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Sweet to Svelte Review – Is Sweet to Svelte Safe?

Everyone wants to lose weight fast, but it must be understood that there are proper ways to go about this. If it is done too fast, it may be unhealthy, and possibly dangerous to the user. Sweet to Svelte alleged that if consumed as directed, it may have had people losing up to 40 pounds in 2 weeks! Since losing 10 pounds in a week is not considered healthy, the declarations that this product made were undoubtedly aimed at people who do not know wellness and health all that well, because if they did, the declaration that was made would be laughed off and not believed. To make matters even more strange, the manufacturers of this product offered $250 to anyone who was willing to try the product and who wanted to share their story of weight subduction success to the world.

Ultimately this didn’t seem to work out, as the the product is no longer on the market, at least in the sense that there is no official website for it.

So what was the full story behind this blend? Today’s article will break it down.

What is it?

Sweet to Svelte was a diet product that alleged that it had the ability to accelerate the metabolic rate as well as quell any hunger pangs that may have users consuming excessive amounts of food. There are also assertions that Sweet to Svelte may also prohibit fat from being absorbed into the bloodstream, and that it may govern cholesterol as well. How it planned to go about this however, was never clearly explained. What makes matters a bit more confusing, is that there are different images provided of the packaging of this product. Some websites have this listed to look as if it comes in a liquid container, while others show a box from which diet pills may be kept. Even more confounding, is that there are still websites that sell the concoction, despite the official website being discontinued!

The concoction has no official website, and as such, it is difficult to obtain any clear information about the product. Everything that is available is from third party sources, which may be why there is such a difference as to the form that Sweet to Svelte comes in. I find it puzzling that there was never a website for this product, as in the contemporary world, just about everything has a website.

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To lack one, means that it is much harder for anyone who may be interested in purchasing the product to find it, or any information that pertains to it.

Who makes it?

It is unknown who the manufacturer of Sweet to Svelte is. At no point did the creators mention who they were, where their location was or any other forms of contact information. It is never a good sign when companies fail to provide their prospective buyers with information that pertains to themselves. In most scam companies, this is because they have something that they want to hide from their buyers, should anything be found out about them. There have been many complaints that the company that produces Sweet to Svelte has not delivered their product at all, which is one way that scam companies may operate. Furthermore, I could find no evidence that the company, nor the Sweet to Svelte product, have any presence on social media, despite its growing importance in the contemporary marketing world.

Does Sweet to Svelte work?

If there’s anything that a layperson may see this product as, it’s as nothing more than a commercial. There have been no clinical studies provided, neither on the ingredients of which Sweet to Svelte is comprised of, nor the product as a whole. These studies would have gone a long way in authenticating the declarations that this blend has made about itself. But on a note of those declarations, it should be noted that it is not healthy to lose 40 pounds in 2 weeks. This is a major drop in weight that could be dangerous to overall health. That a weight subduction product would even mention such a statement I think is not responsible, as it may have people aspiring to hopes that should never be realized. Of the user reviews, there are many that derogate this product for not operating as effectively as it was advertised to. This doesn’t surprise me all that much, as there was no mentioning of how either consistent exercise or a nutritious, low-calorie diet played into weight loss. These two aspects of weight management are vital for any results to be made visible, and to not so much as mention them harms the possibility of people seeing a slimmer self in the mirror. And that is just the people who used the product! There were many that complained that after payment, they didn’t receive any product at all!

EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved diet pills to make a right purchase decision!

Top Rated Products don’t allege to have people losing ridiculous amounts of weight to entice people to purchase them.

Sweet to Svelte Ingredients and Dosage

The manufacturer of Sweet to Svelte did not provide a clear listing of the ingredients of which the concoction is comprised of. Upon further research however, I was able to find a listing of the different ingredients of which this product is made up of. There are 4 different ingredients that are found within Sweet to Svelte. None of these ingredients are concocted into a proprietary blend, so the individual amounts they come in are listed. Of these 4, only 1 of them has the daily recommended value included with it. That ingredient is chromium, as chromium polynicotinate, which comes in an amount of 200 mcg, which is 167% the daily recommended amount. The other 3 ingredients are coenzyme Q10 (5 mg), red yeast, also known as monascus purpureus (25 mg) and lipase (5 mg). Red yeast  is known to act as a remedy for stomach issues, as well as govern cholesterol levels. Lipase is an enzyme of the digestive kind that is used to alleviate heartburn and indigestion. Coenzyme Q10 is used for the alleviation of blood vessel and heart problems. Chromium is a metal that is only needed in miniscule amounts in the body, and it may have some positive benefits in regards to blood sugar levels. However, none of these have any real effect on weight loss. There may be other health benefits associated with the ingestion of these substances, but it is important to know what your goals are, and that they may not be met if it is weight subduction.

Users are instructed to take 2 tablets on a daily basis. It is not expanded on as to when to take these tablets, with water or food (or both) or if there is a particular time in the day that would be the most optimal to consume.


Are there potential side effects?

Because of the utter lack of information provided on Sweet to Svelte, it is not known if there are any adverse reactions that may be experienced from using this blend. However, if you are someone who has a pre-existing health condition, if you are about to undergo surgery, or if you are a woman who is breastfeeding or in stages of pregnancy, it is advised that you consult a healthcare professional before ingesting this product.

Top Rated Products always clearly mention if there are any side effects that may be experienced from their use.


Just knowing the basics of what this product entails is enough reason to be skeptical. With allegations that it may have people losing up to 40 pounds in 2 weeks with no mention of exercise or diet comes off as incredibly unlikely. Furthermore, the company not only failed to contribute any information about itself, but also any scientifically driven clinical studies that were done on either the product as a whole or the ingredients of which it is comprised. There were people that did purchase this product, but there were many people that decried the manufacturer for giving them a concoction that amounted to nothing more than a placebo. And that is, if they even received anything from the company at all! There’s even confusion as to what form Sweet to Svelte even comes in, as some sources show a picture of a box that holds tablets, and others show a liquid container. Being that it’s even questionable that this product is even being sold, it would be a safe bet to just avoid this altogether and focus your energies on a weight management product that has clinical studies backing it up, as well as a plethora of positive reviews from people who have used it.

Top Rated Products are not known to have issues with shipment, and if there are any, they are hastily addressed.

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2 Responses to Sweet to Svelte Review – Is Sweet to Svelte Safe?

  1. LeeAnn Andersen says:

    Thank you for this information ,I was about to order it ! But will not now,I thought it was kinda fishy so I googled it. Wow

  2. rose squire says:

    Purchased this product And it does not work I haven’t lost any weight At least by 3 days I should be able to see a difference. I didn’t. I purchased a month supply. I want my money back.

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