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Abidexin Review – How Safe and Effective is it?

If there was ever a stand out sign of what may considered as generic, it’s the label to the bottle of this product. It’s the first thing that is seen, and therefore it is important to stand out from other concoctions as unique. To not do so could greatly damage the potential a product may have in total sales. Immediately I am not excited for this product because well, it doesn’t seem to be all that excited about itself. But that’s just my beef with the labeling.

Abidexin additionally has a pretty basic, but also easy to ford, website that features a smiling woman on it’s homepage, much like many other diet pills do as well. Abidexin costs $49.95 per bottle, and that is without shipping included. Of course if you buy a more more bottles, you will save money and get free shipping. As other weight management pills assert, this one may also aid in roasting pounds off the body.

Aesthetically there’s not much that has stood out to me, but looks aren’t everything, so I decided to see what this product was really all about.

What is it?

There are three main facets that Abidexin looks to cover; quash thoughts of hunger, supercharge energy levels and surging the metabolic rate up a few notches. The product also gasconades that practically everyone loves this product, although there are no statistics presented to show that this is in any way true.

Much as other diet pills do, Abidexin also suggests that best results are only visible when an exercise regimen and a low-calorie diet are additionally blended into the daily schedule with this concoction. They do also state that people have seen results without the inclusion of those two factors, but I tend to believe that those results are atypical.

It is mentioned that a bottle of the diet pill will last anywhere from 15-30 days. Being however that a bottle costs $49.95, it seems to me that you may be losing money at a pretty fast rate if you keep using this product.

EDITOR'S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven fat burner such as Sletrokor for better results.

Top Rated Products won’t leave a dent in your wallet like this diet pill will.

Who makes it?

Nutripharm LLC is the company that is responsible for bringing Abidexin into being. The company is not in good standing with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), as they have an F rating. Additionally, this company is not accredited either. Top Rated Products come from much more reputable companies.

According to the BBB’s website, this Orem, Utah based company has had six complaints in the last three years. The majority of complaints pertained to problems with the product and/or the service that was provided. Other issues include billing problems, guarantees and delivery issues.

Of course however NutriPharm’s website does not mention any of this. Instead their About Us page mentions how they trade with China, with interspaced pictures of people wearing lab coats, so as to get us potential customers to feel more at ease. I did notice however, that the copyright for this page was in 2023, so it’s been awhile since anyone has updated anything.

Does Abidexin work?

There are assertions that this concoction will heighten the levels that metabolism and energy are at, but there is a lack of any real data to confirm that this is true. The same may be said about hunger being quashed. Without any real data to confirm anything, the statements that are made about this product are really not worth anything.

There are also ingredients in this brew that while beloved in the diet pill world, are known to be impotent when weight management is the matter at hand. That such ingredient is garcinia cambogia. While there have been allegations that this may aid in incinerating fat, scientific evidence has shown that this seedling doesn’t do much of anything.

There are other ingredients that are known to have more of a positive effect, such as green tea, but the amounts are never given, so we have no way of telling if the proprietary blend has a lot or a little of this. Diet pill companies don’t like to give away information about their proprietary blends because of competitors. To me this feels a bit cheap, because what you could be taking may be no better than a placebo.

EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved diet pills to make a right purchase decision!

It is with this uncertainty that I cannot say that this product really does work at all. If it does work for some people, the results may not be as good as they may be hoped to be.

Abidexin Ingredients and Dosage

Users are informed to take one to two capsules a half hour before breakfast and lunch.

Fat Oxidation Blend–                                  435mg

  • Garcinia cambogia N/A
  • Camellia sinensis N/A
  • GreenSelect Phytosome Green tea N/A
  • Purple tea with GHG N/A

Thermic Energy Blend                                275mg

  • Caffeine N/A
  • Theobromine N/A
  • Higenamine N/A


Are there possible side effects?

If there is one thing that this product does not have a void of, it’s caffeine. Not only does the stimulant come by itself in one of the two proprietary blends, but it is also present in the two green teas that are included as well. That’s not even mentioning either that theobromine is also known to be a stimulant as well. Side effects from caffeine may include: Anxiety, nervousness, jitters, insomnia, palpitations and hypertension.

While it doesn’t come in a vast quantity, higenamine may also adversely affect a user’s health. This chemical is known to be derived from a flora known as aconite. This seedling is notorious for the heart related complications it may give users.

This concoction is also not for universal use. People who are currently on other medications, or women who are breastfeeding or in stages of pregnancy are also not advised to use this product.


With a lack of any real data to back up any of its declarations, I cannot in good mind recommend this product to anyone. One look at the BBB’s critique of the manufacturer is enough to turn me away, and that’s not even taking the product itself into account!

There are a lot of products out there that like to gasconade themselves as the most dynamic available. However just like these other diet pills, this one fails to provide any real proof that it can do much of anything, other than give it’s users a burst of energy. If that’s what you are looking for this may be the concoction for you. But if you want to lose weight, you might as well try other products.

Top Rated Products are always available on the market, and may get you the results you pine for.

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