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Albuterex Review – The Truth About This Product.

Products for weight loss with athletes in mind typically reserve themselves to provide results only in people who put in a lot of effort. The idea is that there is fat loss properties that are better supplemented with a hard workout. Of course this amount of physical exertion really calls on a customer to have the time and dedication to further their weight loss concerns. The idea is that when you are already pushing yourself, an extra level of supplementation is needed to really allow for all the results to come about. This is assuming of course the supplement actually works to your benefit.

So Albuterex has presented itself to fit in this specific category, a tool for people who need an extra kick to provide supposed results. So already excluded from this equation are people who do not have the framework set up to really exercise with an intense frequency. To those who still fit this niche market there is a lot of examination required.

A lot of these supplements often are flooded with stimulants which for some may not be the preferable route to weight loss. So to clear out any and all doubts this review for Albuterex has been created.

What is it?

The presented idea for this weight loss product is to give one a new shredded physique, resembling the models who are said to be taking this product. This means a muscle bound six pack which looks like a lot of work went into the making of such a physique. Of course the intention of this product is to give real change in the body unlike other brands. According to the marketing pitch other fat burners only work by providing a single outlet. An ingredient that may work but only for a short period that you will eventually be used to. So this product is intended to help reach lipolysis or fat loss through more than one way which leads to real gains. Of course this is only meant to be a potential for people who spend a lot of time exercising, a self proclaimed gym rat is supposed to be the intended client who can supplement.

All this is supposed to come about in a powder which is mixed into a liquid of choice. By taking it in its singular grape flavor it intends to increase the rate of metabolism, energy, and mental focus which is intended for gym use.

EDITOR'S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven fat burner such as Sletrokor for better results.

One important thing to look at is that this product has a lot of information available online which really tells a lot of what is to be expected. All of which is revealed in full below.

Who makes it?

The New York based company Mutated Nation Nutrition has a lot of bodybuilding types who are said to supplement with their athletic supplements. Often the marketing for all these supplements is meant for the “extreme” crowd who exercises often.

This brand is actually banned in Australia after it was deemed too harmful to be supplemented with. In fact the company itself no longer sells this brand and instead has substituted it with a new product with a similar sounding name. It seems the bad press brought on by the Australian ban led it to be excluded from sale.

However there are still 3rd party sellers who gladly sell the brand. Unfortunately this means there is no money back guarantee and no way to verify if it is still fresh. Without being able to hold anyone accountable it leaves all the risk in the hands of potential customers instead of an established company.  Even stranger some of the 3rd party sellers add they cannot make any sort of claims about the product, yet they still sell it. So all the marketing is left to a few random online images and claims that do not lead to any websites.

It was off researching this company and seeing so much said about the ban as opposed to the quality of product. More must be known before ever purchasing.

Does Albuterex work?

There is no doubt that there will be an effect when you supplement with this brand. The real question is whether or not one can handle it and if it is truly worth the hassle. After the ban in Australia the company decided to neglect the product and instead produced a similar sounding product without giving reason as to why they abandoned Albuterex. Without knowing these important reasons it leaves far too much to chance to ever guarantee some positive results.

EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved diet pills to make a right purchase decision!

More wholesome options exist to give off the proper weight loss benefits you demand.

Albuterex Ingredients and Dosage

There are a series of ingredients here which can produce effects, but they are generally considered to be best supplemented under medical supervision.  Methylxanthine for example is considered a very strong stimulant which affects airways and heart rate.

N-Methyltyramine HCI also effects the body in a grand way effecting the neurotransmitters in the brain.

The electrolyte blend is intended for proper metabolism while the other vitamins added also have similar effects.

What needs to be discussed further is the reason why this product was banned in Australia. It was due to levels of ingredients the company did not mention would be inside this brand. Two ingredients which are prescription drugs in Australia were featured in this brand without the knowledge of customers. This form of tampering should be taken seriously as it calls into account what else could be lurking inside this blend of ingredients.

Although the manufacturer did not provide this label, a customer did:


Are there possible side effects?

This is where all the information on this product was revealed. Most of the thoughts on this brand are about the negative effects that many people experienced. The issue many customers had was that they felt incredibly hyper and anxious. Many included they vomited and sweated like they never could have imagined. Most of the negative reviews from people are all said to be so extreme that people stopped taking it immediately without going back.

Some common symptoms people felt were vomiting, sweating, dehydration, headaches, anxiety, increased heart rate, and general uncomfortable sensations that would not go away. Many were ready to hit the gym but as soon as the product kicked in it overwhelmed them causing the workout session to be cut drastically early. The fact many have added this product left them feeling terrible is a huge red flag as it was very common to hear the same side effects appear in many different customers. This is one of the reasons the product is no longer sold under the same name.

You can avoid any and all potential side effects when you supplement with the proper brands.


Since the company has refused to sell this product anymore yet it appears on the list of several 3rd party retailers options it leaves it quite clear. The ban which was enforced in Australia due to the lack of labeling in terms of providing all the ingredients is just one of the red flags which bring this product down significantly. Keep in mind it was banned because it has prescription drugs which were not mentioned. To have this be a part of a company is a sure sign that something is wrong. Either the product was accidentally filled with harsh ingredients or it was done on purpose. Neither of these options are acceptable as it plays too much with a customer health.

In the regard of staying within a safe range it makes sense now why there has been such a lacking amount of customer support. Many of the people who have supplemented with Albuterex all claim an almost exact type of experience. Which it apparently has been mostly bad for everyone who tried it. Harsh side effects have been reported and can be read on many different forums and websites. People not just claim they did not like it, but they add it was unbearable to deal with.

Since the manufacturers have left others to deal with the sales and marketing, it leaves doubt as to why you should care.

When you take a supplement you should feel assured others have gained benefits, so take heed and look at the options available.

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