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Alli Review – Is Alli Safe?

With it’s multi-colored brand name, Alli is sure to catch a few eyes by that visual alone. The visual aspect of a product is important, and without a successful campaign toward one, it may very well undermine the product as a whole. There have been many products that have lost potential sales due to bad visuals. The product’s marketing aims its sights on people who are frustrated at their inability to successfully keep weight off their bodies, and offers an aid, or should I say, Alli to help them in their crusade. Unlike other products that can only be obtained through a physician, this one is an over the counter diet pill. This one doesn’t need a prescription, which therefore makes it much more attainable to the general public.

I had heard about this product for awhile, so finally giving into my curiosity, I decided to dig deeper to see what it’s really all about.

Is it really as efficient a weight loss product as it is marketed to be? Find out in the review below.

What is it?

While the gasconading of this product is fierce, it likes to shout to the crowds that it is the sole weight loss supplement on the market that has been approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). The company likes to stand behind assertions that along with regular exercise and a low-calorie diet, weight loss may be attainable.

Alli endeavors by liberating it’s blend of ingredients through the body to act as barricades from fat, so it won’t get ingurgitated into the body. The method that ingredients get delivered is through capsules formed of gelatin.

EDITOR'S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven fat burner such as Sletrokor for better results.

The concoction asserts that for every two pounds that evaporate from exercise and diet, Alli will help users drop an additional pound (just like an ally!) The company makes no declarations in any way that it is some fabled miracle pill, but attempts to to keep its users and potential buyers grounded in a sense of reality.

Who makes it?

GlaxoSmithKline is the responsible manufacturer of Alli. At one point in time the company was known as the 6th largest maker of pharmaceuticals. It’s heyday however was spoiled in 2023, when the company was forced to pay $3 billion to the United States Justice Department.

This came to fruition because they had been marketing two of their antidepressant products, Wellbutrin and Paxil, as suitable for individuals who were under the age of 18. Other products that were falsely promoted in the lawsuit included Zofran, Advair, Imitrex, Valtrex, Flovent and Lotronex.

Additionally, there were kickbacks that were given to doctors would would promote GlaxoSmithKline products that the lawsuit also entailed, as well as a drug known as Avandia that had failed to provide safety reports. After this had all ended, the company made major changes to ensure that issues of these kinds should not arise again.

Does Alli work?

Coming from a pharmaceutical provider with such a history, I was more than a bit aporetic if Alli really was as advertised, or if there was something about the product that they were hiding from me. The diet pill’s website lists that it may block the absorption rate of around 25% of fats in consumed foods. Not being absorbed, these fats are declared to be washed out on the daily trip to the toilet.

The tactic that Alli likes to make, is that you need to follow the direction exactly as stated, otherwise the results you crave won’t come into being. On this point it cannot be stressed more than enough that exercise and diet are crucial to success. But then if they are crucial, doesn’t that mean that the product doesn’t really work? Would just those two factors be enough?

Of course if you exercise and diet right, weight loss will happen! In this sense, I don’t see why this product is really all that necessary.

EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved diet pills to make a right purchase decision!

Top rated products don’t rely so heavily on outside factors to be competent.

There have been reviews that I found that had people decrying this product, saying that once they stopped taking it, it’s like they never lost weight in the first place. Use of this product seems to be endless, constantly taking a pill and never being able to stop; sounds a bit like addiction to me.

Alli Ingredients and Dosage

Take one capsule with meals that contain fat. Do not exceed three pills daily.

  • Orlistat- 60mg


What are potential side effects?

The side effects of this concoction pertain to orlistat, and mainly issues with bowel movements. Users have reported discharge with intestinal gas, fatty/oily stool and changes in their bowel movements. These changes range from either having more bowel movements to not being able to control them!

Think about that for a second: Not being able to control if you need to go to the bathroom. What if you were trapped in the middle of a long line at a sports game, on a subway, in the middle of rush hour traffic? And you can’t control your bowels? Does that mean you need to start thinking about adult diapers? Count me out!

If your underwear becoming your toilet wasn’t bad enough, there have been reports dating back to 2023 that the active ingredient in Alli, orlistat, has also been linked to cases of pancreatic, liver and kidney failure. Even in smaller doses, this substance has been known for the toxicity it causes on internal organs. In 2023 GlaxoSmithKline began labeling Alli as possibly having these side effects, but leaving it at these reactions to be “rare”. Top Rated Products would never be so dangerous.


The promises this diet pill makes about it not being a miracle may seem to make it seem more reasonable. However, a trick that many companies utilize, is making sure they mention that exercise and diet are essential for their product to work. Without it, results will not be as desired.

If you break this down however, that really means that it’s these two factors that are doing the work, not necessarily the diet pill. And with the uncontrollable bowel movements that users may experience from using this product, not to mention the damage that may be done to their internal organs, I can’t recommend this product. If exercise and diet were so important, why risk your health potentially, when you don’t even need to spend money on this product at all to see results? Or for that matter, why not find a better diet pill?

Top Rated Products are always known to potent, and filled with ingredients that are not in any way dangerous for you to consume. Top rated products are never going to have your liver failing on you, that’s for sure.

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