concept of having to take pills in order to destroy pounds. This way, you can still get the effects by just making yourself a cup of tea.

One of the green tea weight loss products like this is Cho-Wa, which is referred to by its creators as a “Tiger Shogun Formula” tea. If you want to discover more about what makes Cho-Wa special, or how it might help you kill weight, you should read this comprehensive review which will help you decide if Cho-Wa is the correct method of pound destruction for you.

Who Makes It?

Cho-Wa was created and produced by Kumato Labs, a supplement company that sells a number of pound elimination and health products. In addition to this green tea supplement, they also sell a number of other teas and pills. However, I’m not sure what some of their other products are really designed to do. There is one product that they describe “helping you feel more present” and “allowing you to achieve a deeper sense of intimacy” but beyond that I really have no idea what that tea is supposed to do. Vague descriptions like these just make it sound like the company is just trying to sell normal tea and claim that it can make you feel better.

Fortunately, not all of the products on the company’s official website are that vague. For instance, Kumato Labs also sells pills that offer you digestive bowel support and some that are supposed to help you sleep better too.

Beyond that, there isn’t a lot of information about the company itself on the Kumato Labs website. As far as contact info goes, there’s just a little information at the bottom of the site, such as a phone number and email address. There’s also a physical address for Signal Hill, California, but it’s not explained if this is where the company’s headquarters is or if it’s just a mailing address. There’s no company history so you can’t tell how long Kumato Labs has been in business for or anything about the people who operate it.

You can buy Cho-Wa directly from the Kumato Labs website itself, but there doesn’t seem to be any substantial information about the item anywhere on the website. A montlong supply of Cho-Wa will cost you $59.95. While the website’s header claims that all orders come with a 100% satisfaction-based guarantee, there is no information anywhere about how to reap this policy’s benefits.

Does It Work?

The ideal method to see if a product like Cho-Wa works is to take a look around the internet and see what other people are saying about it. You should always try and find reviews written by real people who have actually given the product you’re interested in a try. You should never trust officially sanctioned reviews that you can often find on supplement company’s websites because there’s no way to tell if they’re legitimate or not. Many supplement company’s are not above the act of providing biased or completely fabricated reviews just in order to convince you that their product is the one that you should be buying.

For more realistic reviews, you should check sites like Amazon. You can usually find a lot of product reviews there that are more trustworthy. If you go to Cho-Wa’s page on Amazon you can see a lot of positive reviews written by people who have enjoyed this product. People seem to really like how this tea makes them feel. Apparently Cho-Wa provides many of its users with a clean feeling of energy and just makes them feel happier and healthier in general. Unfortunately, I wasn’t really able to find any reviews for the tea that spoke explicitly of weight loss, so that may not even really be one of the main benefits of drinking Cho-Wa.

EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved diet pills to make a right purchase decision!

So if you’re only interested in finding a tea that’s going to help you lose weight, you should maybe look elsewhere for a different product.

Cho-Wa’s Ingredients and Dosage

I was really disappointed to see that Cho-Wa’s ingredients were not located anywhere on the official Kumato Labs website. This is always bad because it means that you have to navigate towards an ingredients list down somewhere else, which is very inconvenient. After a little searching, I found a list of the ingredients found in Cho-Wa and a reproduction of it has been included for you here:

Green tea Rhodiola Ginkgo
Epimedium Astragalus root Lyceum
Euphoria fruit Licorice fruit Shiitake
Reishi Maitake

These ingredients may all be natural, but as is expected with a green tea-based product like this one, not many of them really have anything to do with fat destruction. In fact, the sole component that’s actually related to pound elimination is the green tea itself. Green tea is widely believed to give your metabolism a boost. This would mean that your body would start burning more of the calories from the food you eat than it was able to before. If your body burns more calories, that means you’ll be in possession of greater energy amounts and there will be less calories left over in your body to be put into storage as fat. By enhancing your metabolism enough you can probably even get it to start making energy out of the fat that’s already been stored in your body, making you lose even more weight than you were capable of doing before.

Unfortunately, an unlikelihood exists that you’re going to be able to whip your metabolism into that kind of shake just by drinking green tea. While having a cup or two of Cho-Wa a day may make you feel better and a little perkier, it’s unlikely that the beginning of significant amounts of weight destroyed can be affected just by drinking a tea like this. If your quest is for speedy and significant weight loss, your attention may likely shift to a different product.

If your interests revolve around natural ingredients you can locate items containing them on our list.

Are There Possible Side Effects?

While I found a quantity of positive reviews for Cho-Wa, I also located a few negative ones that described experiencing some side effects as a result of drinking Cho-Wa. These side effects include things like jittery feelings, headaches, stomach aches, a pounding heart and diarrhea. While one user review also made reference to the FDA making a complaint against Cho-Wa, it was not possibile for any other information pertaining to this to be located.

Similar quantities of money can allow you to acquire superior items.


While drinking green tea is no doubt beneficial for your health, the reports of how it can help you lose weight are pretty exaggerated. While Cho-Wa may be able to make you feel a little better if you lose it regularly, it doesn’t seem to have really helped too many people lose weight and it probably won’t help you lose that much weight either. If you’re looking for something really assist you in your weight loss journey you should probably try something a little more powerful than Cho-Wa.

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