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Skinny Fiber Review – Is Skinny Fiber Safe for You?

There are times when there is a misrepresentation of a product. Sometimes this is accidently done by the manufacturer, and sometimes it’s just the perception that people may have on the product in question. Don’t let the pink coloring and the cursive writing on the company’s website fool you, Skinny Fiber is not a product that is solely for the consumption of women. Despite featuring the drawn figure of a woman, there are testimonial before and after pictures of men who have used this product as well. This product claims that it can have appetites quashed while also aiding the … Continue reading

Lean-EFX Review – How Safe and Effective is it?

Mixing thermogenics is a common practice for many of the supplements for intended weight loss.  A blend known as a proprietary formula houses many different ingredients intended to increase metabolism. The ultimate benefit that a thermogenic has it that it works through one’s day without having to put in extra effort. However, depending on the thermogenic it can also be overwhelming. So dosing and ingredient strength therefore become fundamental factors in seeing if a brand will work. Not just for effectiveness however, but also safety. What Lean-EFX hopes to add to this equation is a thermogenic blend with the stated … Continue reading

Carb-Ease Review – The Truth About This Product.

Carbohydrates. The word alone has conjured up a lot of feelings in people. They have received a bad reputation because people feel they are the reason for weight gain. People think they: Are the sole reason why people gain weight. Made from the worst things on the planet. Come only from bad foods such as pasta, potatoes and bloating type of foods. Of course this is not exactly the full truth as one can expect a good source of energy that the body needs. Also complex carbohydrates are something that can keep energy levels thriving. Still, over consumption of carbohydrates … Continue reading

Asia Black Review – Is Asia Black Safe for You?

What was once a common sight in supplements has recently been banned in many countries due to concerns over safety. Ephedra was often added as a tool for weight loss brands due to its effects on noticeable weight reduction. However it became clear that nationwide particularly in the US, cases came about documenting the amount of issues. Some even died after taking this natural plant extract. However Ephedra extracts now exist and are added to supplements to provide a safer alternative. Asia Black is a brand that features an Ephedra extract, which is supposed to give off somewhat weaker weight … Continue reading

Apatrim Review – All You Need to Know About This Product.

When trying to cut weight one of the biggest obstacles is food, eating too much of it no matter how much exercise is added will always play a role in keeping fat stored. So caloric deprivation is the sought after goal for many weight loss brands. Whether it be through the addition of fiber or other sources of hunger satisfaction, the goal is to keep the food away. Still, depending on the product it may just be easier and cheaper to simply eat more fiber. Apatrim intends to be the only product needed however, for getting rid of hunger. At … Continue reading

Slim Forte Review – Is Slim Forte Safe for You?

Ancient herbs are said to be the solution for weight loss according to certain brands. The belief is that in the past there was a knowledge of natural substances which were shown to product results without the use of chemicals. Some claim that in the past there was less obesity and more of an acceptance of natural remedies. These strategies are played out in new forms with supplements that exist today. By providing these extracts some believe we go back to our roots. The issue with the claim of ancient herbs being the solution is that back then there was … Continue reading

Phenadren Review – All You Need to Know About This Product.

One of the most common additions to a weight loss product is thermogenics. A thermogenic is a way to increase the rate of internal temperature, in turn increasing the natural calorie burning process. Although you won’t feel this increase in temperature, your body will know it is there. This also comes about in the form both natural and synthetic ingredients, so it depends on what is comfortable in taking. Brands like Phenadren are one of many that live off the thermogenic properties. The real question is whether or not the results are there. Thermogenics are often already found in people’s … Continue reading

LookSlim 90 Review – Is LookSlim 90 Safe?

Products like LookSlim 90 which feature just one ingredient are created to provide a change in weight with a potent extract. The idea of course is to give off the reduction in weight needed with an ingredient that does not need any more support than what is added. Ideally this would mean a lot of attention on providing the strongest ingredient available, with hopefully a balanced profile to avoid any side effects. Still a lot of research must then be offered to show why it exists in this way, proof is needed showcasing how unique the extract is. For some … Continue reading

AdrenaLean Review – Does it Really Work?

Getting stimulants into your diet is a way to get a change in many different aspects related to weight loss. The real question one must figure out is if it safe safe enough to be consumed? Also is it worth the investment in the body as it can potentially cause a series of issues when supplemented freely. Another thing to figure out is whether or not the effects felt are to be long term. Some stimulants naturally build a tolerance in the body which makes it work less effective in the long term. AdrenaLean is a stimulant laden product and … Continue reading

Obesitrol Review – How Safe and Effective is it?

Going back to the basics in featuring just a few ingredients is often the case for certain supplements. It makes it easy to research the brand and it makes it simple to know what the combination will lead to. Also there is often more of one ingredient added which may or may not actually produce some results. Still as it looks on the surface there is still a lot of unanswered questions, first off how is the quality of ingredients? A brand like Obesitrol sounds interesting but what can it do? So to figure out the possibility of this brand … Continue reading