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Cellusyn Garcinia Cambogia– Does It Work?

According to Cellusyn Garcinia Cambogia, they offer the “Holy Grail for Weight Loss” inside their supplement. Although you can lose weight with the active ingredient Garcinia Cambogia, it has to be in the right amount.

Their website compares their brand to 3 other Garcinia Cambogia supplements which aren’t as good. With several different products containing this ingredient, it’s important to find the right one that’s not only useful, but safe to use.

How Does It Work?

Garcinia Cambogia is a grapefruit sized fruit that resembles a pumpkin. It’s native to Indonesia, where it’s used as a flavoring to curry dishes. They also use it for its appetite suppression and overall health support.

It wasn’t until recently when scientific studies were performed on Garcinia Cambogia that the benefits of this ingredient were revealed. An extract found in this fruit called HCA or hydroxycitric acid, has weight loss properties. The way it works is by increasing the hormone serotonin. This helps perform many actions such as an improvement of mood, sleep, and weight management.

However, you have to get the right amount of HCA. Cellusyn Garcinia Cambogia has the following pros and cons:

  • There’s Garcinia Cambogia inside.
  • The majority of customers have said this product doesn’t work. There’s also only 60% HCA, and it’s more expensive than other brands with a stronger potency.

HCA potency matters

With Cellusyn Garcinia Cambogia you’re only getting 60% HCA. The only amount that’s been proven to produce results is 80% HCA. You shouldn’t supplement with anything less as results are not guaranteed. 80% has been the tested amount for reliable benefits and judging from the reviews on Cellusyn’s 60% HCA, customer’s impressions haven’t been favorable.

Only the proper ingredient strength will promote weight loss

A useful Garcinia Cambogia product requires:

-HCA in the amount of 80%

-Favorable reviews from customers

What’s missing with this brand?

There were a few issues that Cellusyn Garcinia Cambogia has and they include:

  • Customers often say they felt no effects.
  • You have to take 4 capsules a day.
  • There’s only 60% HCA
  • It claims to have the most potent HCA strain, but the truth is 80% HCA is strongest.

What else is there?

Keep in mind at 2 capsules twice a day and with 120 capsules, you’re getting a 30 day supply for $39.99, and you’re still not getting the benefits you could be getting from a stronger supplement. There’s other products out which are rated favorably by customers, and they contain the proper amount of HCA.


There’s a lot of popularity for Garcinia Cambogia products due to new science revealing how useful this ingredient really is. It has the ability to help you lose weight, but the only way to reap all the benefits is by getting a product with the right criteria. It has to be potent, from a reputable business, and it should have positive customer reviews.

Cellusyn Garcinia Cambogia costs more than other brands which have a more effective strength. Their official website mentions they have the most potent amount of HCA, but this is not true. The proper dosage strength that promotes weight loss without side effects is 80% HCA. Also, the right brand must be rated favorably by customers. Most of the reviews left on Cellusyn Garcinia Cambogia are negative, with the average person complaining of a lack of positive effects.

It’s good this product has Garcinia Cambogia, but it’s not the amount that’s needed for real results. There are other products out now which customers have enjoyed for losing weight and feeling better.

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