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Amfepramone Review – The Truth About This Product.

Prescription drugs for weight loss offer a full acknowledgment of the potential dangers and positives of a drug.  A lot of testing goes down, usually for a few years to fully establish what is the most common seen sights when taking a doctor prescribed pill. It is often seen that only obese people with a certain body mass index, or those under an obesity related illness are to take in a prescription weight loss. The idea of course is to make sure only those who truly need it able to supplementation with it.

Still when a prescription drug exists it seems to be a good solution to weight loss as it requires medical insight by a professional. Keep in mind however there are many restrictions and often many potential side effects.

Also the real caveat is that often the drug is intended only for a short time. After a certain period it loses its effects and long term intake is not recommended often.

So where does Amfepramone sit in this equation? To answer that this review has all the details for you decide on your own.

What is it?

This prescription weight loss pill has been around since the 1950’s, with a current use under different names. Amfepramone is the generic name for this stimulant drug which reduces appetite, while being considered an only short term solution. The real kicker here is that one has to change their lifestyle, which this drug is meant to aid in the process. So once you get used to caloric deprivation, one is meant to get off the drug and return to their lives with less food and more exercise to further help the problem of obesity. Unfortunate for those living in the US, getting this drug is not possible as it is not FDA approved. It currently sits as a schedule 4 drug.  Also in Canada and the UK the drug is not approved and is considered to be under the same vision as what the USA classifies as a hard drug.

The drug works by influencing norepinephrine, which is responsible for motivating the brain and body to perform certain actions.

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So the belief is that when taking Amfepramone it would affect the body and mind by making it feel less hungry than it actually is.

Still if a short term fix is what you want, there is even more to uncover about the possibilities here.

Who makes it?

Many different companies around the world sell a variation of this drug under a series of different names. Essentially a company buys out the patent and uses it to their advantage.

However this practice makes it hard to know if it is coming from a legitimate company. Also since it is banned in many countries it also calls into account how one is receiving it. Currently in certain websites there is shipping available for parts of the world where it is banned. Not only is this illegal, but it is highly recommended to seek medical supervision as to track any unwanted side effects. Handling of this drug in most countries is not only punishable with a fine, but it is coming from sources that may not be legitimate. So any and all potential dangers are left to the customer solely.

Does Amfepramone work?

It most certainly produce a rate of appetite suppression in some. The key deciding factor however is how short term the effects really are. Not only does it wear off, but the gist of this products work is to give people the short term feeling of not being hungry. After the drug loses its potency. So what is needed in the long term is actual willpower and a change in exercise habits. It was not created as a long term solution for two reasons, for the potential side effects and because it eventually wears off. So one cannot expect there to be a actual change in the body unless one puts in all the effort long term.

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Legal alternatives that actually work can produce the wanted weight loss results you demand.

Amfepramone Ingredients and Dosage

The accurate dosing of this product relies on what the person who is taking it is actually suffering from. If one has a BMI of 30 or above, or 27 and above with an obesity related illness than the product is for you. However it also requires a lot of medical checkups to ensure one is not experiencing any of the side effects. Also a medical professional is the only one who is to be dosing it to an exact measurement. Any more and it could lead to some issues.

Also as far as ingredients the active ingredient name is actually 2-diethylamino-1-phenylpropan-1-one. It apparently does not get one stimulated enough for abuse, but still it is warned to be consumed with a cautious eye to avoid any and all potential dangers.

As it is only one ingredient, there is no supplement facts list added.

Are there possible side effects?

The idea here is that a doctor has made sure that the benefits outweigh the risks. Which is impossible if you do not live in the limited few places where it is allowed to be prescribed. One must take into account all the things that make you up including your medical history and necessary demand to take this drug.

Some of the less nasty side effects are dry mouth, nausea, headaches, constipation, vomiting, diarrhea, and fatigue.

The most horrid of potential side effects are hallucinations, rapid accelerated heart beat, uncontrollable mood swings, seizure, blurred vision, uncontrolled muscle spasms, lung and heart issues, and heart failure.  Also there is a full host of possible negative drug interactions that include a long list. One must take into account that this drug does not mix well with other issues including medical conditions or foods. So a doctor’s supervision is not only mandatory in certain countries, but the only way to have a shot of predicting all the potential negatives associated with Amfepramone.

Gaining results without side effects is key and possible, when you take the proper brands.


There is no doubt that this stimulant will have an effect on the body and mind, it is created to work exclusively for this reason and it has been around for ages. However it has been banned in most major countries in part due to safety and a lack of beneficial aspects. Usually a prescription is only banned because it is seen as having far too many negatives to outweigh the benefits. So this drug has been banned in Canada, The UK, The US and other small countries because of the noticed lack of potential benefits.

The drug has been seen to potentially cause lung and heart issues and it was deemed to be too dangerous to take in. However it exists in online venues without the required doctors supervision. It cannot be taken lightly as the reason why it was once a prescription was to give relief to people who truly needed it. Even then it eventually came to light that it did more bad than good. So now the drug which has a short term effect on the brain, it has been shown to only produce a short term effect. The real change comes from a person who adjusts their caloric intake and begins to exercise. Both of these things can be done for free and more is needed for weight loss. So the product is more of a way to see how the body reacts to less calories. After that the chore is left for a person to truly change their entire lifestyle.

So while there might be some short term benefit, it is not readily available and banned in most areas. Also it is only sold through black market websites which are not only illegal on both sides, but it is unknown if the quality is really good. To add even more doubt the drug has a full variety of potentially dangerous side effects, even with medical supervision. So all together far too many potential pitfalls exist here.

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