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Apidexin Review – Does it Really Work?

Fat loss is an often used marketing claim made to signify what has become an important sought after benefit of weight reduction brands. Fat often receives quite a negative appeal even with the good qualities in small doses. At this healthy optimum level fats are excellent for a good energy source as well as providing brain fuel to keep one able to focus. However the inherent problem is of course excess calories which turn into fat stored in the body. Of course this can occur with an excess of carbohydrates and proteins as well, not just fat.

However the benefit is intended to help one lose weight by excluding the fat look that makes one appear heavier. Since muscle weighs more than fat, one may seem to contain a good weight but be storing excess fat in the process.

Therefore Apidexin is intended to provide that key difference, to assist in less pounds in the body. With the information present here you have access to see for yourself, what can be uncovered in full.

What is it?

This aims to be the “world’s strongest fat burner”, certainly sounds promising, just like the claim of it having clinically proven ingredients.  They promise weight loss will come fast through a combination of hunger reduction and easier fat loss. It also mentions they feature all natural ingredients that actually attack fat cells. This is explained into a neat graph which shows how other supplements do not offer the same capabilities as this one. Even more astounding is that the ingredients are all either patented or they are in the works to become patented.  How it works is essentially based off a thermogenic combination of ingredients that are all added to provide a block of appetite suppressing qualities.

What comes off as a good sign is the 90 day money back guarantee and the notice that apparently only 2% of the people who have tried this brand have not had results. It’s refreshing to see a company be this upfront about their flaws. However what needs to be explained is why the customers felt no change? If the formula is clinically tested the surely it would make sense that it would work on all people. Either way the notice is there which allows a customer to not have too high of an expectation.

Even added to the supplements appeal is that while diet and exercise are not recommended, the website states one can lose even more weight with it.  Offered on their site is a lot of information that helps satisfy most of my curiosity. There’s 4 customer testimonials complete with paragraphs of the person’s experience as well as before and after photos. So far the website seems to add as much detail one needs. There’s even an explanation for most of the ingredients in the brand and with graphs to accompany and showcase the potential for changes in weight.  All this can be purchased directly from the manufacturers and there is an online security measure which ensures any sensitive information exchanged will stay between customer and company.

EDITOR'S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven fat burner such as Sletrokor for better results.

While all this comes together to seem good as least on the surface, customers need to crack underneath the surface to see all the interesting bits surrounding Apidexin. So without further explanation, here are all the details.

Who makes it?

This Utah founded company goes by the name of Nutri Pharm LLC.  They’re self described as being the 21st century’s most advanced nutritional pharmacy in the globe.  They offer vitamins, minerals, extract, homeopathic medicine and overall health supplements.

Trying to find information beyond just what the company claims was a bit difficult. This is an issue that is hard to overcome seeing as how they brag of being a world renowned brand. How does a world renowned brand fail to have significant reviews? Somehow this company has accomplished this.

Luckily the Better Business Bureau has added this company to their list of “F” rated businesses. This is the lowest score possible and it implies customers were not satisfied at all from dealing with this company. These negative reviews are mostly having to do with a problem with the product and or service. So this could mean that perhaps the money back guarantee isn’t as sound as the company would like one to believe.

Overall however it is alarming to see such a self proclaimed giant lacking any visible marks on the supplement world.

Does Apidexin work?

It’s odd reading the 4 testimonials on their site which shows how certain people both male and female lost weight. This might be the only positive reviews that exist in the entirety of the internet. Therefore it makes it highly suspect since one might expect a bias.

Several back to back reviews I personally read across multiple websites all echo the same thing. It didn’t work. This is the often added claim provided by customers. So this leaves us with the money back guarantee which is intended to express how the company really cares about customer support. Well as I mentioned the “F” rating given to them because of their lack of customer help is a sign that the company may not have the most satisfactory money back guarantee offered. Since not one of the reviews has expressed the notion of enjoying this product, either the supposed 2% the company claims won’t feel anything are all speaking up, or it’s most likely that the product fails to impress.

So far without truly seeing any positive reviews from an unbiased source, it raises an alarm that perhaps the product does not have any function.

EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved diet pills to make a right purchase decision!

Customer reviewed products are not available for help in the weight loss category.

Apidexin Ingredients and Dosage

There’s 2 proprietary blends added to this formula. So a total of 7 ingredients are included.  One gets higenamine which is meant to burn fat similar to ephedra, however no human tests have been performed. Also caffeine in an unknown strength is added alongside a thermogenic compound in theobromine. Fairly standard so far.

Then there’s 2 versions of patented green tea to also add thermogenic properties and hydroxycitric acid, which also boosts metabolism.

Up to 3 pills are needed a day before breakfast and lunch, however they do add not to take it during a time near sleep as it can keep you up. Also in the terms of dosing, for this very reason it is important to watch out for accurate dosing. By taking in a potentially high amount of caffeine it can overstimulate and cause a surplus of issues. Often a physician’s recommendation is needed in order to accurately dose.

The entire round up of ingredients inside Apidexin are seen in full here:

Are there possible side effects?

As is the case with many products that have caffeine in undisclosed amounts, the risk of potential issues are high. It’s not really wise to take a product in large amounts considering you don’t know exactly what you will get here. Also since there is a blend of thermogenics which stimulate and of course caffeine, it’s hard to know the full extent as every body is different.

One has to make sure to drink enough water to avoid dehydration. Also one must be careful to avoid the potential sudden increase of heart rate. This is a definite possibility and it can be an uncomfortable experience if not handled with care. Though the manufacturers do not mention the possibility for side effects, one must be alert. It often takes some sort of conditioning as the body is suddenly flooded with ingredients that change your composition through stimulation. Often it is recommended to take a product like this gradually to avoid any potential issues.

Far more well rounded solutions are available without fear of troublesome side effects.


There is a lot of emphasis on this brand to really cover all aspects of what’s needed to secure a good place as the best supplement. They have graphs, scientific sounding explanations, a good amount of ingredients and a money back guarantee. Where it goes wrong is with the actual application. They have a lot of explaining to do in order for customers to purchase this product with full confidence.

First off is the lowest rating score possible that this company earned from the Better Business Bureau. Second is the lack of even one positive review that isn’t featured on their own website. Thirdly there isn’t anything compelling about their formula to make a customer want to buy it. Sure caffeine and other stimulants can provide some changes but why not just buy it from other sources for much cheaper? No explanation is given to answer this important fundamental question. The expectations on this product were presented as being world class but instead we’re left questioning this brand’s actual use. There’s a lot of mystery here and unfortunately for something laden with stimulants it’s a risk that customers would be hard pressed to ignore.

Not enough information is given that is not under the umbrella on the company bias. What is needed is far more exposure on why this brand has no outside positive reviews. Much more knowledge is needed to make a purchase.

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