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Amberin Review- Is Amberin Safe?

Supplements offered to just one sex have had a popularity in their exclusive nature which seems formulated to a specific gender. Sometimes companies enjoy spreading this idea due to customers believing it will create more substantial differences. Often it can include estrogen or testosterone boosters intended to establish a fine presence. Other brands are here for both sexes without an established necessary tone, as male and female can equally benefit from them. It really matters more on if the product has a stated reason why it is meant just for one sex.

Since some products are stronger for increasing certain hormones it then allows markets for men and women to exist. Some would appreciate the nature of believing it works “just for me”. However concern must be expressed at a hormone change as it potentially provides traits one may not need or appreciate.

Often these brands are recommended to be preferably absorbed under the supervision by a doctor. Amberin fits the bill of being uniquely for females so what exactly can Amberin do?

What is it?

Specifically made for women Amberin has been created to tackle twelve symptoms for women going through menopause. One of the key things it says it can contribute towards is weight loss. Hormones naturally produced are reduced in the aging process and this product intends to prevent the damaging results as much as possible.  It also helps those who have a natural decline in exercise regimens. This is also brought on by reduced hormones which limit the rate of energy levels in a person.

Apparently a 12 week study performed by the company showed a decrease in weight when supplementing with Amberin as opposed to those who took a placebo.  Apparently in 90 days a 6.8 reduction of weight occurred in the study group.

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This is what is claimed but I’ve managed to figure out the reality of what this product has to offer potential consumers. More information is needed and that’s why the data has been secured.

Who makes it?

Found in California, Lunada Biomedical produces this brand as their flagship product. The company ensures GMP certification ensuring that the products handled are processed in a safe and effective approach. A cause for alarm came when the FTC issues a lawsuit against the brand for its claims that it could lead to significant weight loss. They were also under attack from customers who questioned the validity to their free trial.

These type of lawsuits are not frivolous and typically a lot of research has to go into allegations like these before being issued out. The fact the company is being exposed as potentially lying about their weight loss from a federal entity is not a good sign. It expresses that since the company has not been truthful, perhaps these issues are a deep rooted problem. It calls into question whether or not their practices are sound.

Does Amberin work?

It’s a given that this product runs the allure of helping women now dealing with menopause. It’s a niche market for sure and luckily it intends to be addressed.

As far as results some women have mentioned it helped them with their hot flashes and irritability. Others have overwhelmingly said there is no change in one’s weight. It seems then contradictory to the study that the company ran that showed a reduction in weight. Their study tested 102 women to show how effective this product was. The real question then becomes perhaps there was a bias for the brand. Since it was a self administered testing of the product, it calls into account the validity. Being that the company has a lot more negative responses from unbiased sources, it’s questionable whether or not the studies ran were top notch.

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Amberin Ingredients and Dosage

It has forms of zinc, magnesium, and other minerals added to provide a properly functioning body. Unfortunately these additives can be found in more comprehensive forms inside food products. One does not have to spend extra money to get these benefits. While it is a good idea to take extra minerals this brand has a blended mixture which makes it impossible to know how much of each is being consumed. Adding to the strife the product is particularly expensive and no real indicator is given as to how it affects women more than men. The production of hormones can be increased through a addition of these minerals. However more must be known about this brand before one  can consider supplementation. The overwhelming negative reviews make it clear, there’s still more needed in this brand.

A supplement facts label for this brand showcases some interesting aspects. Apparently the added the controversial additive MSG. Debate is still up in the air for this ingredients safety but this is a first that I’ve seen. It’s in fact the first time I’ve seen MSG on a label:


Are there possible side effects?

Some have reported a list of the following issues. From weight gain(yes some actually gained pounds) to skin rashes. Typically skin rashes occur from over supplementation with minerals. Since this product is placed into a proprietary blend one does not know the exact amounts of each ingredient. Also MSG has been linked to skin rashes in certain people. Either of these issues are unelectable.

Customers of certain stripes have mentioned the product gave them bloating and bathroom issues as well. This statement tends to appear often and it is not an isolated incident as the complaints pile up. The proprietary blend is a big culprit to this issue seeing as how one cannot accurately dose to avoid potential side effects.

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It’s a good sign that a company has addressed an issue that specifically targets a section of people. Certainly menopause can cause a surplus of issues that women would do best to avoid. The natural aging process leads one towards not being able to produce enough hormones to keep their bodies in a functional state. Some of the problems can affect mood and overall performance. Energy lowers which makes it hard to exercise, while lack of hormones leads to weight gain. It truly is a viscous cycle this product seeks to address. Luckily this product has attempted to address these issues. Though their approach leaves much to be desired.

But much is lacking in this product’s abilities. One simply gets a boost of minerals essentially instead of a well rounded product that can help burn more fat. This is certainly not enough to cause a substantial change within the body. To add to this customers have repeated this thought. Some customers have reported a increase of pounds and others have mentioned it does work for mood. Clearly not enough is established to give consumers the hope that this product will work. Why is this? Well most likely because the ingredients can be taken from whole foods instead.

These types of minerals added are great for the body but aren’t necessary in this form. Some companies offer patented pills to increase hormone production with a doctor’s recommendation. It’s no wonder this brand is not effective when you realize hormone treatment is not accessed through this approach. A more suitable option worth its weight in money can be found elsewhere.

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