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Borage Oil Review – The Truth About This Product.

Oils provide a interesting claim to acknowledgment in the supplement field. On very first thought, one seems right in assuming it is fatty and could potentially increase caloric content. Typically an oil requires a strict amount of guidance just to insure one does not over  consume and to avoid instability. Still a reading of the nutrition information is best fully understood to truly understand what it takes to supplement with. They often differ and require so much more input then just random frequencies.

New information about many oils hasn’t been presented since they have been put to use for some time, however extraction methods do differ and results can vary. Too much heat will degrade the overall quality of an oil, burning it rendering it toxic in the air and body. Smoke points of course lead to strong carcinogenic issues as they spoil the oil.

However typically oil extracts are recommended consumed cold. Tons of options exist and they all claim to provide weight loss. So to clear through the smog, details about Borage Oil are seen below.

What is it?

This plant based oil is native to parts of Europe, particularly in the UK. It is often extracted and its oil is used due to its high rate of GLA.  In fact it has the highest rate of GLA out of any other natural ingredient.  It has even been used to treat skin issues as well as inflammation and several other issues.  In terms of weight loss it works more as a way to reduce water retention according to the manufacturers who branded this specific extract.

A long history of use dating back to the 1600’s has recorded this plants use as a way to prevent boredom and to treat depression. However nowadays with modern advancements, science has dispelled this myth and instead has shown its actual practical use. The product now has a lot more legitimate science which has broken down its structure to showcase the reality of its possibilities and limits.

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Due to it being all natural some may assume the product is harmless however more information is needed before making such a jump in logic. Therefore to satisfy curiosity one can read more about this product and whether or not it serves a useful purpose.

Who makes it?

More than a few brands produce extracts of this brand, each with their own ratio of GLA.  Apparently although some would like higher doses of GLA, too much of a certain alkaloid can lead to liver damage. Therefore it is important to find a provider that has their Borage Oil free of any UPA’S which can be toxic.

So though a higher amount of GLA would seem like the likely option, it is much more important to find a non toxic source as many brands do not distinguish themselves as having less toxic compounds that are often found within. It cannot be understated that certain brands do not mention their toxic compounds. Therefore one has to research each brand to see just how much is found. Some brands fail to mention at all the possibility for these brands causing side effects. Clearly though the science has shown that the way Borage sits, it naturally has the possibility to cause complications in select individuals. It therefore becomes very difficult for one to establish which brand works best.

Does Borage Oil work?

Omega 6’s are found within the brand which are of course a good addition to ones diet. The real issue is overconsumption While the GLA found here is meant to decrease inflammation there are natural food sources that may suit one better such as peanuts or eggs. Not only are these alternatives most likely already in ones diet, but they’re much cheaper and do not have the toxic properties that is naturally found in certain Borage extracts.

It has use as a way to reduce the rate of skin issues and even arthritic pain according to some studies. It’s useful certainly in specific regards but as mentioned before, other food sources come cheaper and they can be found easy in any decent market.  What hasn’t been discussed by any of the brands manufacturers is the ability for it to reduce weight.  There is belief that it will help rid the body of water retention, however this is not a traditional weight loss technique and only helps serve a very small purpose. More functional weight loss is needed in order for one to experience positive results.  Water retention is typically only short term and other factors must be put into play to satisfy demands for weight loss.

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Borage Oil Ingredients and Dosage

As mentioned before each brand has their own dosage strength and some include extra ingredients beyond just the simple Borage extract. Studies have shown that the rate of toxic compounds ranges from each brand and that one should carefully dose this product in order to avoid any liver toxicity complications.  There is a rough idea as to how much one should take but of course it depends on how much toxic compounds are left behind by the manufacturers.

Listed here is the nutritional information for one sole brand which outlines a rough example of what the common brands come up with:


Are there possible side effects?

There is a certain risk factor associated in the extracts of products like these. The plants compounds contained inside the leaf and stems can contain toxic properties that can damage the liver. Also in long term use there have been reported cases of cancer.

Other common side effects according to customer reports are upset stomach and loose stools on top of diarrhea. This effect of course is not a part of other GLA rich products so it is unclear as to why this product has this potential issue.

The German government for example has imposed a limit on the strength of these products for this very reason. In order to avoid the potential pitfalls other sources of GLA would be better suited for the body.

Making the rounds one can expect more results and less of a possibility of adverse reactions inside the Top Rated items.


While the product does have one of the highest amounts of GLA ever seen, the natural properties of the plant is too much to handle in high doses. It’s hard to know exactly one can expect with this brand as there are man claims of it being an essential wonder drug. However if the properties are naturally toxic in certain strengths that have been reported in studies, clearly better options would be suited for customers. An example of this can be found in various foods that are naturally rich in GLA. These products do not have the same compounds found in the Borage plant which have shown a potential risk to the body.

Keep in mind the rate of potential liver toxicity has been clearly documented and in fact,  there is a reported limit as to how much one can handle. Factor in that the product only has modest effects on water retention, it clearly lacks too much to ever be considered a solution to weight loss let alone overall health. There just isn’t positives that overtake the negatives. Allowing oneself to take a potentially toxic product is far too risky of a trade off.

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