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Metamucil Review – The Truth About This Product.

Featuring a website that has an orange color that seems to override everything else, Metamucil makes assertions that Americans are not getting the daily recommended dosage of fiber that they should. This is something is may very well be true for the majority of people who lead lifestyles that are centered around foods full of trans fats and sugars. This is where their product comes into play. With eye catching celebrities like the NFL’s Michael Strahan, at least aesthetically it would seem that this product has things going for it. In spite of this attention grabbing spectacle, it has been … Continue reading

Meratrim Review – Is Meratrim Safe for You?

An important aspect of weight management, is having a product that can be backed by clinical data. There are many products that fail to have this information, yet gloss over it and distract potential buyers with flashy visuals and cleverly worded marketing copy. Without this data, the information that a company may provide may be no better than words without any substance. It’s a problem I’ve seen and written about on excess, and it’s as if the companies don’t learn anything from their competition. It’s strange, but it seems as if these companies never learn from the past mistakes of … Continue reading

Lipozene Review – All You Need to Know About This Product.

One night while watching television I happened to see a commercial I thought would be identical to the array of other I had grown accustomed to. Seeing so many of these products on a constant basis, afterwhile they seem to be a bit interchangeable. Always offering generally the same things, it’s as if they only difference is the label of the product itself. What made this one in particular stick out in my mind, is that I have heard about it before. It wasn’t just some obscure brand from some country on the other side of the world. It’s name … Continue reading

L-Carnitine Review – How Safe and Effective is it?

If there’s one group of people that understand how fitness and nutrition play complementary roles with each other to guarantee optimal physical results, it’s bodybuilders. While they put most of their attention on fitness, they also realize the importance of nutrition, and the importance of making sure the amount of body fat they have is only of an optimal amount. These sculptors of the body are more than just meatheads that they are stereotypically portrayed as; they are very knowledgeable about what supplements are important to take for overall well being. Weight loss is one of the facets of health … Continue reading

HCG Drops Review – The Truth About This Product.

To some people, the idea of taking a diet pill is a bit overrated. With so many bad pills that have flooded the market, it is incredibly easy to become a jaded individual. For one reason or another, they have grown weary of this form of health supplement, and are looking for an alternative. HCG Drops are that substitute product that asserts the same goals that any diet pill or mixable powder may lay claim to. HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, and was first declared to aid in weight management in 1954 with the release of the book Pounds … Continue reading

Green Tea Review – Is Green Tea Safe for You?

As one of the most beloved substances in the weight loss world, you’ve probably heard about Green Tea even if you aren’t looking to lose any weight. If there was ever a substance that was known to benefit the health, it would be this one right here. Able to multi-task between giving your body antioxidants, improve your mental capabilities as well as temporarily giving your metabolic rate a jolt, some may see this as something of an elixir. Although it is widely praised for it’s health benefits, some people wonder if it is actually a potent enough substance that may … Continue reading

Green Stinger Review – All You Need to Know About This Product.

It always surprises me that despite the federal government making ephedra illegal, it is still possible to find for sale in a variety of weight loss supplements. It was in 2004 that ephedra  was officially banned in the United States, and since then diet pill companies have been scrambling to find alternatives to this once well regarded substance. Some of these replacement substances have been known to replicate the effects of ephedra, such as bitter orange (even the dangerous side effects.) Others have fallen drastically shorter in attaining their goals. Other companies may not even care, and decide to include … Continue reading

Glucomannan Review – Is Glucomannan Safe?

With so many health supplements available, it may get overwhelming as to which is the best one to use. Having numerous options available may be beneficial in some aspects, but the downsides of this is the confusion that may be experienced as a result. While some people don’t mind taking supplements that were made in laboratories, other people instead like to opt for all natural substances to help them manage their weight. There is comfort in substances that are produced from the Earth. Glucomannan is such a substance that some people have turned to for assisting them in finding the … Continue reading

Forskolin Review – Does it Really Work?

There’s been a lot of build up on the internet as well as the television about a flora root known as Forskolin. Television personalities such as Dr. Oz have recommended use of this substance, making declarations that it will assist people who are looking to rid themselves of excessive body mass. This has led to numerous products being produced with this ingredient, with sales reaching echelons that were until recently, not even thought of to be able to have been reached. Despite this, growing up my parents told me not to believe everything I heard on the television. Now that … Continue reading

FitMiss Trim Review – How Safe and Effective is it?

Obesity is a problem that has reached a critical mass in the United States. There are more people who are overweight in this country than at any other time in history. This may be attributed to our increasingly sedentary style of life, as well as the foods and drinks that we consume. Trans fats and substances such as high fructose corn syrup permeate themselves in virtually every consumable product that is available for us to consume. While exercise and diet are undoubtedly great ways to combat obesity, sometimes this isn’t enough. Sometimes, a diet pill is needed. But that doesn’t … Continue reading

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