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Calorad Review – Does it Really Work?

Supplementing with liquid products is an approach of enabling a much fresher batch at the cost of faster expiration. The idea is to provide fresher and a much more potent blend, however, it more depends on the quality, extraction process and the overall usefulness to showcase whether it is worth your cash.  For some it also means a harder to measure dose then what is found within a simple one size capsule. Making sure the measurement is accurate takes a watchful mind to ensure proper amounts are absorbed.

Many products for example showcase a substantial of claimed benefits but if over taking a substance it may produce unwanted effects. It is always a balancing act requiring your full attention. Especially tricky is extracting the proper information to truly make a good decision.

It is increasingly hard distinguishing all the information when you do not have the time to filter through the thousands of products on the market. So to rectify and simplify, this Calorad outline has been enacted in full.

What is it?

Not only does this liquid supplement intend to improve one’s body figure through weight loss, but they claim a whole hosts of potentials added as a noticeable plus. Some of the additional features include better overall sleep, increased jolt of energy, less hunger through ones day, better body toning, shift in stamina, and even better looking hair, nails and skin. These are all considered side benefits that happen to occur with the overall presence offered by this supplement. Even more outstanding is the selling point which claims all this and more can be achieved in just a few weeks of daily supplementation.  However the most optimum results are said to be felt after supplementing for a minimum of 3 to 5 months. They add that this product is safe for this long usage and that since it does not have any harsh chemicals it could be used without fear of potential issues.

The company apparently got their formula from a 1983 “formulator” who had a chicken coup. The chickens were becoming obese and this effected the quality of the overall chicken. So the person managed to come up with a formula and began adding it to the chickens feed. This allowed the chickens to grow up healthier and without the added weight, also farmers began giving it to their other livestock as a way to inflate the price of heavier livestock. So the person who created this projected began to use it himself to great effect. This is the story provided by the company and it really calls into account just how effective it really is if a random person could just create it from scratch.

3 doctor recommendations are offered as a reason to try this brand. One of them being a chiropractor, the other deals with natural medicine. Chiropractors of course aren’t specialists in supplements while naturopathy(natural medicine) has been the focus of heated debate over the functionality of use. The other doctor is a biochemist which may have some backing but not much is known over their specific qualifications.

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The product is intended to go hand in hand with exercise and apparently it is meant to work with the natural processes found in the body. This has been proven with over a million customers who have sampled this product, allegedly. All this information is what is offered and sold by the company but further knowledge is needed. So without any more deliberation, here are the results.

Who makes it?

This Canadian company has been fully operational since 1984.

They have been under fire by the FDA for reporting that their formulas could help people lose weight in their sleep. After a stiff warning to either stop the claims or provide proof, the company began to stop these grand claims.

Also one of their peer reviewed studies was performed outside of their home country and was not actually peer reviewed. This means that the quality and proof of their products working cannot be treated as being secure until further documentation and support is offered by studies not exclusively monitored and performed by the company itself.

About 13 different customers were left fully dissatisfied with how the product didn’t work. There are less positive reviews online and the 13 negative reviews mention how they not only felt nothing, but that the company’s stated money back guarantee was not honored. Also some have added they have tried on repeat occasions to stop doing business with the company. The customer service support staff was not direct and would often pretend to cancel orders while still charging customers, according to some accounts. So far it seems like the company has to show a lot more for itself to ensure potential customers won’t be stiffed from money in case the product does not work. Far too many of the negative reviews aren’t just about the lack of progress, but the lack of customer support.

Does Calorad work?

As previously mentioned many have stated they felt no change at all, in fact most of the reviews were centered around the lack of change felt.  The so called “studies” performed were done by a bias test that cannot be taken as seriously complete until more information is secured over the ethics of the performed study.

I can’t stress enough how the FDA barred the company from making claims their product worked without providing sufficient proof. These giant claims are still made today without any real evidence to back up all the talk.

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Functional and more positively reviewed products not exist to satisfy demands for functional and durable weight reduction.

Calorad Ingredients and Dosage

There are non essential amino acids(meaning the body already produces it), a collagen forming amino acid, collagen which is intended to improve skin, aloe vera which can help with digestion, and another amino acid intended to improve athletic function. Now with all that presented I am at a loss to see where the actual weight loss is supposed to come from. Nowhere on their site is this added anywhere. Assuming it can actually improve skin function there still is a lacking amount of information given as to its functionality.

The ingredients are for the most part already created in the body and typically unless under rare circumstances, is there ever a reason that one should really seek out to further their intake.

The full host of ingredients can be seen here:

Are there possible side effects?

Yes there is some potential threat of side effects here. The commonly seen things that may appear are upset stomach, diarrhea, flatulence, and headaches. Once again since many of the additives are non essential it may be due to this fact why there are many customers who have reported side effects. As all the information comes together there is very little justification given as to why one should endure these potential threats when it is already found within the body in a natural production process.

Since there are no long term studies done on the mixture of these ingredients there is cause for concern of the future issues within this product which are possible.

More suitable supplements are catered towards providing results without any of the potential consequences.


In the hard struggle to find a weight loss product this one seemed to provide a lot of good support to showcase how it can actually work. It appears with the 3 doctor recommendations(2 of which have no real showcase of how they have a history or knowledge of weight loss) that one can expect some good nurtured results. It then seems especially good when you see the grand claims of over a million different customers who have supposedly tried this brand. Though when researching it all crumbles does. Not only are there very few reviews on this product but the reviews are mostly if not all negative.

How could this be? If there is clinical trials ran then surely there is something good to be found? Well take into account how the studies were performed, outside the country of origin on grounds where all the data was handled and processed by the company themselves. It then further cements the reality which is that this product does not have much to offer in the field of weight loss.

The ingredients very loosely help other aspects of health but no actual reason or explanation is offered as to how it is actually attained with the supplementation of Calorad.

Mixing into the threat of issues is the reality of many different customers reporting they have tried time and time again to get rid of the monthly subscription enacted by the company. Many have had their credit cards charged monthly without a way to get rid of these untimely and unrequested repeat purchases. So not only is the product lacking in results, but the company tactics have been reported as being a scam in many customers eyes.

So to wrap it all up nicely, one sees a product that has a giant marketing ploy but fails to deliver on their lofty promises. Until more is resurfaced it’s hard to take it seriously.

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