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7 Day Weight Loss Pill Review – Does it Really Work?

It is not uncommon to find what seems to be really exaggerated claims as to how much weight you can expect. Since there is a lot of focus on being the best it muddles the playing field, making it really hard to know the truth. Sometimes even with the claims made there might be less of an effect, but still an effect is possible. Usually the big claims made are not actually meant to be taken as the full truth, disclaimers are often left in order to live up to the FDA demands for truth in marketing. So this is why this breakdown of 7 Day Weight Loss Pill was created, to show what truly can be done.

It becomes very important to read between the lines and assure oneself of the details and promised provided. However this takes a ton of research and dedication to scouring the web and other resources. So this then becomes the most important aspect as you need to know the full ingredient profile and history of customer experience.

Since 7 days is such a short amount of time, one must know if the effects are long term, or if there is no huge amount of caffeine added. Here lie all the details.

What is it?

The stated intention is to provide weight loss through a series of steps including appetite suppression, the reduction of fat, and even detoxification. Apparently the detoxing factor is meant to be the greatest detox system provided by a supplement according to manufacturer claims. They add that this detox effect allows for the digestive system and metabolism to function at a higher rate.  An even greater feat is that the company claims to provide 10 pounds of weight loss in these 7 days.  However there is a mention on the terms and conditions section which states that any guarantee or claim is to not be taken seriously. So it deflates all these great sounding claims.

Still there are 5 testimonials from both men and women that show some definite changes.  At the basic starting price you can receive a bottle for $19.95, or one can get 2 bottles including the company’s brand of garcinia cambogia extract for $39.95.  With the supposed 90 day money back guarantee and expected 7 days for extreme weight loss, it appears on the surface level to be a very unique brand.

EDITOR'S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven fat burner such as Sletrokor for better results.

Assuming is not enough however and detailed here are the key details needed for someone to make their own decision.

Who makes it?

What is known about the Utah based Synergistic Nutritional Compounds, LLC is incredibly limited. Sure there is a phone number and an address, but all that is know is that they have produced 2 other  products by the name of Phentirmene and a wrinkle cream called ProtoType 37-C. Phentirmene is an intentional misspelling of Phentermine which is a prescription weight loss pill.

However the information of the company is incredibly limited to the point that they seem almost non existent. No customer accounts exist on the credibility of this company which is a incredibly odd thing. Usually a company at the very least will have a few handful set opinions, especially since the 90 day money back guarantee and the supposed guarantee for 10 pounds of weight loss in 7 days is in effect. However as mentioned in the intro, the website leaves behind in the terms and conditions a disclaimer to not take anything they say as a guarantee. Which is off considering the front page mentions they guarantee weight loss.

More should be revealed to satisfy customer curiosity and to leave people feeling at ease.

Does 7 Day Weight Loss Pill work?

No sort of review at all exist for this product online in any way beyond just the reviews left behind as testimonials from the company. However this cannot be enough as this company has provided these pills for quite some time. Typically this site is only commonly seen when there is a scam, one cannot amuse that but until more is revealed it leaves behind too much doubt to really take it seriously.

EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved diet pills to make a right purchase decision!

Customer reviewed brands make sure you are getting a favored item.

7 Day Weight Loss Pill Ingredients and Dosage

The website has an image of the incomplete ingredient listing, luckily they have been released by other websites. Another issue however is that there are 2 images online, both of which feature different ingredients. Until the confusion if lifted one can only assume what is to be found in terms of ingredients.

Since the makers do talk about a few of their key ingredients, emphasis will be placed on that until more is released.  Senna leaf for example is highlighted as a main ingredient which is a laxative intended for short term use only. In long term sequences it has been shown to cause potential organ failure.  Dandelion is considered safe in small amounts but not typically in the amount seen in supplements. It works as a diuretic.

Uva ursi is also a diuretic intended only for short term use as it can also lead to potential organ failure. Buchu also has the exact same issue and effect on the body.

Chromium is added which is a good mineral needed by the body, but only in extreme cases has there been necessary supplementation. So all together this product suggests a lot of short term use only, which detracts from the statements made on the company website which claim it to be a long term solution for weight loss. Clearly it is not the case.

The labeling for 7 Day Weight Loss Pill is here in full:


Are there possible side effects?

Since caffeine can be found in this brand and there is a huge amount of laxatives and diuretics, it means there could be a lot of potential pitfalls.

Some of the most common effects seen in caffeine is dehydration and headaches. Of course diuretics get rid of water weight which if not supplemented correctly, could further the issue of dehydration.

Another aspect of this supplement is that almost all the ingredients are medically found to be only short term solutions. This is dd however as the company claims otherwise. It really contradicts itself and a lot of emphasis should be placed on careful examination. Since it is known widely that these mixture of ingredients have caused issues such as organ failure it is something to be taken very seriously. Playing with your health in this regard should not be left to chance, no matter the claims left by the manufacturers that it is a long term solution to weight loss.

Another issue worth contemplating is the lack of assurance of a GMP certification. Especially with the ingredients listed there should be a quality control to ensure people are not left with an inferior product.

It is not necessary to suffer when you are losing weight, side effects are not found with the proper brands.


While the product does have many giant claims, none of them are are backed up by any real facts. The old belief of it being far too good to be true is an issue here. Not enough attention is paid to really give off satisfactory guarantees. The website promises 10 pounds in 7 days yet offers no proof as to how this is achieved. Looking at the website further it is revealed this is more of a random statement not to be taken as fact. They strictly add that any claims are not to be taken as truth.

So looking at the ingredients there is a mixture of all natural blends, however this is not a completely beneficial thing as the blend is not to be taken for a long term use. This goes against what the company mentions as being a long term solution. So with so many claims being dispelled it is hard to know what to expect. Really there has been nothing offered to showcase how one can benefit from this brand in any way.

Make the decision that leave no doubt, take part of the highly touted and wholesome business practices provided by good weight loss pill manufacturers.

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