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Bontril Review – Does it Really Work?

It is widely recognized what exactly it takes for people to ensure that weight management is successful, are the twin combination of both regular exercise and consuming a healthy diet. This diet should be not only devoid of excessive amounts of sugars and fats, but also have an overall deficiency of calories as well. Despite this being but general knowledge, there are still people who struggle to attain to follow this, succumbing instead to bad habits, such as overeating. Bontril is a weight loss supplement that is to be used for short term use only, and when combined with the two aforementioned facets of weight loss, it is retailed that through this that a subtraction in pounds from the body is seen. I find it important to state, that this product is meant for people who are overweight. It is not meant to be used for athletically minded people who are trying to trim down for competitions, nor is it meant for people who are just casually looking to lose a few pounds for the summer months.

So what’s the real deal behind this drug that is obtained with a doctor’s prescription? Find out in the following article.

What is it?

Bontril is a prescription based medication that is used to support in the quelling of appetites for people that are overweight. As stated in the previous section, this diet pill is exclusively for the use of persons who are obese. It may not be safe for individuals who are not on the overweight side.  On a chemical level, Bontril is practically synonymous with amphetamine. It is known to vitalize the blood pressure levels as well as heart rate, in addition to the effects it has on appetite. It does this through the enlivening the central nervous system. Use of this product is to be done on a short term basis while including a proper diet and regular exercise into the mix. It should not be expected to see significant weight loss from use of this substance alone.

Running contra to other weight management products, Bontril exists without it’s own official website, which make the possibility of receiving a free sample not possible, and the chance to research customer testimonials all the harder to obtain. I could find no mention of a money-back guarantee, should users dislike using this product. All that the company’s website features of Bontril, are PDFs that have information regarding the substance and nothing more.

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As stated previously, it is only attainable with a prescription originating from a doctor. There is no over-the-counter version of this product, as other clinical medications may be known to have.

Who makes it?

Valeant Pharmaceuticals International is the Aliso Viejo, California based company known for producing Bontril, otherwise known as the brand name to the generic drug that goes by the name phendimetrazine. The official website for this company feels incredibly more legitimate than some other diet pill companies I have researched; the company has an incredibly detailed About Us section, which details the company’s history as well as information regarding the partnerships they have and more. In addition to this, there is also a section dedicated to information for individuals who are looking to invest with the company.

The company is known to not only serve on a domestic front, but on an international stage as well. The regions that it is known to serve include Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, the United States, Europe, Canada and the Asia Pacific region. I do find it a bit disappointing however, that the company does not feature any presence on social media. However not all pharmaceutical companies do, as the market that they are trying to manufacture products for may not see importance in having a presence in this field.

Does Bontril work?

A problem that has arisen in the past with other weight loss products, is that they only focus on a single aspect of weight management, when there are actually multiple to be addressed. Bontril is similar to this, as in addition to quashing hunger pangs, there is some evidence that energy levels may also become magnified, although these two facets alone may not be enough to ensure a subtraction of overall weight. Other facets that are essential for successful weight management include incinerating fat deposits, acting as a thermogenic agent, intensifying the metabolic rate and acting as a blockade against the absorption of fat molecules from food into the body.

As stated in sections prior to this one, Bontril is to be used on a short term basis; it is not to be used for long term use. This is because there is the potential for addiction to set in, as this substance is known to be habit forming. People who have a history of addiction to narcotics and alcohol are advised to not take this product, or in the very least consult a healthcare professional before hand. There have been reports of people experiencing withdrawal symptoms when they have tried to stop taking Bontril on a cold turkey basis. While this is one possible response, there are other people who have experienced an overdose from using this product (more on this below.)

EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved diet pills to make a right purchase decision!

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Bontril Dosage

Users are advised to only take Bontril as recommended by a healthcare professional. It is not advised to take this substance in smaller or larger amounts than prescribed, and to not consume this in the long term. Users are instructed to take this substance a half to a full hour prior to breakfast. Bontril is not meant to be crushed, broken, chewed, and the extended release capsule is not to be opened or tampered with in any other way. Children under the age of 12 and women who are nursing or in stages of pregnancy are not advised to use this product. Others that are similarly barred from use of this substance include people with a history of severe nervousness or agitation, people with an overactive thyroid, people who have a history of heart related issues, people with glaucoma and individuals who are known to have allergic reactions to medications, stimulants or amphetamines.


Are there potential side effects?

Because Bontril is so similar to amphetamine, there is a risk that adverse effects may be experienced by users. These include frequent urination, xerostomia (dry mouth), abdominal discomfort, dizziness, sleep problems (insomnia), vomiting, problems with concentrating, coordination or speaking, headaches, hyperventilation, irritability, breathing problems, nausea and blurred vision. As stated in an earlier section, there is also the possibility that people may experience an overdose of Bontril. This includes palpitations (rapid heartbeat), convulsions, panic, violent actions, lightheadedness, arrhythmia (irregular heart rate), depressed thoughts and loss of consciousness. If any of these adverse reactions are experienced, the makers of this product urge users to contact a healthcare professional on an immediate basis.

Top Rated Products are known to be relatively safe, and if any dangerous adverse reactions may be experienced from their use, it is clearly written on the label for consumers to see.


While prescription based drugs may have more information regarding how to properly use them, as well as clinical trials that may back them up, that doesn’t therefore necessarily mean that they are the most exceptional ones to use. While the suppression of hunger pangs is important for chronically obese individuals to address, there are other aspects of weight management that aren’t even brought into the equation, such as the prohibition of fat absorption, intensifying the metabolic rate, through thermogenesis or otherwise.

That’s notwithstanding that there are adverse reactions that have the potential for being experienced with use of this substance. Because this substance is known to be habit forming, some users may fall into an overdose, while others may experience withdrawal symptoms should they try to hinder use of Bontril cold turkey. With all these things in mind, I would advise finding a safer option for weight loss, that won’t possibly be hazardous to your health in such an array of ways.

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