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Benzedrine Review – Is Benzedrine Safe for You?

In the landscape of weight loss there is floods of attention in providing what is supposedly clamoring to be the utmost highest quality and powerful best. It remains intensely hard, leaving one with their head scratching to distinguish reality over opinion. Supplements get by unchecked in claiming to rival other brands. The truth is everyone differs,  the only known thing is which product has been routinely positive.

Now my role is I place my hands through the argument to detail and publish what each supplement is going to present from all sides. Reading all available details and information for you to not feel uncertain over the improper choice. Simply exclaiming to be the utmost best should not be accepted without the evidence and support.

Fortunately there is mass amounts of information and strategy out there but as it rests, it remains incredibly tricky to find sufficient energy, time, and resources to lug through every article and science based documentation. So to magnify results,  below lies a representation on the supplement Benzedrine.

What is it?

Named after a once popular amphetamine, Benzedrine now is offered as an over the counter weight loss product. The original had a stimulant effect and was largely abused by people in order to receive potent stimulant effects.  This new supplement however also intends to give stimulant effects as well.  According to the makers a lot of research was placed in order to satisfy customer demands. Apparently so much was added to each of these pills that they were forced to elongate them in order to add all the ingredients.  A strange notice by the company is that is was so strong that they were hesitant to release it. This does not bode well as it suggests the product is of an extreme caliber.

Though the product brags of being the best energy and body shredding product on the market; with supposed millions already trying this product, there is no evidence of its use added on the company website.  There is a mention however to consult a doctor before trying this product. Due to the nature of stimulants many customers might not appreciate the uplifting effects as they can potentially overwhelm the body. Seeing as how it takes its name after a highly controversial drug,  it makes it hard to see why the company would glorify the name so much.

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However since the company claims it is the best, it’s important to figure out how they reached this conclusion.

Who makes it?

Georgia based Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals offers a long list of supplements from nutritional brands to weight loss.  These products are featured both online and in major retailers such as GNC, Wal Mart, and various other nation wide chains.  They even provide pharmaceuticals and have been in operation since 1979.

Quite a few lawsuits have been presented against the company for several allegations including a $40 million lawsuit by the FTC for false claims. Currently the FDA has released an official letter to the company asking them to correct their addition of one of their ingredients featured in 2 brands. Apparently this ingredient is not intended to be included in dietary supplements and should only be added to prescriptions.

Does Benzedrine work?

The company claims to have run studies on this drug and they were released in the Arnold Classic, a bodybuilding contest. For unknown reasons these studies are not published. Another issue is that there are no customer testimonials on their official website. After researching some have noted the product does give an “up” stimulatory feeling, but that one can expect potential heart palpitations and anxiety.  As far as weight loss no customers have mentioned any results of this fashion. However if combining exercise with this product one can expect a jump in heart rate which is common in stimulants. There is caffeine found inside which the label of this product clearly states one should watch their intake before taking.

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Benzedrine Ingredients and Dosage

As expected the product has a combination of several stimulants added such as theobromine, synephrine, caffeine and others. The label clearly states to avoid adding any other stimulants in ones diet, no alcohol, to watch out for any uneasy feelings and to avoid if one has any pre-existing conditions. To those that aren’t already exempt the rate of stimulants can be a hefty dosage for even the most heroic people.

One must take no more than 4 a day and it should be taken after lunch and in the morning.  This means a full bottles worth will last about 15 days at the maximum dosage. This also means one can expect around $60 for a months supply. Assuming of course one can handle the stimulant strength.

The full breakdown of the ingredients listed inside Benzedrine are listed accurately here according to the manufacturers official nutrition facts:


Are there possible side effects?

One does not have to look beyond the companies own reporting to notice the rate of potential side effects that are built in. Due to the combination of many stimulants it may have unintended consequences in the body including rashes, hyperactivity, nausea, mood swings, heart palpitations, dehydration, headaches, and several other harmful possibilities. The nature of stimulants is such that they provide a short burst of energy and after the body adjusts, one needs to take more.

This makes it obvious it is not a long term solution to functional weight loss. The company makes it clear to be very careful of this product. They do contradict themselves however on this front, they claim no crash effects are felt with is impossible. Even their own label mentions to watch out for any feelings of discomfort or sudden increased heart rate.  Stimulants just work in this fashion, they typically harbor some short term effects which are counter balanced with potential overwhelming effects.  Also they can cause undue stress on the heart, this of course will not be known until after one experiences the effects. It’s hard to dose products of this kind and depending on the person the effects can potentially overwhelm.

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One can’t help but notice all the contradictions featured in the website, contradictions that are quickly broken down by the company itself.  For example as mentioned before, they claim no crashing effects but it really depends on the person. 200 mg in each capsule at 4 a day means roughly 4-5 cups of coffee. Seeing as how the product is ripe with stimulants it is already a highly likely possibility that it may potentially harm ones health. Stimulants of any kind add a boost to the body but this is checked with a long term adaptation by the body. This adaptation makes it so the product loses authority and becomes watered down. Weight loss in this way is not substantial and it can cause short and even long term side effects potentially.

Though stimulants of any kind can provide energy and in turn help burn off calories, there are much safer and healthier alternatives that can help one lose weight. Simply put functional weight loss can be achieved without having to add products of this nature.

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