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BioThin Review – Does it Really Work?

Although at present moment there is an illegality over the substance known as ephedra, that hasn’t stopped some companies from listing it in the ingredient lineups in their products. Actually including this ingredient may not always be true, but companies want people to believe so, as exemplified by BioThin, which mentions ephedra on the label.

What is it?

BioThin is a product that asserts that abilities to turn over to it’s users a rush of energy, while additionally totally annihilating fat deposits where they exist. The company asserts that their product takes effect in a faster than normal rate, and that customers approve of this product, despite evidence that the website only has one review, and that review rated this product a 3 stars out of 5.

What stands out to me as potentially dangerous however, is that the makers of this product openly gasconade that ephedra may be found within this product. Ephedra is a dangerous substance that has been known to be incredibly hazardous to individuals who have consumed it. It was labeled as so dangerous, that the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) outlawed use of this ingredient in their products altogether. Despite this ban, there are still conglomerations operating that employ use of this substance, although some may just be saying that so as to get more sales.

Past this general information, the product’s webpages doesn’t feature much more information, other than warnings on how to use it and it’s supplement facts. Nowhere to be found is there any material provided as to how the ingredients combine to work, nor are there any customer testimonials that highlight users who have been satisfied by using this concoction of substances.

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So will this product really have you losing weight at an incredible rate? Is it even safe to consume, considering that there is ephedra within these capsules? The following article will give resolutions to these questions.

Who makes it?

BioMass Nutrition is the New Port Richey, Florida based company that is recognized for creating BioThin. The company declares that it creates products that are meant to assist in optimizing physical fitness. It also asserts that the products that it creates have great taste, are of high quality, and also are affordably priced, however on this last point I beg to differ, because BioThin costs $59.95. BioMass Nutrition also makes mention of who the members of it’s Team BioMass are and has entire pages dedicated to them. However out of the trifecta of people that are mentioned, only one of them has a real profile on who she is. The other two feature nothing more than mere words on who these people are, not even a paragraph worth of text, only enough to make part of a line of a sentence.

Unlike other companies that have for some reason or another, not adjusted to how current marketing practices work, BioMass Nutrition has a presence on various social media channels, such as Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+ and Twitter. Past this however, the official website of this company does not feature a community section, with forums where users may communicate with one another, nor is there a blog that features health and fitness articles, which is something that I have noticed is a feature on the websites of other nutritional supplement companies.

Does BioThin work?

The only real evidence that the creators of this product give to support their declaration that this product works is solely the first sentence in the product description. Past this we are given no additional data as to how BioThin works, what the ingredients do or anything of the sort. Moreover, the company fails to provide any clinical studies that show that either the individual ingredients that may be found within this, or the product as a whole will positively affect weight loss in any way. This product also lacks a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section where all these issues would usually be addressed. Because of this it makes the webpage overall feel unfinished. The evidence that they also advertise this blend to contain ephedra is especially concerning, as there are many negative side effects that are known to be associated with it (more on this below.) With this utter and complete lack of information, I cannot say that this product will in anyway be beneficial for people to take if they are looking to drop excessive amounts of pounds from their bodies.

EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved diet pills to make a right purchase decision!

Top Rated Products include very detailed information as to the how they work, as well as clinical studies and customer testimonials to back up everything that is advertised about them.

BioThin Ingredients and Dosage

There are 11 different ingredients that make up BioThin. None of them have a daily recommended value provided, and all of the ingredients have the amount that they come in listed on the official website. These ingredients include acacia rigidula (150 mg), theobroma cocoa (100 mg), pure white willow bark extract  (300 mg), ephedra extract (27 mg), green tea extract  (120 mg), phenylethylamine HCL  (150 mg), citrus aurantium  (170 mg), naringin (30 mg), yohimbine, which comes in a proprietary mix (10 mg), evodiamine (10 mg), and proprietary TriENRG blend  (300 mg). Some of these ingredients are known to be stimulants, while others are used to enhance the user’s current emotional state. When Yohimbine is combined with other stimulants, the end result of this meshing is that the potency of these substances is increased.


Are there potential side effects?

On it’s own, ephedra has the potential to cause very serious adverse reactions, which include arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat), headaches, loss of consciousness, restlessness, vomiting, stroke (cerebrovascular accident), palpitations (rapid heart rate), muscle spasms, dizziness, irritability, myocardial infarction (heart attack) and even death. When this substance reacts with the kidneys, there is potential for kidney stones to form. For people that have conditions such as high blood pressure, hyperthyroid disorders, anxiety, tumors in the adrenal gland, a condition known as essential tremor, narrow angular glaucoma and seizures are all known to have their symptoms worsen after taking ephedra. While it is true that this ingredient does come in a small dose that consists of 27 mg, it should be noted that with the inclusion of other stimulants such as acacia rigidula, green tea and citrus aurantium the possibility of experiencing the previously mentioned side effects only increases. The creators of this product advise that people who are sensitive to stimulants, women who are nursing or in stages of pregnancy and individuals who are below the age of 18 should not use this byproduct of substances.

Top Rated Products do not ephedra, and do not strive to mimic the effects that may be cause by this dangerous substance..


It’s always important to look up the ingredients that constitute a product. There are some that may be beneficial to health, while others are known to be much less so. Combining not only ephedra, but acacia ridula and citrus aurantium may result in serious adverse reactions from being experienced, especially for people with pre-existing health conditions. Without any real information explaining itself, and also completely lacking any clinical studies that prove that this product may in any way assist in weight loss, I cannot therefore recommend people to use this product. There are plenty of other products that are available that may help you reach the goals that you so desire, all it takes, is a little bit of research on the internet to find them.

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