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Capsiplex Review – Is Capsiplex Safe?

There are different facets that are important to address if weight loss is your desired goal. Incinerating fat is a well recognized one, as it is one of the easiest facets to make a relation to fat loss. Of course destroying fat deposits where they exist will get people to lose weight! is what many individuals may instantly think. Quashing appetite is another facet that people easily associate with weight loss, because it’s easy enough to see how not eating as much will result in a subtraction of pounds from a user’s frame. Magnifying energy levels are also seen as a sure fire way to shed off excessive amounts of weight, because more energy means an increased ability to physically exert oneself. Then there’s triggering thermogenesis, which is the process of heightening the body’s core temperature. It is through this process that fat is burned, as the metabolic rate is intensified.

People begin to sweat more, and as a result fat deposits will begin to see their own destruction. This last aspect, is the one that Capsiplex brings to the forefront.

What is it?

In the case of Capsiplex, more than one facet is addressed, however on in particular, thermogenesis, is highlighted above all others. Thermogenesis becomes activated from one of the ingredients, which is known as capsicum. Also found in spicy peppers, this is known to heat the body’s core temperature, which also results in an accelerated metabolic rate. Other facets that Capsiplex asserts it addresses are quashing the appetite, improving the quality of the digestive process and decimating the amount of calories that anchor themselves within people’s bodies. In regards to exercise, this diet pill also alleges that it may revamp endurance levels as well.

Capsiplex had a very impressive sales number in 2023, and has since made other iterations of it’s product. However since then, not all of it’s products have done so well, such as Capsiplex Plus, which included 5 HTP with it (actually it was included in a separate bottle, with both the Capsiplex and the 5 HTP to be taken in conjunction with each other. Now five years after the craze over it was created and the product has not been shunned into the depths of obscurity like so many other before it have.

EDITOR'S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven fat burner such as Sletrokor for better results.

I’ve heard about this brand a lot, but in my time reviewing health supplements, I have not had the chance (until recently) to delve into this product. So, is this product just as dynamic a product as the advertising asserts it to be? Or are there holes in the argument for this diet pill’s effectiveness, that happen to be cleverly hidden behind ingenious wordplay? Find out below.

Who makes it?

Bauer Nutrition, which has its headquarters based in Glasgow, United Kingdom, is the company that can claim responsibility for creating Capsiplex, as well as the variations of this product that go by the names Capsiplex Sport and Capsiplex Plus. The company maintains that it’s employees are experts in their fields, be they fitness, nutrition or health. In addition to this, the company also has an assortment of features about itself that it enjoys gasconading, such as: providing shipping across the world, having advice from proven experts, having customer service that is available every day of the week and any hour of the day, the company has ingredients that are known for their quality and that they have formulations that are at the forefront of innovation. All of the products that Bauer Nutrition create come with a 60 day money-back guarantee.

This company is far more diverse in the products that it sells to its buyers. In addition to weight loss, Bauer Nutrition also specializes in beauty, general health and sports nutrition products. The company also has various promotional deals that come in different forms; one such is an ad that may be found on the homepage of the company’s website. Another discount offer came to me in the form of a pop-up ad, which said I would save money on a product by entering in a promotional code. Moreover, the company also boasts that not only are all shipments to the United States free, but if people purchase over $130 worth of merchandise from the Bauer website, they get a free bottle of raspberry ketone as well.

Does Capsiplex work?

There are four main ways that the makers of Capsiplex assert that it works. These different ways include: elevating the metabolic rate, quashing hunger cravings that may get people to overeat, reducing the level of overall mass in the body and stepping up energy levels. Unlike other diet pills that don’t offer any clinical studies, Capsiplex is different in that there was a single study done on the product which include twenty-five people, but this study was small, never repeated and also was never published in any prestigious scientific journal. For use of this study to be valid, all these different points would need to be addressed. Furthermore, there has been no information provided that would prove that using this product over a long period of time would have any substantial effect on weight loss.

Moreover, although the product makes mention that regular exercise and a diet filled with healthy foods are to be combined with use of this product, the manufacturers make no mention of a specific diet plan that users should follow. This is a feature that I have found in plenty of diet pills that are known to be robust, and without the inclusion of the diet plan, I struggle to see how this one would work out as well. But this is notwithstanding the reviews that I have read from people who have taken this product, who decry that this did nothing at all for them, and in some cases, ended up adversely reacting with some users. The reviews were so bad, the multiple people rated this product a 1 out of 5 stars on The average rating is only two stars higher.

EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved diet pills to make a right purchase decision!

Top Rated Products are have very credible scientific sources backing them up, as well as crowds of people who can attest to their compelling attributes.

Capsiplex Ingredients and Dosage

Unlike other diet pills that hide ingredient amounts within proprietary blends, Capsiplex is much more upfront about the amounts of substances that go into the overall concoction. The ingredients include capsicum annuum L. (80.34 mg), piperine (5 mg), niacin (16 mg), caffeine anhydrous (138 mg), stearate and brown rice flour and magnesium, which come together as one ingredient.  The last two ingredients that I have mentioned however don’t come with a specified amount. Also excluding niacin, all other ingredients lack information as to the daily recommended amount that they come in. Both the capsicum annuum and the piperine  are known to accelerate the metabolic rate, with the former of the mentioned also acting as thermogenic agent. The caffeine is obviously used to level up the user’s energy, which should happen, since the amount of caffeine in this concoction is higher than the usual amount in a regular cup of coffee.

Are there potential side effects?

Neither Bauer Nutrition’s website, nor the official website for Capsiplex make any mention as to any possible side effects that may result from use of this product. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that there aren’t any. One user reported abdominal pain, cramps and nausea that was so severe that she had to discontinue use of this product. Moreover, with the amount of caffeine in this product, there is a higher chance that people who are sensitive to stimulants may experience adverse reactions from use of this product. Some of these side effects may include insomnia, nausea, jitters, anxiety, palpitations (increased heart rate), nervousness and increased urine flow. In addition to this, women who are nursing or who are in stages of pregnancy may want to consult a healthcare provider before deciding to use this product, as there may be adverse reactions with the child or fetus.

Top Rated Products are known to be safe, but if there are any adverse reactions that may be experienced, the companies that manufacture them always make sure to include this listing so that potential users are aware.



While there is a wide range of diet pill supplements available, it isn’t always easy to differentiate the truly legitimate from the duds and scams. What makes this diet pill stand out in my mind is that it mentions that it does have a study to back up it’s advertising copy, albeit, a single study that was not repeated. While this shows that the product may be somewhat compelling, it’s not enough to say that it will worked just like this every time that anyone uses the product. Additionally, the lack of a formal diet plan also does not help the argument that the makers of this product are trying to make, namely that people may be able to shed pounds from their bodies by ingesting these capsules. The promises that this weight management product make may sound enticing, but when the negative reviews of this concoction are read, you may again.

Top Rated Products are known to have people losing a realistic amount of weight in a time frame that makes sense. They don’t make promises that things such as exercising and dieting are not important for people to see results in weight loss.

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