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AdipoTrim XT Review – Does it Really Work?

In the supplement world the words too good to be real are a sentiment often felt. There is no lack of wide proclaimed promised results intended to do everything one would ever want. The idea behind a weight loss product is to give an easier approach to reducing unsightly weight. How a product intends to approach this really depends on what they feel a customer wants. So in the research for a product you might get something that resembles AdipoTrim XT. A common seen sight that resembles other supplements, however this one has a unique history.

Still a savvy individual has to push themselves through a lot of information that is either difficult to digest, or too much in scope that it’s hard to really know the truth. So for simplifying and making an easy transition to the reality, this guide has been put into place.

Knowing what is attainable in AdipoTrim XT is now an easy to read reality. A lot of unique traits revealed themselves as to how this supplement works.

What is it?

All the information provided by this weight loss product is in Spanish, however by looking at the product it clearly shows a shredded abs picture of both a man and women. It intends to provide a loss of water retention and to get rid of fat but without a laxative effect. Currently the manufacturers do not sell this product from their own website, however there are 3rd party redistributors on places like Ebay which still market and sell it. However due to this practice it does not assure a money back guarantee or even a way to assure there is a safe or known company practice. Also not known is the freshness of these batches. Another unfortunate consequence of this is that even though the company has a website, they do not feature this brand. More on that will be divulged later.

“Deseo Rebajar” is the tagline used for the product which is Spanish for I want to lose. One hopes they mean weight and not anything else. All of the explanation from this product’s existence has been left on review sites and eBay sellers looking to turn in a profit. So it must require a bit of delving into in order to establish what one can expect.

EDITOR'S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven fat burner such as Sletrokor for better results.

The product label does say it is naturally derived, still it is not very satisfying to see this claimed in a quick blurb as opposed to a full breakdown of how exactly they extract these natural compounds.

Who makes it?

Deseo Rebajar is not only the tagline, but the name for this Puerto Rican supplement company. They have a few other brands intended for weight loss, oddly enough they even include competitors products for weight loss on their own site. I suppose if you cannot beat them, might as well join them.

The company offers their address, phone and an email in order to reach them but it seems they only speak Spanish as the entire site does not have any English options.

It came to be quickly realized why they decided to leave the marketing and selling to 3rd party redistributors. An FDA recall in 2023 told the company that they needed to make changes after it was discovered that AdipoTrim XT, yes this very supplement, was found to contain levels of an anti depressant drug. There is no way a company could explain such an addition, so they decided to voluntarily pull them from existing. However the product still remains on a few websites and it is marketed as a good solution to weight loss. Clearly without knowing if the batches do not contain this anti depressant, it would be incredibly risky to take a prescription loaded drug. Some of the potential side effects for antidepressants include overall sluggishness and even thoughts of suicide.

Does AdipoTrim XT work?

The issue in finding any kind of review for this product is unknown. Clearly taking an antidepressant might lead to effects, just not the weight loss that is supposed to come about.

There wasn’t anything about this products effectiveness beyond a few random facebook blurbs left on the company site. Most of the details provided by customers was wondering what happened to this supplement. Many did not know the FDA told the company a recall was in order. So far no positive reviews have been found on any website of any kind beyond the seller’s pitch that it works.

EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved diet pills to make a right purchase decision!

Far more grounded and capable products exist for making weight loss a reality.

AdipoTrim XT Ingredients and Dosage

Only one source has this ingredient profile listed, and more problematic than having just one untrusted source is the fact there is no dosage strength. It is reported to contain some natural items such as cassia seed for digestion and lotus leaf for releasing water retention. Evening primrose oil is also added to help secure a healthy blood flow and thiamine which is often added to foods for healthy metabolism.

However there is no real way of telling if this is all true or simply speculation. What is additionally troublesome and worth mentioning is that there still might be anti depressants in this. With no real label or assurance of ingredients one cannot really know what to expect.  It is not even known if you have the bottle of it if there is any indication of the ingredients and their strength dosage.

Though it is customary to provide some sort of supplement label, this brand has none in existence due to the FDA recall.

Are there possible side effects?

Well with the supposed natural ingredients that are said to be included there could be some side effects such as indigestion and dehydration. This is from the natural non prescription additives. With the addition of the antidepressant Fluoxetine there is even more substantial potential side effects. Since it is a prescription it is often recommended with the oversight of a medical professional. Of course they also need to be aware of the level of dosage.

This particular supplement should not contain this ingredient in the first place, so the potential for side effects suddenly gets increased to near criminal amounts. The idea set forth by the FDA is to call them immediately if any reactions are felt, and to also dispose of it if one has it in sight. So far the risk factor is far too prevalent.

Some of the noted side effects from the addition of Fluoxetine is blood clots, abnormal bleeding, psychosis, suicidal tendencies, and even sudden death.

Much more knowledge is known about these particular supplements for reducing weight.


Well it became clear from the very offset, there was going to be some sort of issue when a company refuses to promote their own item. Most of the attention to detail was left to a few random sellers on Ebay which are not responsible for your health. Since there was a recall on AdipoTrim XT any and all damages are left to handle by yourself. This means the company is not liable to give you any sort of refund and you will not be able to take them to court if you were to suffer any harmful damages. So not only are you completely without a motion to resolve, but there are government institutions telling you to immediately stop taking it.

The FDA is no joke and they make it perfectly obvious that you should not take this product anymore. Without knowing what to fully expect beyond the addition of a prescription drug, it leaves all the risk in your hands. Some of the potentials for side effects even include death. It is no wonder that the company has abandoned their own brand. There is far too much controversy associated in taking this supplement. No supplement should exist with undetected levels of a potentially fatal addition.

So far there is a lacking company expression for this brand, an FDA approved recall, no money back guarantee, and levels of a prescription in unknown amounts. So the decision remains pretty easy to distinguish.

Really well established and customer reviewed products are here to stay due to their impact on helping you shed the weight off.

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    Are there anything out there that you can send samples of,iv gained from 117 to 142, I don’t over eat, I ve weighed 115~117 my whole adult life and I hate this,I have no desire to do anything, I avoid all people even my boyfriend,please help

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