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Viritenz Review – Does It Work?

There is an enormous amount of male enhancement products on the market today, and the quality of them can vary dramatically. Thanks to advancements in modern science there are now more effective non-prescription products than ever, however there are also an unfortunate amount of low quality supplements that make big promises but offer little in the way of results.

Viritenz is a male enhancement product that claims to be the best, but is this claim accurate? The early responses from customers have been very positive, and they are well respected within the supplements and nutrition industry, so let’s take a deeper look into Viritenz, their ingredients, manufacturer, and the types of results that they’ve been getting from their clients.

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What Is It?

Viritenz is a male enhancement product that is designed to help improve the male sexual response in a variety of different ways in order to be maximally effective for the largest number of users. It activates multiple different biological processes, all of which are tied to helping men perform better sexually.

Viritenz is known for its ability to improve erections, both in terms of their quantity and in regards to their overall rigidity. It also works as a libido enhancer that can increase the frequency and intensity of sexual thoughts and fantasies, as well as the likelihood that the user will act on them. It has also been shown to improve sexual stamina, seminal quality, and has several other beneficial effects for the body’s health in general.

Viritenz tends to retail for $39.99 per 30 caplet bottle, however there are other pricing options available, and their website is frequently running sales and offering discounts on their produts.

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Who Makes It?

The team behind Viritenz is Los Angeles-based supplements and nutrition products manufacturer 18Nutrition. They are one of the most respected companies in a crowded industry and are known for producing high-potency products using safe, natural ingredients.

18Nutrition is in good standing with the Better Business Bureau and the Food and Drug Administration, and all of their products are GMP-certified. They also offer 100% money back guarantees on all of their products just to add extra security for the consumer.

They have a transparent website and ordering process for Viritenz, which also contains detailed information about all of their ingredients, dosage information, manufacturing process, and more. They offer scientific data to support their manufacturing claims, testimonials from previous customers, and an FAQ section that does an excellent job of addressing all of the potential questions that a customer may have about Viritenz.

Follow this link to see the full ingredients panel, nutritional information, and manufacturing details for Viritenz.

Does Viritenz Work?

The way that Viritenz works is by chemically activating a number of key biological processes. First, it is a potent circulatory aid that has been shown to dramatically increase the blood flow to the penis, which is critical for achieving and maintaining quality erections.

Additionally, several of Viritenz’s ingredients work to increase the users’ production of testosterone, the most important hormone for initiating the male sexual response. Testosterone impacts performance by increasing libido, erectile quality, and stamina both physically and sexually. It can help prevent premature ejaculation, and when orgasms do occur they tend to be more intense and to produce a higher volume of better quality sperm.

Other ingredients work to make the brain more sensitive to testosterone levels, to improve blood sugar and insulin interactions, and improve the mental and physical factors that lead to healthy erections and mutually satisfying sex for both partners.

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Viritenz Ingredients and Dosage

Viritenz uses an all-natural blend of herbs, amino acids, and other potent ingredients to achieve their dramatic effects on men’s sexual performance.

Their blend starts with L-Arginine, one of the most potent male enhancement ingredients known to science. L-Arginine is an amino acid that increases blood flow, leading to better erections. Additionally, it has been shown to improve testosterone production, which affects the entire male sexual response process.

Viritenz also features the pairing of tongkat ali and tribulus terrestris which work together to increase testosterone production and to make the brain more responsive to that testosterone. Maca root is an incredibly effective aphrodisiac and erectile aid from South America, and a blend of different types of ginseng has a similarly beneficial effect.

Viritenz also uses the herbs sarsaparilla, pumpkin seed, muira puama, oat straw, nettle, cayenne pepper, astragalus, catuaba bark, licorice, orchic, oyster, and boron. This blend is so diverse that the vast majority of users will experience some kind of benefit in their performance, if not benefits in multiple different respects.

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Are There Side Effects?

Viritenz is safe for the vast majority of users thanks to its all-natural blend of well-respected additives. Just because it is all-natural, however, does not mean that it going to be well-tolerated by every single user.

L-Arginine is a powerful vasodilator that can lower users’ blood pressure, which may be dangerous for some users taking blood thinners or that have naturally low blood pressure. There are also ingredients like maca, however, that tend to increase heart rate and circulation levels and may counter those effects.

There are some minor allergy concerns for a few of the ingredients in Viritenz, however those tend to be both rare and mild. There are no accounts of users experiencing side effects found anywhere online, and it is highly unlikely that any given consumer will have an adverse reaction to any of their ingredients.

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Viritenz has a diverse nutritional profile that affects the body in a variety of positive ways. It has received incredibly high marks from previous users, scientists, and industry critics alike.

There have been no issues with side effects reported by previous customers, who have only posted incredibly positive things about their experiences with the supplement. Their pricing structure is one of the most competitive in the industry, especially considering how impressive their ingredients list is.

Viritenz won our Editor’s Award for the top male enhancement product based on its track record with improving users’ erectile responsiveness, libido levels, and overall sexual performance.

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  1. Alain De Coster says:

    Good day gents, I recently ordered Viritenz on line only to find that promotional offers were not included in the order I placed. First and foremost I cannot wait to experience what people are saying about the product itself and am actually considering other supplements from your company. Is there anything I should do about the discounts? Should I wait to experience Viritenz and feel how it works for me? Have a great day… Alain

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