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The Atkins Diet Review

If you’re overweight, unhealthy or just generally unhappy with putting the food types into your body that makes you look and feel the way you do, you may be on a quest for methods by which to shed pounds. It’s possible that you may have probably considered every option available to you, from weight loss supplements, to joining a gym and embarking on a rigorous exercise routine. But you may not like unpleasant diet pill or using disgusting power shakes to replace the accustomed food you eat, and be devoted to a fitness-centralized kind of lifestyle.

If these options present unappealing ideas to you, it may be a preferable think to do for you to remain with the tried and true method for shedding pounds and transitioning your body into a shape that’s superior: dieting. But this is more difficult to do than how easy it is to say. Too many diets these days require being constantly vigilant; you have calculate amounts of calories and worry about whether you amount of food you’re consuming is too much, often leaving yourself feeling so staring and unsatisfied that you end up cheating or just quitting entirely.

But if a little will power is in your possession, you can probably find an appropriate method for dieting that will match what you’re trying to look for. After all, not all diets are based around counting calories or starving yourself. The easiest diets usually just involve cutting out certain food types, which you may find a lot easier than having to worry about the number of calories you’re collecting throughout the day. One diet like that is the incredibly popular Atkins Diet. If you’d like to increase your knowledge pertaining to what the Atkins Diet entails, hopefully this review will aid you in deciding if Atkins can be a correct way for you to change yourself.

What is the Diet?

Atkins was originally created by a cardiologist by the name of Dr. Robert Atkins, after completing research on weight reduction using sources established in 1958. After applying what he had learned to his own patients and seeing a significant amount of success, Dr. Atkins brought his findings to public attention with a series of books that he published in 1972, 2002 and 2023. Atkins became particularly popular after public interest in it was renewed in 2002. To this day, it remains one of the trendiest weight loss plans in the dieting community, its name recognizable even to those who have never attempted to diet in their lives.

Some diets require you limit the amounts of food you eat or count calories to make sure that you’re not eating too much food to lose any weight. This can often get kind of tricky, especially if you’re not good at calculating calories or keeping track of how much you eat in a day. Fortunately, Atkins allows you to eat as much as you want. All it does is prohibit you from eating some of the types of foods that it claims keeps your body in the kind of shape that makes losing weight more difficult.

So what are you allowed to eat while following Atkins? Let’s take a look.

Foods Allowed by the Diet

When it comes to the food you’re allowed to eat while adhering to Atkins, you’re actually allowed to consume as many calories per day as you’d like. The thing is though, you have to completely eliminate carbohydrates and sugar from your diet. So while you can eat all of the meat, dairy and vegetables you want, you’re going to have to stay away from things like bread, pasta, baked goods and even fruits, which are a natural source of sugar. Here’s an easy to follow list of some of the foods that you can and can’t eat while adhering to Atkins:

Foods Allowed as Edible by Atkins

  • Steak
  • Fish
  • Vegetables
  • Milk
  • Chicken
  • Cheese
  • Yogurt
  • Nuts
  • Pork

Foods Atkins Forbids You from Eating:

  • Bread
  • Pasta
  • Baked Goods
  • Rice
  • Potatoes
  • Fruits
  • Sugar

But why does eliminating certain foods like carbohydrates and sugars mean as much of the other groups as you want are still able to be eaten? There’s actually a scientific basis for Atkins that is explained below.

How Does the Diet Work?

The reason why some food groups are permissable for eating while others have been forbidden on Atkins pertains to the difference between how multiple foods affect your metabolism. You can actually find a lot of information about this by going to the official website of Atkins. According to this information, different types of food act like different types of fuel for your body. The kind of fuel you put into your body affects the way it burns fat, and what your metabolism uses to make energy out of. For example, if you eat a lot of carbohydrates, your body processes them as sugar and uses that for energy. This is what people mean when they talk about a “sugar high” and it’s why the kind of energy you get from sugar doesn’t feel nearly as good as the energy you get from other types of foods. The worst part is that the excess carbs and sugar get stored into your body as fat and you actually gain weight.

The other type of fuel that you can put into your body is fat. Fat comes from meat, such as steak, chicken or fish, as well as dairy products such as cheese. Instead of the jittery energy you get from sugar, fat acts as a more natural source of energy, and your metabolism even starts using the fat that’s already stored in your body for energy. By burning the fat you already have, you’ll lose weight while feeling more fueled than ever before. It’ll also keep you feeling satiated throughout the day so that you won’t be tempted to cheat on the diet by snacking throughout the day.


A primary thing about Atkins that appeals to those kinds of people for whom worrying about counting calories or eating too much can not be present. The amount of edible food you’re allowed is endless as long as it is located on the approved list of foods provided by Atkins. As long as you allow the approved list by Atkins to dictate your food type choices, the new adaptations the included foods will cause will have beneficial effects on the way that your metabolism works and your weight should start to be able to continue leaving your body in a gradual way.


If you’re the kind of person who can’t go without some of their favorite foods, Atkins isn’t an ideal choice. By cutting out carbohydrates and sugar, you’re prohibiting yourself from consuming large numbers of foods without even realizing it. Sure, you may have no problem cutting out things like pasta and cake, but giving up something as seemingly harmless as fruit may result in your having more difficulty than to be expected. By getting rid of fruits, you’re actually prohibiting yourself from a lot of relatively healthy snack options, like apples, oranges and bananas. Since bread will no longer be consumable anymore, you’re not even going to continue with simple rituals such as to pack yourself a sandwich for lunch anymore.

Better Alternatives to the Diet

Because of the limits Atkins puts on your diet you might make an appropriate decision against it as a good plan because it won’t really work for you. Eliminating your food as Atkins instructs will not easily be done because multiple foods it calls elimate are a big part of your eating customs. If something different to diet is necessary for you to do you go on a search for finding other plans than this one to shed pounds that need to be vanquished by a different way.


This diet will dictate what is inedible and what foods are still consumable for you to eliminate pounds using the diet. Your foods that can still remain included in your diet are numerous but ones it will not be allowing you to consume anymore are too. The types that remain availabe to you are foods with high numbers of protein and fats because your metabolism will use them better in its creation of energy that it does by using fat that its burning all day. The food types that remain consumable involve steaks and chicken for meats, dairy like cheese and milk, as well as vegetables including broccoli and carrots. The hard difficulties presented by Atkins is getting carbohydrates removed from what you eat. Your diet will not involve bread or pasta being eaten by you regularly in the future. Losing weight with Atkins will be able to be done if you only give your metabolism fat to be used as opposed against sugars like it’s accustomed to burning right now. If you’re impressioned that’s accomplishable by changing your diet it could be a decent idea to use Atkins to make these changes.

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