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Bootea Teatox Review – The Truth About This Product.

While the most popular form of weight management products are diet pills, that doesn’t mean that every diet product out there comes in the form of a pill. Just as body types differ, so do weight management products. Some may be in capsule form, others come in drops, while a few have ventured to become lotions and shakes. And of course, as is the case with Bootea Teatox, some come in the form of a tea. So is this a superior way to lose weight? Read on to find out.

What is it?

Bootea Teatox is a 14 day teatox where users drink two different teas, one in the morning and one at night. The overall effect that will happen over the course of the two weeks, is that toxins will get flushed out through the digestive system and the user will experience their energy levels being stepped up. In addition to the 14 day long product, there is also a 28 day version. In both versions of Bootea Teatox users are supplied with half as much of the night time tea as the morning tea, because the night time tea is only to be taken every other day. This is because the night time tea contains laxatives, which may be dangerous if used long term.

Unlike other weight loss products that are available that act as if they are miracles (although there is no such thing as a weight loss product actually being one), Bootea Teatox is more honest about what it really takes to lose weight, and includes a diet plan that users may follow to experience the most optimal results possible. Regular exercise is also mentioned to be essential for weight loss. Yet at the same time I was a bit disappointed that there wasn’t a basic exercise regimen supplied on the website that people could use as a basis for their own endevours.

The general way that Bootea Teatox works is through acting as a laxative, thereby flushing out excess weight from within the body. It is because of this that Bootea Teatox mainly acts as a digestive aid. The product makes no mention about smoldering fat from the body, heightening the metabolic rate or acting as a thermogenic agent.

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There are ingredients in the daytime tea that may act as stimulants, such as nettle leaves, oolong tea, gotu kola and mate leaves. Because of the caffeine that is present in these three ingredients, another effect of these stimulants is that they additionally act as diuretics.

Who makes it?

Bootea is the United Kingdom based company that may be credited with manufacturing Bootea Teatox. The company asserts that it’s goal is to bolster balanced, active lifestyles for it’s users. By doing this, Bootea strives to promote well being and overall health not only through it’s products, but information that it supplies it’s users within the realms of exercise and nutrition. The company gasconades that it does not believe in short term health solutions, and has products that are not reflective of that in nature.

Running contra to other weight management products that solely feature the product they are attempting to sell and nothing more, Bootea also features a blog section, which is filled with an array of nutrition and health related articles. I was however, not able to find a community section where users may engage with one another in a forum of any kind. Bootea also has a presence on social media, which includes the platforms of Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. I’m glad to see that Bootea is up to date with social media marketing, as there are other companies who for some reason or another, still do not understand the importance of this platform, even in contemporary times.

Does Bootea Teatox work?

While containing natural ingredients certainly is a healthy point of interest (especially for those who are wary of synthetic substances), being all natural doesn’t always translate into weight loss. The way that Bootea Teatox asserts that it gets people to lose weight, is through acting as a laxative. While this may work in some form for the short run, laxatives may be potentially dangerous to use in the long run, and may result in adverse reactions (more on this below.) It is because of this that I don’t think the makers of Bootea Teatox necessarily had this product to be a weight loss product, but maybe more leaning toward the realm of digestive aid. In addition to this, nowhere on the official website is there any mention of clinical trials that were performed either on the individual ingredients, not on the two teas as a whole. Nor is there any scientific data that asserts that using both simultaneously is known to be beneficial for health either. Not everyone was happy after purchasing this byproduct of substances, and some users derogated these teas for producing no change in their overall weight.

EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved diet pills to make a right purchase decision!

Top Rated Products always include clinical trials that were performed on them that may be found on on their respective websites.

Bootea Teatox Ingredients and Dosage

As stated previously, Bootea Teatox is comprised of two separate brews, the morning tea and the night time tea. While there is a listing as to what the ingredients are, there is no mention as to the specific amounts of any of the ingredients, nor is there any mention as to the different daily recommended amounts of these substances. The morning tea is comprised of 9 different ingredients which act as stimulants and digestive aids. The incorporated ingredients are mate leaves, oolong tea, gotu kola leaves, ginger root, nettle leaves, dandelion leaf, lemongrass, ginseng root and kennel seeds. The night time tea is made up of 8 ingredients that act as laxatives and digestive aids. Hawthorn leaves, Fenugreek seeds, senna leaves, psyllium seeds, valerian root, liquorice root, peppermint leaves and burdock root are the ingredients incorporated within the night time tea. Users are instructed to drink the morning tea every morning, but the timing on this is not very strict, as if it is missed in the morning, it may simply be taken later in the day. Unlike the morning tea, the night time tea is only to be used every other day.


Are there potential side effects?

The day time tea of Bootea Teatox is known to contain stimulants, and as such, adverse reactions to these substances may be experienced. This may include nervousness, jitters, palpitations (rapid heart rate), anxiety, nausea, hypertension (high blood pressure), headaches, irritability and stomach discomfort. People who have a frail relationship with stimulants may experience these reactions on an exacerbated level, so you may want to consult a physician before use. the night time tea of Bootea Teatox contains ingredients that are known to act as laxatives. Generally laxatives are not good to use in the long run, as the body may get used to using it, which may result in a dependence of laxatives. Other health complications that may arise include severe dehydration, mineral and electrolyte disturbances and damage of internal organs that may include irritable bowel syndrome, colon infection, a stretched colon and even liver damage in more rare cases. It is from these health concerns that I believe the night time tea in Bootea Teatox is only recommended to be used every other day.

Top Rated Products don’t rely on laxatives to get people to lose weight, but instead go about using healthier alternatives.


While there are certainly worse products out there, this byproduct of substances is certainly not the best one available. I do appreciate that Bootea Teatox does not pretend that is some miraculous concoction that through its use alone will have people losing weight, but that they even add a diet plan with their product as well. However, there have been no clinical trials tested on either the ingredients, nor the teas that make up Bootea Teatox. Additionally, using laxatives as a form of weight loss is never a good option, as it may lead to serious health consequences. If following the directions correctly, there is a chance that overall digestive health may be improved, but if you are looking to lose a significant amount of weight, there are much better options available that use safer methods.

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