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Cardispan Review – All You Need to Know About This Product.

With such a wide plethora of diet pills available, it may be easy to get lost in the mix and get confused as to what actually works and what doesn’t. To be honest, there are diet pills that rely on this confusion to sell their products. While there are declarations that certain weight loss products are robust in nature, they may lack clinical data to back this up. Some companies employ the use of beloved ingredients that are used to mask this lack of scientific data, in the hopes that, they can make the prospective buyers so excited to use their concoctions, that they overlook this issue entirely. Because of this, there are many people who have bought into the advertising copy that these companies feature, only to be left disappointed later.

Even well known methods may not be believed to work after seeing so many products that fail to deliver results. Enough time spent with weight management pills that don’t work may make some people jaded about supplements that are taken orally.

What is it?

People sometimes forget that there are other ways to get substances into your body. Cardispan utilizes one of these other methods by making their product injectable, which therefore is alleged to get you the results you lust after all the faster.

For anyone looking to try this product out, the first major hurdle that they may experience is that Cardispan is not available for sale in the United States. Neither does it have the approval of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Yet for some this is only a temporary deterrent, and they will find their way to this drug one way or another. This injectable substance is asserted to reduce fat in areas that it is injected to. People however have decried Cardispan over how painful these injections may be. Some who have experienced this pain have alleged that this product is not worth it, while others have worked through it and see the pain as necessary.

EDITOR'S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven fat burner such as Sletrokor for better results.

So does this pain manifest into results? Is it safe for people to use? Or is there a valid reason why this is not sold in the United States? Read the following article to find out.

Who makes it?

Without an official website of any kind, it is hard for us to pinpoint who the creator of Cardispan is. One name that came up was a company named Grossman Laboratories, but there was not a lot of information given on this company. From what we could gather, this product is sold primarily in Central America, which would explain the countless Spanish language web pages that came on internet searches of this product. Not knowing exactly who the creator of this product however has left us a bit skeptical. Moreover, the lack of a website also means that there are no customer testimonials, and reviews we have seen on Cardispan are mainly sequestered to forums, not blog posts or articles.

There are a lot of scam weight management products available, and what we have seen in the past is that they have a tendency to lack details in regards to their manufacturers. There may be a mention of the creator, yet this is all kept pretty vague, if even mentioned. Something else that may be done is for the concoction itself to lack it’s own website, as we see with Cardispan. The problems of sourcing who and where this product come from may stem from this being from another country, but it’s not as if this helps it’s argument in any way. Think about it; would you really be interested in purchasing a product that you didn’t know who it came from, and that there was no way to prove if it actually achieved any of it’s goals? That’s just shooting in the dark and hoping that you are going to hit a star.

Does Cardispan work?

There have been allegations that this injectable concoction may actually have people losing weight, although if it does happen, it is not in a spot reduction kind of way as Cardispan likes to retail itself out as. If anything, it would be an overall reduction that people see, with exercise and dieting being essential for results to be seen. Without these two facets, much like other faux weight management pills, people may be seeing the same person in the mirror that they have been accustomed to seeing. Additionally, no where could we find any clinical studies that would suggest that supplying your body with an injection of this product would actually result in witnessing pounds dropping from your body. Without any studies, any declarations made about this product are simply wishful thinking.

EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved diet pills to make a right purchase decision!

Top Rated Products always have clinical studies to back up anything that is asserted about them.

Cardispan Ingredients and Dosage

Cardispan is asserted to be made up of L-Carnitine, which is alleged to put fat deposits in transit so that they may be morphed into energy elsewhere in the body. Again as stated in the previous section, there are no studies provided to prove that this is at all a positive assertion. Additionally nowhere at all is it every specified how much of this ingredient there is in the product, so we have no real way of knowing exactly how potent this is at all. With such a miniscule amount of information available on the dosage of this product, not to mention if there is anything else included with L-carnitine, we do not advise that people just try this product out to see what happens.

Are there potential side effects?

L-Carnitine, also known as levocarnitine, is a substance that is far from free of adverse reactions. Abdominal cramps and diarrhea are commonly associated with levocarnitine use. Additionally people have also reported vomiting, upset stomach and nausea with this ingredient. There are assertions that if L-carnitine is taken orally that these issues will be diluted. There is an oral version of Cardispan that may aid with this, however that obviously does not apply when this product is injected.

Furthermore the frequency and acerbity of seizures for those who have a history of experiences with them, has been known to be associated with L-carnitine. That is not to mention that the kidneys may begin to malfunction with use of this substance. When this substance builds up it may even damage these organs. Lastly people may experience allergic reactions when using this substance. Some of the adverse reactions people have experienced include facial swelling, difficulty breathing, rashes and hives.

Top Rated Products are not known to cause such a wide array of side effects.


When products break the standard that was set by countless others, they may have the power to grab attention unlike anything else available on the market. For those who have tried these injections out, there have been complaints of the pain that they felt that they deemed worthy enough to mention to others that may be curious about using this product. With no website and not even being available in the United States, this makes this product harder to attain than any of its competitions. That’s not even mentioning that there are no studies provided at all to show that this product can truly live up to the standards it has created for itself. Being questionable on all these fronts has not gained our trust, so we recommend that you try products that come from reputable companies that have scientific evidence to back them up.

Top Rated Products have all the qualities that this product lacks.

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2 Responses to Cardispan Review – All You Need to Know About This Product.

  1. Jose says:

    Cardispan works wonders to lose weight! People get really scared because it’s not FDA approved. But the reality is that a lot of medical firms go thru hell to get their medications approved. Cardispan’s lab is not interested in going thru all this hell. And why would they? The have a steady flow of costumers un mexico, south America and Spain. And US doctors don’t want to admit what is vastly been verified all over these countries. That it works and has near zero side effects! I know A LOT of people that has used it and the result us always the same. Energy, weight loss in desired areas, no side effects. What else you want? Good luck to you all.

  2. Angel David Maysonet says:

    The provide GUM too?

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