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Advantra Z Review – The Truth About This Product.

Diet pill companies are always trying to find the next big product. With so many substances to choose from to use as ingredients, it may seem that their options are without limit. However sometimes what they may really want, is a substance all their own. Maybe not completely synthetically made, but a modified version of something that is already available. Natural substances are a prime choice for the kind of product they would wish to modify towards their favor. Such is the case with a substance known as Advantra Z, which is derived from synephrine.

In spite of this substance being seen as the new answer to health related supplements, there are products that have used this substance, only to reveal sales numbers that would not reflect a happy customer base. This may though be because of problems with the overall product, but it is still worth mentioning that Advantra Z has not turned out to be some panacea substance.

So what is the real story behind this man made byproduct? The following article will break it down.

What is it?

Advantra Z was originally concocted in 1996, and once introduced to the market, it was declared to be an ingredient of the next generation in regards to energy, fitness and diet. Whereas there are a plethora of materials that are of a raw nature that face safety and regulatory challenges, notwithstanding clinical trials, limited supply and possibly exorbitant costs, Advantra Z is known to be in adequate supply, as well as having over 30 clinical studies performed on it.

This is actually pretty refreshing for me, as I have come across too many products and substances that lack any scientific backing. Scientific backing is important, as without it, whatever product or substance we are looking at may as well be no better than marketing copy!

Advantra Z is derived from an immature citrus aurantium fruit, also known as bitter orange.

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Through manufacturing and harvesting methods that are of a rigorous nature, the creators of this substance were able to preserve and cultivate a synephrine isomer (synephrine is the chemical that bitter orange is known for) that produces only the good effects associated with the substance, subtracting from the equation the adverse reactions that may be experienced, which include palpitations (rapid heart rate) and hypertension (high blood pressure).

Who makes it?

Nutratech is the West Caldwell, New Jersey based company that is responsible for concocting Advantra Z. What may be a bit confusing, is that there are 2 other companies that go by the same name; one based in New Zealand, the other based in the United Kingdom. While it is possible to find contact information on the senior account manager and president of the company, there is not much other information that users are given. Any links that pertain to this company go straight to the website that features information on Advantra Z. It is as if this is the company’s stand alone product, and it has put all its energies behind it, and this solely. There are scam companies that operate in a similar manner, but I would not say that Nutratech is by any means a scam. I do find it puzzling that they do not offer any other information about themselves, other than patent information regarding Advantra Z. The company also is devoid of any kind of social media presence.

Does Advantra Z work?

Although the active substance within Advantra Z, synephrine, is known to be nearly identical in a chemical nature to the illegal substance known as ephedra, is does not operate in quite the same manner. A major difference is that the amines in Advantra Z do not cross the boundary between the brain and blood as ephedra does. Furthermore, ephedra has been acknowledged to concuss beta 2 and 1 receptors, as well as alpha 2 and 1 receptors while invigorating the beta-3 cell receptor. This in turn may cause rapid heart rate and high blood pressure. Running contra to this, Advantra Z only affects the beta 2 and 1 and alpha 2 and 1 receptors on a minimal basis. So while it also may stimulate the beta 3 receptor, it may not cause adverse reactions when the metabolic rate becomes intensified. Despite this, there are still scientists that have raised concerns over the synephrine present in Advantra Z, and how chemically close it is to ephedrine. Additionally, it is not possible to buy Advantra Z on it’s own, as it only comes as a companion ingredient in products, and as such, the effects that it may have may be inconsistent with the scientific findings that were done on the ingredient. That is because while there were studies done on Advantra Z, there are no standardized tests for products that contain Advantra Z.

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Top Rated Products may sometimes contain ingredients that have come from natural sources that have been altered, an example of which being Advantra Z.

Advantra Z Ingredients and Dosage

As previously stated, Advantra Z is known to contain synephrine, which is known to be a powerful stimulant that may induce effects similar to ephedra. Advantra Z is recognized to come in variations of 4 different potencies, which include synephrine to be in amounts of 30%, 10%, 6% and 5%. The average dosage amount that is suggested to be ingested on a daily basis is between 100-120 mgs of bitter orange that are spread out over the course of 2-3 servings throughout the day, which also depend on the other substances that may be included with Advantra Z, some of which may include caffeine or other stimulants. If the user is a bodybuilder or someone on the athletic side, it is advised to have a dosage that is on the higher, rather than lower side of what is recommended for use. If the user is closer to a normal physique, the opposite is applied. It is also important to be aware of the other substances that are incorporated in products that contain Advantra Z and how synergistically they apply to the potency and quantity of this substance within the product.

Are there potential side effects?

Although it is alleged that the bitter orange that is present within Advantra Z does not cause the adverse reactions that the original form of the substance does, that has not stopped some scientific experts from questioning if it is truly devoid of side effects. There may be scientific studies done on this substance, but that still doesn’t leave everyone convinced. Because it may not be consumed alone, there is the possibility that Advantra Z may interact with the other substances that it has been concocted with.  As such, if you are someone who has pre-existing health conditions or if you are on another form of medication, consult with a healthcare professional to make sure that use of products with Advantra Z are safe for you. This applies as well to women who are in stages of pregnancy or nursing. Everyone is unique, and their bodies react to substances differently. You never know how yours may react, so it is always optimal to play on the safer side of things, lest your overall well being be hazardously affected.

Top Rated Products always recommend consulting a doctor before use if the user is of a group that may be negatively affected from use.


While there have been numerous clinical studies performed on this substance, that still has not convinced everyone that this substance is 100% safe to consume in all situations. This is because that despite altering synephrine, that doesn’t mean that the substance isn’t a different substance entirely; it’s still essentially the same thing. Moreover, another issue that arises, is that while there have been studies on Advantra Z itself, there are no uniform tests that have been performed on products that contain Advantra Z, which is important, because this substance cannot be purchased on it’s own; it’s only available when blended with other substances into a product. While there is promise with this substance and scientific data to back it up, there are too many variables that enter into the foray because this cannot be used by itself. It would be best to wait until more research has been done on products that contain this substance, so then we would have a better understanding of what Advantra Z may actually do when combined with other ingredients.

Top Rated Products are much like Advantra Z, and have countless clinical studies backing up their efficiency and safety.

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