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Slim4Life Review – Does it Really Work?

The idea of Slim4Life is quite clear, it is built for the sole demand of actually slimming one down to size. One cannot help see advertising of product’s such as this to be whithin a constant and structured sight. It’s so common that many other supplements have virtually identical campaigns which market to the same demands. In our age of substantially elevated obesity it is no mystery as to what made this product come to exists.

Most important of a question is what can you actually gain, if anything? Finding this answer is vastly harder than reading the marketing. Therefore considering the mass research accumulation is now required. You cannot expect it all to come together in such a way without understanding the real possibilities.  Instead, take heed and notice how this outline is presented, in a way meant to simplify and give you the information to make a good judgment.

So finding the discovery behind all about the what, who, what and other questions is all equipped for an easy read.

What is it?

All forms of weight loss are said to be found here; this company offers various supplements and a weight loss program that promises weight loss up to 100 pounds either at home, or in the company’s centers across the US. They offer bars, drinks, supplements, and even pudding intended to help one shed weight off. So overall the company intends to provide weight loss through many different forms depending on a customer’s demands.  Most of the company’s attention goes towards promoting their programs where people come in for consultations. Apparently their programs are intended to help one lose weight without exercise, however diet plans and consulting must be followed in order to receive results. This may be too time consuming for some and luckily the company offers various supplements intended to provide a decrease in weight.

The supplements do not get a lot of exposure and only brief paragraphs are offered to explain their effectiveness. However they do add that their supplements can do wonders on all of the body’s needs. One label for their most popular fat burner is intended to help cleanse toxins and to reduce appetite, increase metabolism, boost well being, aid in mental function, keep steady blood sugar, cholesterol and fat levels, improve skin look and feel and even help aid sexual performance.

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That’s just one of their brands labels by the way. Quite a lot of detail that seems almost too good to be actually possible. That’s where I step in to take charge. Here’s what I’ve discovered about these brands.

Who makes it?

The Slim4Life company was founded in the state of Missouri. As of this writing most of the customer attention is focused on their centers for weight loss. It does not look very good however. Many customers have complained that the staff offers health advice though no one who works there has any certification in the field of medicine, nor are they certified dietitians. Apparently a lot of focus is placed on selling their supplements which can be very costly.  In fact at a full dosage strength their number one selling brand costs $155 for 5 days. This has to be one of the most ludicrous price tags ever seen for a supplement. It’s even more concerning when you realize there are 3 ingredients that are extremely cheaper when bought separately.

So far the business practices for this company seem to form a picture of a money hungry business strategy. Not much is known of the company’s manufacturing processes but their pricy strategies for weight loss have been reported by multiple customers.

Does Slim4Life work?

Unfortunately there are no customer reviews or testimonials added for any of their supplements. This makes it hard to know whether or not one can achieve any results. Sure their products have some strong working ingredients, but they can be purchased for a significantly reduced price when purchased on their own.  It’s very odd that a company this large with this many supplements offers no support for their own brands. All they leave behind is claims of what they can do without any evidence or money back guarantee. It appears that the overall focus is on selling as opposed to giving valid reasons as to how their own supplements function.

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These High Ranking products are customer approved and overall a great solution to weight loss.

Slim4Life Ingredients and Dosage

At the very least we can observe their labels to see what they have to offer. Let’s take their $155 a bottle fat burner which we described earlier as a multifaceted supplement. It has 3 ingredients. Green tea has shown potential for being a thermogenic just as the next ingredient has as well. Bitter orange has faced a bit of controversy for its use due to its effects as a potentially harsh stimulant. The belief is this ingredient will ramp up the rate of caloric expenditure and in turn reduce body fat. However many have reported feeling ill at ease when supplementing with this ingredient. There is often a warning that it can cause an irregular heartbeat and that anxiety is a common theme. Finally geranium has also faced controversy for its use as a stimulant. It too has shared the repeat offending effect of being potentially too harsh on the body. These type of ingredients often come with a disclaimer to notify a certified physician to prevent any complications. For example people with heart issues or with a sensitivity to stimulants are usually exempt from taking these products. Nowhere on the bottle is this fact mentioned.

These additives can have an effect on weight but it is typically meant to be short term and not an overall healthy strategy for weight loss. Adding to the issues is the fact it is way overpriced. Until the company can provide more of a valid reason to support its use it remains to be seen as to how and why one should supplement with this brand. The price is just way too high and it is the most expensive supplement I have ever witnessed by far.

A sampling of the manufacturers most famous product for fat loss can be seen here:


Are there possible side effects?

Depending on the brand there are multiple possible side effects. As mentioned before the stimulants on their fat burning formula are not intended for long term use, nor are they made for people with certain conditions. This important detail is not mentioned as a possibility although it is widely known and can be read in full on WebMD.com. Also there are typically numerous amounts of food colorings added to these supplements. It has been shown in some studies to lead to hyperactivity and anxiety.

Keep in mind that some may experience significantly harsher side effects depending on their own specific history. I can’t imagine how the company can keep printing these labels without a huge warning as to the potential side effects. The product just adds a laundry list of what it can do positively, no mention is given to the even longer list of potential negatives. These brands in particular feature ingredients that should be accurately measured in order to prevent any potential issues. It just doesn’t make sense how they can keep making these products and not have the decency to add relevant details as to who should or shouldn’t take them.

Looking at the Featured Best one can be part of the growing trend of customers who supplement wisely.


There’s just not enough attention to detail offered here. You’re left stranded as a customer without a reason or way to accurately try these products. It seems the company has focused most of their attention on their centers which are intended to help people stave off weight. Though keep in mind these people are not dieticians or medical physicians, and yet customers have reported being pushed with expensive supplements. These supplements of course are featured on the website without much explanation as to how they’re processed or even if customers have had good results. In fact each supplement has a paragraph at most to explain their use. Luckily they leave behind a nutrition facts list to make it easy to read just what one is going to be consuming.

These supplements are not only incredibly expensive but they are meant to be taken in moderation and preferably with some medical appeal. The ingredients found within are potentially too harsh and they are not justified in any sense. Without knowing if other customers support these brands it leaves a clear question mark as to what one can expect. One brand of their claims one can lose 700 calories. That sounds good but without evidence how can one expect to believe this bold claim. As of now what we do know when researching these ingredients is that there must be precaution taken. There’s a huge surplus of ingredients that are stimulants which are meant to be taken in small doses and not for the long term. You won’t know what’s in store here and the price tag is not inviting enough to make it a viable option.

You have access to some High Quality and Top Rated products, all meant to help you pursue your weight loss goals.

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One Response to Slim4Life Review – Does it Really Work?

  1. Jenny says:

    Slim4Life is working for me!!! There are different weight loss plans that work better for all the different types of people out there. The same type of exercise may not be as beneficial to you as it is to me. I believe that this is the same with weight loss. Slim4Life is more expensive than some other programs. Some restaurants are more expensive than the one next door. I’ve tried Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Plexus Slim, taking garcinia cambogia, plus many other pill form ‘quick diets’. The reason Slim4Life works for me is because I AM WORKING THE PLAN. When I don’t work the plan, I don’t lose weight…and I gain a few pounds. Unless you have a personal chef and trainer, you are going to step off ‘plan’ every once in a while. There are temptations around us all the time. There are business meetings, celebrations, family dinner, etc. that come into our lives and you can’t always control the food available. This plan has taught me how to eat smart & have healthier eating habits. It’s taught me what to do when I totally bomb a meal; and what to choose when nothing seems like it’s on plan.

    A huge part of my success are the counselors at the Lewisville, TX location. Cindy, Lisa, Alison, and Arely are very helpful. They are knowledgeable when I have questions. Supportive when I want to eat a Snickers because I had a bad day (or drink a bloody mary), and they give me alternatives. We also talk about new recipes to try. You’ve got to keep the food exciting to stay committed. I know I can’t eat a grilled chicken salad every day! How many ways can you cook chicken? Can I eat roasted Brussel sprouts? No? Why not? How can I better incorporate the SlimSnacks into my day so that I don’t forget to eat one? The most important thing is that they keep me accountable. They cheer with me for each measly little pound I loose and encourage me to buy a smaller sized pair of pants than I thought I could fit into.

    Supplements. The supplements help. Yes, they are expensive. So were the HCG shots/drops you used to get from your doctor/internet. Oh, yeah….I tried that too. Every product Slim4Life offers is not ‘required.’ I believe there are just 3-4 items, and they are the main products you’d want anyway. The team at my location has never pushed product purchases on me. They’ve shown me that I can save more if I buy more, but that isn’t always the best way. Everyone’s budget is different. Do what’s smartest for you and your family. I do think the products are worth it. You might now, but how do you know until you’ve given it 100%? You might be OK with going out to eat 4 nights a week and dropping $40-$80 a night (depending on where you go and your family size) because you feel like you’re getting your money’s worth; but you’re not going to lose the same amount of weight (at restaurants) spending the same amount of money this way. Shop the perimeter of the grocery store. We are taught that in every diet anyway. Consume less crud that the body doesn’t need. Now, don’t get me wrong……I love McDonald’s chicken nuggets and French fries…but I don’t feel that great after I eat them. I never noticed until I stopped eating them. I can still take the kids though and they have a grilled chicken salad that’s not too bad when you are goal oriented. What’s your goal? If it’s to lose weight AND learn new skills and better habits that will last you a lifetime; then maybe the ‘expensive program’ isn’t that bad after all.

    Slim4Life is the only weight loss program that has actually helped me to lose more than 15 pounds and keep it off. I’ve lost 35 pounds and I feel amazing! I’ve hovered around the same weight for a few months because I have not stayed on plan. I continued checking in a few times a week though and I got back on track. I have 20 more pounds to go and I can’t wait to see what I look like and how I feel after losing 1/3 of my total weight. I am not tall. Not even 5ft tall. So, this small amount of weight is a lot on me. I could have lost more if I hadn’t started working out with weights, or taken the 3 week – 5 state vacation I took over the summer. However, I made smarter food choices on vacation, walked a lot, and continued taking my supplements. This is knowledge I’ll use all my life. Plus, my kids are learning about making smarter choices. Bottom line is that if you give the program a chance, work it the way it’s designed, then you’ll see the weight come off safely and feel good about knowing how to keep yourself in check!

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