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AdvoCare Slim Review – All You Need to Know About This Product.

While it may be true that capsules, softgels and caplets are in vogue within the diet pill galaxy, that doesn’t mean that these are the only forms of weight management products available. Some companies have begun to think outside of the confines that are set and as such, they have created products that come in a vast assortment of forms. Some of these forms include droppers, while others may be topically applied creams. One fashionable form that they are known to come in, as is the case of AdvoCare Slim, is in the form of a powder. It’s when this powder is mixed with water that it’s full effects are believed to be experienced.

It should be noted however, that not every product ends up operating as well as it is retailed to. Some of these products may be no better than a placebo, while others may have detrimental consequences if used improperly.

So what then is the case of AdvoCare Slim? Is it one of these dud products, or is it actually a useful weight management supplement? Read on to find out.

What is it?

AdvoCare Slim is a weight management product that asserts that it will have users experiencing a surge of energy that lasts for extended periods of time, a quashing of hunger pangs that may get them to overeat and an intensification of their metabolic rate. AdvoCare Slim is alleged to be able to take by itself, or in conjunction with another Advocare product known as MNS (Metabolic Nutrition System).

The official website is pretty bare of other information regarding this concoction, as all that is listed is a general description, a list of the different ingredients that are inducted within AdvoCare Slim as well as cautions people should take with use as well as direction on how this product is to be ingested. I’ve reviewed other diet pills that give much more information, and the end result is that I am more well aware of the product than the small amount of information that we are given with this product.

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To me, it feels a bit like a billboard, and a plain one at that.

Who makes it?

Advocare is the Plano, Texas based company that is known for creating AdvoCare Slim. The company was established in 1993, and it is known for producing an assortment of products that have relations to wellness as well as physical well being. Advocare is known for operating as a company that sells directly to it’s customers; this means that individuals are encouraged to join the company and sell it’s products, as well as recruit others to join. With the addition of these new employees, the initial employee that hired them gets paid more money. These kinds of companies usually have a difficult refund policy if they have one at all. Personally I wouldn’t recommend joining such a company, as I’ve read more reports of people losing money rather than making it.

Advocare is a company that understands the importance of social media, and as such as a presence on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube and Tumblr.

Does AdvoCare Slim work?

Despite the declarations that have been made about it, the reality is that there are no clinical studies that have been provided. There is a void where there should be clinical trials on either the individual ingredients, or the product as a whole. I find the lack of providing this a bit puzzling, as there are ingredients within AdvoCare Slim that are known to be beneficial for overall health, such as thiamine, biotin and garcinia cambogia. If the the studies on these substances were included, it would have made the overall product look much more exceptional. Without them though, users have no way of knowing that these substances are valuable for health in anyway. This is notwithstanding that the official webpage of this product features no customer testimonials that would further the argument that this byproduct of substances actually operates in as efficient a manner as it is advertised to.

EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved diet pills to make a right purchase decision!

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AdvoCare Slim Ingredients and Dosage

There are 8 different ingredients that make up AdvoCare Slim. 3 of these ingredients are known as either minerals or vitamins. These include biotin (600 mcg, 200% the daily recommended value), thiamine, also known as vitamin B1 (1.5 mg, 100%) and chromium, as chromium citrate (200 mcg, 167%). The remaining 5 ingredients have the amounts that they come in mentioned, yet they do not have any daily recommended value listed. These ingredients include green coffee extract fruit (200 mg), garcinia cambogia fruit extract  (2,400 mg), inositol (30 mg), caffeine (120 mg) and taurine (500 mg). Garcinia cambogia is known to positively affect the metabolic rate. Caffeine is known to be a stimulant, and while also being present in green coffee bean, the substance is not active. There have been studies that have shown that green coffee bean may aid weight management, but clinical trials have shown this to really only be the case with obese individuals. Users with a more regular amount of body weight did not see the results replicated. While taurine, has been used to enhance physical performance and inositol may alleviate conditions such as OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and panic related conditions, neither is known to have any relation to weight loss.

Users are instructed to combine one stick of AdvoCare Slim powder with 8 ounces of water 30-45 minutes prior to breakfast. An additional stick is instructed to be consumed in the early afternoon hours, or 2 hours after lunch has been consumed. What I have noticed however, is that a carton of AdvoCare Slim only contains 14 stick packs!  This means that if used as directed, users will run out of this concoction in one week! Despite the price of this being $29.95 for a box, over the course of a month, this would total up to an astronomical $119.80!


Are there potential side effects?

One serving of AdvoCare Slim contains more caffeine than what is present in a cup of coffee, and being that this is to be used twice a day, that therefore doubles the likelihood of adverse reactions being experienced. Side effects related to caffeine may include nausea, nervousness, irritability, hypertension (high blood pressure), jitters, trouble sleeping (insomnia), headaches, palpitations (rapid heart rate) and abdominal discomfort. Individuals who have a sensitive relation with stimulants are not recommended to use this byproduct of substances. Because the amount of chromium that is present is over 100% of the recommended daily value, there is the possibility that adverse reactions may be experienced from consuming this substance as well. Side effects may include a drop in blood pressure levels (hypotension), fainting and producing a lightheaded feeling. This product is not intended for use by persons who are below 18 years of age. Women who are breastfeeding or who are in stages of pregnancy are advised to consult with a healthcare expert before ingesting this concoction. If an accidental overdose occurs, users are instructed to urgently make contact with a poison control center or look for assistance from a professional source.

Top Rated Products may contain caffeine and if they do, there are warnings on that are clearly stated of the adverse effects that may be experienced.


While coming in a powder form is interesting, it is a bit of a novelty, as there is not a sustained amount of information that would lead me to believe this blend works as competently as it is advertised to. Not only are there no clinical trials provided to prospective buyers but there is also a lack of customer testimonials and independent reviews overall. This is not even mentioning that 1 carton of AdvoCare Slim is only going to last a single week! Coming from a company that already has a notorious reputation for being working in a direct selling style, the frequent need to constantly buy more of this product doesn’t surprise me. If you are looking to subtract pounds from yourself in the most optimal manner possible, you should look into other products. As is the case with this concoction, the only thing that you will be losing significant amounts of, is your money.

Top Rated Products come in quantities that will last users at least a month, if not longer.

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